Dark Eden: Cataclysm

by Kim
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Dark Eden: Cataclysm 8 rate In a strange land called Helea, vampires roam the land while slayers and other creatures try to wipe them out. Dark Eden: Cataclysm is a horrific hack-and-slash role playing game with a retro feel. Here, you pick a side: vampire, slayer or ouster. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Dark Eden: Cataclysm is a unique and eerie MMORPG that’s reminiscent of earlier games in its genre. Here, vampires hold sway during the night, while slayers and ousters thrive in day time. Each class is given special attributes and items to battle each other and fight for supremacy. As a new player you need to train, discover quests, learn skills and constantly level up to stand up to other players who might be out for your head.


Three master vampires enter the real of Helea, killing everyone in sight. Their aim is awaken the mother of all vampires, Lilith, and take her power for their own. When they open her tomb, a permanent blanket of dark clouds covers the land. In constant darkness, the human world isolated Helea and sent armies to annihilate the vampires. Meanwhile, an ancient race called Ousters are awakened by Helea’s fall and are out to fight both vampires and humans.


Dark Eden is free to play, so you only need to register and confirm with an email address. Once you’re in the game, you can create your first character. There are three races to choose from: Vampire, Slayer and Ouster. You need to give your character a name. You can also change traits like gender, face type, hair and skin color. The stats for a selected character appears to the right. Vampire stats are fixed while Slayer stats can be “re-rolled”, meaning if you don’t like the first set of stats, you can click on the Roll button for a new set of stats.

When you’re done, you are teleported into a certain town/area in the map depending on your race. Here, you are given your first quest. Find an NPC (non-player character) in the area with an exclamation mark and click on them. You use the left mouse button to click on an area where you want your character to go. When you click on an NPC, a pop up dialog box opens where you can select Quest. Another window opens with a list of quests and its description. Click the Accept button below to start a quest. Quests usually involve killing various monsters in dungeons and other locations. Vampires need to drink the blood of their prey after killing them to gain experience points. Slayers obtain experience with every attack they deal on enemies. Ousters gain experience points by simply killing monsters. Given these conditions, you can suppose that Slayers gain XP points faster as long as they keep killing.

Other than clicking the left mouse button to move your character, or the right mouse button to summon skills, most controls are hotkeys. Press H to open the Help Menu and get a list of hotkeys and mouse functions. Press Esc to bring up the Game Menu, where you’ll see your Profile, Quests, Guilds, Map and Game Settings.

When you gain experience points, your character levels up and his/her stats increase. Stats include Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Health Points (HP) and Mana Points (MP). Killing monsters generally increase strength and HP, but it may also increase other stats. You can pick up objects from monster’s you’ve killed and add them to your inventory (Tab key). If there’s an object you can’t pick up, it’s likely that that it doesn’t meet the Stat requirement, or it’s not meant for your race. Once you accomplish a quest, you need to go back to the NPC which gave it to you. Click on the NPC and select Quests again. There will be a Confirm button that you can click to finish the quest and collect your reward.

Dark Eden has a rather challenging Player vs Player game mechanic. Any player can attack another one at any time. This means beginners can be attacked by advanced players, and vice versa. There are no level restrictions in attacking in PvP mode. As a beginner, you don’t want to go on quests only to be killed along the way, so going to Training grounds first to level up is a good idea. Look for NPCs who provide healing for HP and Mana. Look for Safe areas on the Map (green highlight) that means you cannot be killed there.

Earning gold can be a bit of a challenge when you get started. Gold is rewarded after each accomplished quest. You can also pick up objects or the heads of dead bodies and sell them to NPCs. Most NPCs selling weapons, gears and potions/serums would be found on your race’s home base. You can mouse over the mini map on the lower right side of the screen to preview each NPC’s functions so you don’t waste time walking around the area.

Dark Eden lives true to its name, and bears similar resemblance to earlier horror-themed RPG’s like Diablo. There is an age restriction (over 12 years old) for playing the game. The constant hacking and fighting evil creatures may be too much for young children. However, adult fans of the dark and bizarre will surely appreciate this game. There are no tutorials when you start the game, so you’ll have to rely on common sense and a working knowledge of basic MMORPG gameplay.


Dark Eden: Catalyst is one of many iterations of Dark Eden and you might find several guides referring to earlier versions of the game. To be sure you’re getting correct game information, you can check the official website’s Game Guide and FAQ section. There’s also a Facebook page for Gamengame, which is this game’s publisher, and you can check there for game updates.


As mentioned earlier, this game looks and works like Diablo, but a bit more polished and updated. The soundtrack matches the dark theme perfectly. Although the graphics may not be the best in its genre, it’s also not the worst isometric graphics used in a game. Ironically the game still manages to hold its horror theme despite the basic image quality.


Do you miss the days when you spend countless hours trying to complete a quest and learn skills for your character? Do you want a unique and traditional way of playing MMORPG? Then look no further and download Dark Eden: Catalyst. It has everything you can expect from a grisly and archaic role playing game, monsters and vampires included.

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New Game Added: Dark Eden: Cataclysm

by Kim Jul 7, 2016
In a strange land called Helea, vampires roam the land while slayers and other creatures try to wipe them out. Dark Eden: Cataclysm is a horrific hack-and-slash role playing game with a retro feel. Here, you pick a side: vampire, slayer or ouster. Dark Eden: Catalyst dungeon quest the living dead in Dark Eden: Catalyst Dark Eden: Catalyst training mode Read More
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