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Dakota Farm Adventures 6 rate Set up your farm, tend to the animals, and travel to other locations around the countryside to obtain special materials for crafting tools and building upgrades while meeting your quirky neighbors along the way. Come on down to Dakota and build your very own virtual farm today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities of the Victorian era and move to the countryside to live the life of a farmer in this brilliant farm simulation/adventure game, Dakota Farm Adventures! Help the lady and her uncle set up their farm, tend to the animals and travel to other locations around the countryside to obtain special materials for crafting tools and building upgrades. Don’t forget to beautify your new home as you develop your farm too. So, come on down to the Dakota Farm Adventures and build your very own virtual farm today!


Dakota Farm Adventures begins with a nice introduction depicting a lady and her uncle as they are packing their things up for a move. Apparently, they have decided to move to the countryside to live the idyllic life of a farmer. However, farming is no easy job to do – will you able to make it?


Being a farm simulation game at heart, Dakota Farm Adventures isn’t a very difficult game to get into. In fact, if you’re experienced with this sort of games, you’ll probably be developing your farm faster than the series of tutorial quests provided.

However, take my advice when I say that you should just follow the pace set by the quests. You don’t want to end up having an open quest just because you’ve already upgraded the building once and will need to unlock the next stage of upgrade just to complete the quest.

That aside, this game offers a fairly standard farming gameplay, where you will be required to purchase seeds from the shop and plant them on garden beds. Garden beds are limited in number and you can get more by upgrading your tool shed. However, there’s a restriction in place – you’ll need to obtain a certain level of Prosperity Points before you can unlock a building’s upgrade. Prosperity Points, in turn, can be earned by placing decorations around the farm.

Thankfully, crops don’t need watering so that’s one chore you can skip, but for every seed you plant, you will use up an energy point. Although energy can regenerate on its own after some time and that you’ll get a bunch of free energy points on a daily basis, energy can still be rather limited in this game considering that there are just so many stuff to spend energy on, so you might want to be extra careful on how you spend them. Crops that mature can then be harvested and stored in the barn. The barn doesn’t have a capacity or a limit so you don’t need to upgrade it just to keep everything you have.

In addition to the 18 different types of crops available in Dakota Farm Adventures, there are also fruit trees or bushes that you can eventually unlock. For farm animals though, things might be a bit tricky. You’ll first need to construct or repair the animals’ respective homes before you can buy a baby animal from the shop.

Baby animals will then need to be “grown up” by giving them certain crafted items and also a milk bottle that can only be obtained as gifts from friends. Due to this alone, having plenty of friends can be rather crucial in the game. However, to actually get animal produce, you’ll need to have enough feed. You can produce feed by putting excess crops that you have into the feed mill.

There are various resources you can gather from the surrounding environment as well, such as gravel, brushwood and grass. These items are mainly important for crafting tools at the workshop. By collecting these items, you can even clear your land of obstacles so you can place more decorations or construct more buildings.

When it comes to crafting, I personally like that the crafting process itself is instantaneous. That saves a whole lot of time! Of course, there are various crafting buildings, each provides the recipes or designs for certain items. For example, the kitchen is where you can cook up filling and delicious food, which you will need to go on travels, while the tools you can craft at the workshop will be needed especially once your country home is unlocked.

Besides your farm and its surroundings, your country home is a whole new place for you to explore. There are plenty of rooms that you can unlock and like your farm’s Prosperity Points, you will need to have a certain level of Comfort Points to obtain access to certain work benches and rooms around your home. Similarly, to get more Comfort Points, you will need to place interior decorations. Tools crafted from the Workshop, such as brooms and wheelbarrow, will be needed to clear some of the debris and trash that are scattered around the place as well.

From buying seeds to purchasing decorations, money is quite vital in this game and hence, you will need to be able to earn a sufficient amount just to fund your farm’s development. The main way to get money is by fulfilling the orders placed at the Order Board. You can also get a nice sum from completing quests too.

Dakota Farm Adventures is also a pretty unique farm simulation game, mainly because it infuses a certain adventuring element to it. Somewhat similar to games like Taonga and Funky Bay, you can set off on exciting trips to various locations around the countryside where you can then obtain special materials from that location. For instance, you can get timber and resin from the trees at the Sawmill which you aren’t able to get from your own farm.

You’ll have a limited wagon capacity to carry your “bounty” back to your farm though. That said, you can upgrade your wagon to increase its carrying capacity. You could also buy better horses and wagons using premium gold. The in-game shop even stocks resources (feed, food, baby bottles, etc), normal fertilizers and insta-grow fertilizers, animal vitamins, and more. You can even unlock stuff earlier by spending gold.


As mentioned, having a lot of friends in Dakota Farm Adventures can be very important especially if you plan on advancing quickly through the game. Your friends can not only gift you vital materials, such as baby bottles; they can also send you gifts of energy too!

Graphics/ Sound

Beautiful graphics aside, Dakota Farm Adventures features a rather unique art style that isn’t very commonly seen in other farm simulation games. This is a bold move since most games opt for the cuter cartoony visuals for a reason – to make its players go “aww”, but I dare say their move paid off.

In terms of music, the game provides a soothing Victorian-themed music that is accompanied by the background chitter-chatter of farm animals and wildlife (like birds). Despite being looped, the soundtrack doesn’t feel at all repetitive or boring enough for you to mute the music and play something else of your own.


All in all, Dakota Farm Adventures is an amazing farm simulation and adventure game that shares some similarities with popular farm games like Funky Bay and Taonga, but it manages provide something different for almost every aspect. If you enjoy playing farm sims, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on this brilliant game. Play Dakota Farm Adventures now!

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New Game Added: Dakota Farm Adventures

by Aethyna May 29, 2017
Set up your farm, tend to the animals, and travel to other locations around the countryside to obtain special materials for crafting tools and building upgrades while meeting your quirky neighbors along the way. Come on down to Dakota and build your very own virtual farm today! Dakota Farm Adventures: Getting lumber from the Sawmill Inside the house in Dakota Farm Adventures Dakota Farm Adventures: Tending to your farm Read More
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