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Dandy and Randy DX 10 rate Dandy and Randy DX is a 2D top-down puzzle adventure where you play as two archaeologists hoping to find a precious stone so they can settle their debts with the bank! Sure, you’ll find treasure scattered across the island, but also traps and puzzles you’ll need to beat to obtain them! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Many of the first classic adventure games were primarily puzzle-based experiences where you had to figure out how to move around traps. For example, old school Zelda games are notorious for this (even until today), considering early games’ combat elements were still primitive. Regardless, we found them extremely fun, and they molded our preferences even decades after their release.

With this in mind, Dandy and Randy DX provides the abovementioned experience. This top-down puzzle adventure title is akin to games of yore: simple and easy to play, with both complex and uncomplicated puzzles. You’ll play as either Dandy or Randy, a Duck and a Rabbit who are archaeologists and explore an island full of treasure. However, things aren’t as dandy as they seem: the island is inhabited by pirates and other enemies, and all those precious goodies are blocked by traps and obstacles you will need to deal with. Thankfully, you don’t have to face things alone since you can play with a friend.

Dandy and Randy DX is a pretty short puzzle game, and if you’re looking for a cute yet entertaining and challenging title on the Nintendo Switch, should you give this one a shot? Before you decide, let’s take a look at what it has to offer:


Being an archaeologist is an exciting venture. Not only will you uncover the buried secrets of the world and make amazing discoveries, but you can also strike it rich. Unfortunately, some aren’t exactly good for the job, like Dandy and Randy. Both guys are neck-deep in debt with the bank, and they need to find something that can hastily turn their fortunes around.

However, if there is one thing they’re good at, it’s finding a lead: they’ve heard rumors of a valuable precious stone hidden on a particular island. Jumping at the opportunity, both characters end up going there only to find it riddled with many challenges, including hostile fauna, raiding pirates, and traps and obstacles blocking their way to financial freedom. As the player, you’ll guide both characters and see to it that they’ll get the job done.


Dandy and Randy DX has no shortage of puzzles for you to solve. There is one in almost every part of the map, along with enemies to do battle against. After picking either Randy or Dandy (you’ll get to unlock more playable characters later on), you will then dive straight into the block-pushing, trap-evading action. However, be careful: you will only have four lives in the form of hearts, which can be increased by buying from Oinky’s shop (along with other items) and can be replenished by fruits scattered across the island.

The puzzles in Dandy and Randy DX are relatively simple, yet some take a bit of brain juice to solve. Most of what you will encounter include block puzzles where you’re required to move particular weighted objects into a specific area on the map. If you’ve made a mistake, you can always leave the area and come back afterward since it restarts when you leave. Unfortunately, this means the enemies also return, which is a tad frustrating.

Solving these puzzles will let you earn rewards, mainly in the form of money bags and cash you can spend (and hopefully, pay back debts). However, they also give out crucial colored keys that let you unlock gates that will pave the way for the following areas. In addition, there are also switches and items that you can respectively activate and obtain by using one of your tools, specifically, the boomerang.

Speaking of tools, Dandy and Randy DX gives you access to several of them, which contributes to helping you navigate across the island. Apart from the above-mentioned boomerang (which can also stun enemies momentarily), you’ll also have a shovel that can dig holes that can block opponents and a pair of running shoes.

Enemies in Dandy and Randy DX range from animal pirates, which look like wolves or cats, and even hostile snails. Defeating them won’t require a sword or ancient magic your characters dug up from a rune early in their career: all you have to do is to pick up an object in the area and throw it at them. There are also boss fights, and among those you’ll do battle with include a gigantic octopus and a bear that throws bombs. The game has relatively kid-friendly gameplay elements, making it perfect if you’d like to try out the local two-player co-op with a child.


In terms of presentation, Dandy and Randy DX look fantastic on the Switch. The pixel art and overall visuals make it look like an early version of the Pokémon titles on the Game Boy. There isn’t much to say about its audio elements except that the soundtrack makes it feel like you’re playing an early SNES game.


Overall, Dandy and Randy DX may not be the most significant release on the Switch, but it’s a perfect game if you’d like to play a cute yet fun puzzle game on the go. It provides an easy to moderate amount of challenge, and it manages to set itself apart from its peers thanks to its local co-op which lets you explore and solve puzzles with a friend.

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New Game Added: Dandy and Randy DX

by Mikhail May 5, 2022
Dandy and Randy DX is a 2D top-down puzzle adventure where you play as two archaeologists hoping to find a precious stone so they can settle their debts with the bank! Sure, you’ll find treasure scattered across the island, but also traps and puzzles you’ll need to beat to obtain them! Opened chest in Dandy and Randy DX Exploration in Dandy and Randy DX Block puzzles in Dandy and Randy DX Read More

Dandy & Randy DX Announce release 29th April 2022

by Aethyna Apr 26, 2022
Get rich or die trying! Dandy & Randy DX Announce release 29th April 2022 Read More
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