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Dark Manor 10 rate Enjoy the horror-themed hidden objects game, Dark Manor, whereby you need to collect enough ectoplasm from objects that you find to bring your Uncle Sterling back from the bayou to his ghostly wife! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Dark Manor is a very entertaining and addictive supernatural-themed hidden objects game set in the 1920s. In this game, you have inherited a run-down manor filled with ghosts from your dear Uncle Sterling. With your special ghost-seeing ability, you need to collect enough ectoplasm from objects in various interesting scenes so that Sterling’s ghostly wife can bring her beloved husband back from the beyond. You’ll need to spruce up the manor you’ve inherited and get it fixed as well! Don’t forget to visit your neighbors to enjoy a game of hidden objects in blitz mode to earn some sweet rewards too! Step into the Dark Manor now and discover its spine-chilling secrets hidden within… if you dare!


Your dear Uncle Sterling has left you with a run-down manor on 1848 Mockingbird Road, in a very isolated part of the country. Due to his addiction to gambling, not did he left you with barely anything, besides the manor which is in heavy disrepair and tons of weeds, he also left you to deal with his gambling debts. However, despite everything, you and your uncle share something in common – both of you can see ghosts… and the manor you inherited is filled with them! Two particular important ones are Sterling’s ghostly wife, Yvette, and her friend.

Yvette wants to bring Sterling back as a ghost so that they could be together again… but she and her friend will need your help to do so! Since you can see ghosts, you can also collect ectoplasms from items. Yvette needs you to help her collect enough ectoplasms to pay the voodoo priest for his services to bring Sterling back from the beyond. Can you help her?


You’ve inherited a haunted dark manor from your recently deceased Uncle Sterling and after arriving to the place to survey your inheritance, you bumped into your uncle’s ghostly wife, Yvette and her friend. This is where things gets truly interesting and will start off your quest to find out what happened to your uncle , while trying to collect enough ectoplasm to bring him in this world as a ghost from the beyond.

Being a hidden objects game, in Dark Manor, you will need to search for various items from a range of scenes. This is pretty straightforward and the scenes are not too tough to handle… most of the time, though some items will definitely need you to do some intense squinting to spot. The scenes can also be dragged around as the scene is slightly bigger than the frame and zoomed in, so be sure to check the corners if you can’t find that last object that you’re missing. It may just be hiding out of sight!

In addition, with every object you find, you’ll earn ectoplasm. These ectoplasm are your score points and you’ll need to fill all 5 bottles with ectoplasm before you can proudly say that you’ve fully complete a scene! It’ll take you multiple play throughs to get to that stage though. Be assured that the scenes in Dark Manor changes with every play through, making each game feeling fresh and as exciting as the previous play through! Not to mention, each scene you play uses up 15 energy points from the total 50 energy points that you have and it’ll refill over time. You can also get free energy from your friends or purchase energy using real cash.

If you are having some problems to find the items needed, don’t worry! Dark Manor provides unlimited hints that you can use to your advantage. However, each time you use it, it’ll cost you rather dearly… in terms of your final score points. Thus, you should use the hints in this game sparingly.

Dark Manor also offers other game modes with various objectives that you can enjoy besides the usual ‘find all the listed items’ fare! One example of this is the ‘find the difference’ split scene level. In this level type, you’ll need to spot up to 6 differences between two similar scenes - though one is in grayscale while the other is fully colored. There are also other game modes like filling the juju bar by finding multiple types of each object. For instance, ‘find 5 hats in the scene’. There is even a level mode with words that scrolls slowly across the scene and you’ll need to spot the item before the word reached the other side of the screen and vanishes!

Thankfully, there’s no time limit in this game, but if you’re fast, you’ll earn yourself a helpful time bonus. There is also a skills bonus that you’ll only get if you can find the items quickly enough or in alphabetical order. Furthermore, if you can link up your discoveries rapidly and consecutively, you will earn a nice combo bonus too!

