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by Aethyna
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Dark Era 9 rate The very fabric of time itself is in jeopardy in Dark Era! Although the Dark Abyss Emperor has been sealed away, its powerful minions, the generals, are still at large in the world and it is up to you to mop up the remnants of the Emperor’s forces. Will you be able to do so? Find out today in Dark Era! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The very fabric of time itself is in jeopardy in Dark Era! Although the Dark Abyss Emperor has been sealed away, its powerful minions, the generals, are still at large in the world and it is up to you to mop up the remnants of the Emperor’s forces. In this game, you’ll get to travel to various eras in time and help them tackle the creature problems that they have. Grow your character by increasing his or her battle rating and take on tough boss challenges to earn amazing loot. There are also many different PvP arenas as well. Don’t forget to upgrade your war beast and mount whenever you can as well as collect relic and mementos that can give your character a nice stat boost. Sounds like fun? Well, play Dark Era today and experience it for yourself!


The beginning of the universe is a very chaotic period. The Dark Abyss Emperor led his generals to create disturbances in the fabric of the universe by stealing the dimension’s power and making dimensions disappear. Due to this, all history became overlapped and the universe is on the verge of crumbling.

To protect the universe order, ancient gods battled with the Dark Abyss generals. Their sacrifices were not enough to keep the generals at bay. In a last ditch attempt, the gods managed to seal the Dark Abyss Emperor’s body in separate dimensions, preventing him from causing any more trouble. This tremendous and fruitful effort came at a great price and plenty of gods lost their lives that day. The loss of their leader caused the remaining dark powers to scatter and this is where you come in! As there aren’t any more gods to help, you’ll need to mop up whatever evil that was left on the world and to eliminate all threat.


After signing up and downloading its mini-client, which unfortunately is compulsory, you’re ready to start playing. However, a quick note for those who want to play – while logging in via the mini-client, you should input your Passport ID (username) instead of email address as stated beside the input box. I personally have wasted some time there trying to figure out what I’ve typed wrongly.

That being said, once you’re in, you’ll first need to create your character. There are 3 classes that you can play as in this game, namely warrior, assassin and mage, and you can choose either a male character or a rather scantily-clad female character. Warriors are more durable (due to their plate armor) and can dish out some great damage, but if you’re looking for a class that has the highest damage, regardless of its other stats, assassins are the way to go... and they have a much cooler animation too. Mages, on the other hand, are more adept at crowd control, but they generally have lower health than other classes. Interestingly, all classes in this game have a lot of area of effect skills. This is to aid you in performing AFK grinding later on.

For questing, Dark Era features an auto-pathing system that helps your character level up idly as you can use that free time to do something else such as checking out the items in the in-game store or enhancing your gear. Movement-wise, the game utilizes a simple point and click system. In terms of combat, you can choose to attack manually, that is by clicking on the enemy and then on the skills you want to use, or automatically. Auto-combat in this game is amazingly customizable and you can adjust the automation settings to perfection. Due to the game’s open world PvP, there is even an auto-combat protection aspect that will protect your character from being “KO-ed” by another player while in auto-combat mode.

To ensure that you can successfully defeat every challenge thrown your way in this game, you’ll need to keep increasing your battle rating. Battle rating is indicative of your total character strength, which incidentally takes in account stat boosts from your mount and war beast. Mount and war beast can be upgraded whenever you have the necessary upgrade materials to increase the battle ratings that they contribute. Amazingly, as you level up your war beast and mount, these creatures will adopt a different look. For instance, your basic horse mount will eventually evolve into a much cooler-looking scorpion mount. The same goes to your war beast. You’ll start off with a war hawk and as you level it up, you can get it to change into an awesome wolf.

In addition to war beast and mount, you can also ramp up your battle rating by upgrading your skills using C-energy (a type of in-game currency), or by investing that energy into the atlas of constellations. The atlas contains a total of 12 zodiacs and each zodiac is consisted of many stars (or nodes). You will then need to linearly gain new nodes in each unlocked zodiac. However, as you increase the level of node, the chance of a successful upgrade decreases. So, this can be a rather risky venture especially since once you reach higher level nodes as C-energy are rather difficult to accumulate.

Furthermore, you can get better gear via mob or boss drops as well. Equipment in this game need to be “appraised” at a price to reveal the hidden stats before you can use them. What about the old unwanted gear? Well, you can also put them to good use via the Smelt function in the game. By dumping these unwanted items into the forge, you can even gain some extra stat boosts too. Of course, you can improve your weapons and armor by upgrading them. There are many ways to can upgrade your gear, including enhancing it, refining it or even adding emblems to it. All of these processes will require materials and some materials can be more difficult to gain than others.

With a high enough battle rating, perhaps you feel like challenging yourself by taking on some bosses? Well, Dark Era offers a plethora of PvE activities including demon hunts, adventures, challenges, and campaigns (a.k.a. solo or group raids). You can fight challenging bosses 1 on 1 in an arena in Titan or go on manhunts for specific elite mobs. For PvP, there are plenty of options for you as well. For example, you can fight other players on a 1-on-1 basis via the Chrono Arena to earn honor points.

Being an idle-MMORPG, Dark Era offers an AFK mode called Meditate whereby you can gain experience points for your character by being logged in and doing nothing, or you could also position your character at a mob spawn site and set him or her on auto-combat mode. Interestingly, you can also benefit from being offline in this game too. The game features an offline benefit section where you can claim free coins and C-energy that increases depending on how long you were offline, though you won’t be getting experience points.

One of the most unique aspects in the game is definitely its mini-game. There was a part in the game where you have to play as Robin Hood himself and shoot down a certain number of monsters. Although the game is very simple (you just point at the enemy and shoot), it offers some light hearted fun in between the grueling leveling process.


The community in Dark Era is pretty small at the moment as the game is still in open beta, but you can definitely expect that number to increase as the game moves into full launch. If you dislike playing alone, you should definitely sign up and join a legion and truly be a part of the game’s community. Legions might not be exactly crucial in this game, but it would be nice to have some company while levelling.

Graphics/ Sound

Dark Era has some pretty impressive graphics and the environment looks amazing. The character/ NPC models are also very detailed, but I do have some personal qualms in regard to its scantily-clad female characters. In terms of music, they change depending on location and are looped. Although not all of its soundtracks are epic, some, like the city music, are pretty nice.


In short, Dark Era is a client-based idle MMORPG that has everything a casual MMO has... and more! The game adds in little gems, like the mini-games, auto-combat protection, and offline benefit features that make it stand out from the other rather generic MMORPGs. That being said, the game also offers plenty of features that casual MMO players know and love such as auto-pathing, lots of PvE and PvP choices, lots of freebies and goodies, and many more. So, hop between different time and help the locals defeat the various enemies and monsters from the dark abyss today in Dark Era!

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New Game Added: Dark Era

by Aethyna Oct 26, 2015
The very fabric of time itself is in jeopardy in Dark Era! Although the Dark Abyss Emperor has been sealed away, its powerful minions, the generals, are still at large in the world and it is up to you to mop up the remnants of the Emperor’s forces. Will you be able to do so? Find out today in Dark Era! Phoenix mount Boss fight Chrono arena PvP Read More
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