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Dancing with the Stars 8 rate Dancing with the Stars is puzzle mobile game that features the popular Dancing with the Stars reality show. In this game, you will be helping an aspiring dancer to become the winner of the reality show by matching gems to land combos on her dance moves that's impressive enough to wow the judges. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Dancing with the Stars is a mobile puzzle game based on the popular reality show franchise of the same name. You play as an aspiring dancer that aims to be the winner of the reality contest. The gameplay features a match 3 puzzle game where you must match 3 or more identical icons to complete objectives and clear the stage. There are also a wide range of cosmetic items to customize your avatar.


Though directly tied to any casts in the Dancing with the Stars reality show. It uses the setting of the show to focus on your character, your goal is to win the reality contest by practicing your dance move and unlocking more skills along the way. You then perform in certain episodes in the show to wow the judges and hopefully win in the championship finale.


For those who are familiar with the Dancing with the Stars reality show, it focuses on the popular celebrities on their dancing skills, the approach of a puzzle game might make a big confusion to some gamers who are expecting a dance simulator for this game.

You start off on picking your avatar’s appearance, unfortunately you can only select only gender which is female. Customizing the avatar is somewhat limited as you can only adjust the facial shape, hairstyle and skin, there are no ways to adjust the body size and shape to make it more diverse. But it features a large selection of wardrobe and other accessories to customize the fashion style, and you can select specific clothes based on their dance style. Unfortunately the selection is limited as majority of the apparels are required to be purchased with real money.

The gameplay in Dancing with the Stars features the very common yet popular match 3 puzzle game mechanics. You start a challenge by completing certain objectives, in the early stages you only have one objective, but once you progress further, more and more objectives are being added to the challenge. The object of the game is to match 3 or more identical icons in adjacent lines. The more you match the identical icons, you more you score points. There are some power up icons scattered on the screen, if you managed to hit them, they can clear out the entire line of icons.

Once you complete the objective, you clear the stage with the highest rating. But keep in mind that you have limited number of moves per stage and may vary, in harder levels you might have fewer moves, so be sure to strategize which icon to match first. You can get additional moves in any stage by purchasing it with real money or watch a video ad, this can be your saving grace when you are stuck in a difficult puzzle.

Aside from the main gameplay, there are other side features found in the game, there is the social network-like feature. You can read some social tweets from fictional characters in the game to add some novelty in your adventure, and whenever you perform high scores, it will be shared in the Glitter social network in the game which will help earn you fame. In your journey, you can progress your career further by clearing out stages, and each stage provides some rewards that you can use to purchase new clothes and accessories.

The problem with Dancing with the Stars is the loading time, whenever you try to move to a different option, the game will load for a couple of seconds. This can be frustrating as this is a mobile game that is meant to be played in short minutes, with the long loading times, this could make players impatient and would cause them to uninstall the game and look for other games with little or no loading times.


Despite having social networking-like functions, Dancing with the Stars lacks any multiplayer options or other ways to interact with other players. But it do have a leader board feature that lets you compete with other players in the game for the highest scores and share it on Facebook, it still lacks any game challenges or a hub to create a community inside the game.

Graphics/ Sound

Even though Dancing with the Stars is a puzzle game, it features character models to help flesh out the game. Each of the characters are well animated including their facial expressions, and some of their dance moves are almost lifelike and accurate to actual dances in the reality show. It featured licensed music to add mood in the game that features pop music from famous singers, after all the game is based in a dance reality show.


Overall, Dancing with the Stars is a decent puzzle game, but it would have been better if it focused more on the dancing aspect like turning it into a dance rhythm game. But it still provide a decent puzzle game to keep players busy but the loading issue may be a big turn off to them. Fans of the reality show may look into this one and give it a try, and some who are into match 3 puzzle games may give this another chance.

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New Game Added: Dancing with the Stars

by Richard Jan 25, 2017
Dancing with the Stars is puzzle mobile game that features the popular Dancing with the Stars reality show. In this game, you will be helping an aspiring dancer to become the winner of the reality show by matching gems to land combos on her dance moves that's impressive enough to wow the judges. Dancing with the Stars: Gameplay Avatar creation in Dancing with the Stars Dancing with the Stars: Completed a dance Read More
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