One of the most fun parts of the game is definitely the estate that your hauntingly cool manor is on! This is where you can place decoration items, called “enigmas” in this game, paths and even walkers, little animated figures, who will automatously walk the paths you’ve paved, on your lawn… after you’ve purchased them from the shop, of course! Each of these items, while costing a sizable amount of coins, will award you with the very important juju points! Juju points are important to determine which scene you can unlock. The more juju points, the more scenes you can play in! If you ran out of space, you can easily clear a piece of land by spending either coins or gold (special currency, which can be earned in the game via achievements and quests or by buying it with real money).

Not to mention, some décor, like the walkers, will give you additional juju points that you can collect by switching the day to night (yes, there is no automated day-night cycle in this game. Instead, you can manually change day to night and vice versa whenever you like!). Some attraction items, like the fortune teller’s tent, will give you extra coins over time that you can collect as well… but you’ll need to be in the day mode to do so.

Talking about day and night modes, it’s also very interesting to see that all of your décor will adopt a different form while it’s night time. For instance, your normal human-looking walkers will turn into bluish and ghostly apparitions in night mode. This is hands-down one of the coolest thing in the game. It is also what made this game so unique as compared to other hidden objects games.

Dark Manor is a social game as well! For instance, you can visit your neighbors to earn a bit of experience points, coins and energy. There is also a blitz mode game that you can play which costs you 0 energy points! In this mode, you’ll need to find as many objects as you can before the timer runs out! The scene that this game mode uses will be chosen at random from the list of scenes that you’ve already unlocked, thus, you would have been pretty familiar with the scenes by then.

There are also achievements that you can acquire and quests to do. Dark Manor even offers 17 different chapters, each containing 3 free scenes and 1 premium scene for you to play! There are also 2 bonus chapters having 4 bonus scenes in them, each. Considering that you’ll need to repeat all your levels multiple times to completely fill up the bottles with ectoplasm and that you have limited energy points to use, you’ll definitely not be able to burn through this game quickly! Play the game at a more leisurely pace and enjoy the game!


Dark Manor Facebook fan page may not have a lot of likes, but it is very active. The Big Fish Games often puts up promotions and even events, such as the recently finished Happy Week event whereby players are given unlimited energy points for 1 hour each day for 4 days in a row! The community is generally frustrated over the lack of updates to the game – there had not been any new levels since last year it seems. However, if you need neighbors in the game, you can easily add some - don’t worry, the players in the Dark Manor community don’t bite!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Dark Manor is truly stunning. The details are exquisite and the sceneries are mostly dark and gloomy - it is a supernatural -themed hidden objects game after all! You are given the chance to decorate your manor’s expansive lawn as well! Fill it up with well-animated walkers, beautiful but eerie-looking enigmas and gnarled trees. Due to its supernatural theme, the music in this game can be a tad bit eerie, making you to feel a sense of foreboding. It’s nice that the music in the game has many varieties. Each scene in this game will have its own soundtrack.


In short, Dark Manor is a very enjoyable supernatural -themed hidden objects game with a tinge of gypsy and mystical feel. By accepting your inheritance from your Uncle Sterling, you are thrown head first into an intriguing world of ghosts, ectoplasm, voodoo priests and the beyond! In this game, you’ll use your supernatural sight to spot and extract ectoplasm from selected items. There are plenty of special scenes and chapters, including 2 bonus chapters as well as premium ones if you’ve collected enough gold from completing quests, for you to enjoy! Most interestingly, you get to decorate your inherited estate with enigmas, attractions, walkers and paths, and these will earn you juju points that when accumulated, will help you unlock new scenes! There are also achievements that you can strive for in this game! If you love supernatural stuff and hidden objects games, then Dark Manor is designed perfectly for you! Try it today!

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New Game Added: Dark Manor

by Aethyna Mar 20, 2015
Enjoy the horror-themed hidden objects game, Dark Manor, whereby you need to collect enough ectoplasm from objects that you find to bring your Uncle Sterling back from the bayou to his ghostly wife! Dark Manor: Sterling's desk Voodoo shop in Dark Manor Dark Manor: Underwater Read More
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