Cursed Kingdoms: Hidden Mysteries

by Aethyna
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Cursed Kingdoms: Hidden Mysteries 7.7 rate Disaster struck during the wedding ceremony between the Lady Lily and Sir Oliver and your help is needed! Aid poor Sir Oliver to dispel the fog, go after his kidnapped bride and defeat the evil sorcerer once and for all in this exciting hidden objects game, Cursed Kingdoms: Hidden Mysteries. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Disaster struck during the wedding ceremony between the lovely Lady Lily and the brave knight, Sir Oliver! An evil sorcerer, consumed by hatred and jealousy, interrupted the joyous occasion and stole away the bride while leaving a curse in his wake. The curse has blanketed the world with a dark magical fog, plunging the world in despair. It is now up to you to help poor Sir Oliver to dispel the fog, go after his kidnapped bride and defeat the evil sorcerer once and for all in this exciting, brand new classic hidden objects game, Cursed Kingdoms: Hidden Mysteries!


Today’s the day; the joyous occasion everyone’s been looking forward to – the marriage between the lovely Lady Lily and the brave knight, Sir Oliver. However, there’s 1 person in the realm who is not happy for the couple’s matrimonial, and he, being the evil sorcerer and all, decided to gatecrash the wedding ceremony and kidnap the bride, while cursing the entire kingdom, plunging the whole realm under the heavy cover of a magical dark fog.

With the help of the many characters that you’ll meet in the game, you’ll now need to work together to rid the realm of the sorcerer’s curse, save the bride from his clutches and defeat the evil sorcerer once and for all.


Since the entire realm is covered in a dark fog, your main objective in this game is to push back this magical fog as you plow your way towards the heart of the evil sorcerer’s lair. Each magical fog you remove – will cost you in-game coins – will usually reveal a new location and even new characters that will need your help.

Each location in this game constitutes a different hidden object scene. Each scene will offer a range of specific ingredients or items that you can possibly obtain, or if you’re lucky, you may even get partial pickaxes and premium gems, in addition to the usual coins and experience points. Partial pickaxes can be collected to form a complete pickaxe. Pickaxes are crucial as you’ll need them to mine for stone tablets at the crystal patch, and these stone tablets in turn are vital to unlock obelisks which will reveal a new area on the map for you to explore. However, you may sometimes get power-ups, more coins or even premium gems instead of tablets.

Not to mention, these scenes are all timed. You are only given 2 minutes to find a list of items – the items are listed by their names. There’s even a combo multiplier feature that will be activated when you managed to find multiple hidden objects rapidly in a row. When that happens, your final score for that scene will get a substantial multiplier boost, ramping up your score while allowing you to level up the scene a lot quickly. Do take note that your score is also affected by your speed and accuracy, so you might want to complete the scene as quickly as you can while trying not to tap on the wrong objects in the scene. Well, on the bright side, at least the game doesn’t freeze your screen if you accidentally tapped wrongly multiple times in a row.

Need some help finding an object? Well, not to worry – Cursed Kingdoms has just the things you need! There are basically 3 different types of power-ups in this game – the “Find an Object” a.k.a. hint; Time Freeze and the Ring. Although many of these power-ups are pretty self-explanatory, it would be nice to have some sort of tooltip for players to refer to, especially players who are new to the genre. They won’t need to try to figure out which power-up does what in the game.

There are quite a lot of locations in Cursed Kingdoms, so you needn’t worry about having to repeat the same scenes over and over again, though this is actually part of the gameplay in this class hidden object game. Similar to other games of the same format like Hidden Land, you’ll be expected to revisit scenes to level them up and to find quest items or a certain type of ingredients to sell at the Potion Shop.

Once a scene’s level bar is completely filled, you’ll then need to spend some in-game cash to unlock the next level of the scene. Each scene can be leveled up to 4 times (5 levels) and each time you upgrade a scene, the duration you’ll need to wait will increase along with its cost. There’s usually 8 items (at least) for you to find, though this number increases once you’ve leveled up your scene.

Of course, you’ll need to spend energy every time you enter a scene. Thankfully, the game provides quite a lot of ways for you to replenish your energy meter. You can either try your luck at the Secret Passageway or at the Cards of Fortune for a chance of getting some free “energy fruits” or you could just dole out some real cash or use the premium gems you have to buy fruits like oranges, kiwis or watermelons.

The Secret Passageway will require you to have a token to enter. Similar to the crystal patch to some extent, in this passageway, you’ll need to pick 1 out of the 3 treasure chests provided and these chests contain some pretty nice goodies. However, there’s a chance you may uncover an angry animated skeleton instead. If this happens, you can choose to run away and leave the passageway with whatever loot you’ve gathered so far, or spend premium gems to get rid of the skeleton and continue opening chests.

On the other hand, you’ll need to get a mystery card to play the Cards of Fortune. You’ll then be presented with a board filled with 8 face-down cards that you can open. There are many nice items you can earn from the cards, including power-ups, extra coins, pickaxes and more. Be careful though! If you uncover a card that has a skull symbol on it, you won’t be able to reveal any more cards and you’ll be shooed away from the Skull Island where the mini-game is held... unless you have another mystery card to use.

Coins are pretty much in short supply in Cursed Kingdoms. This is why you have a Potion Shop where you can trade in the potion ingredients you’ve found for some cold hard (virtual) cash! However, there’s a clincher – the potion lady, Lorel, will have very specific orders and each of these orders requires certain types of ingredients. So, technically, you won’t be able to simply offload every ingredient you have to her in a go.

Let’s not forget that you can earn some (very little) coins by completing quests as well. With quests, you can also move the story along and eventually find your way to the evil sorcerer’s lair.


Since the game is still fairly new, the community for Cursed Kingdoms can be considered as a growing community. The game doesn’t seem to have a fan page up yet, but once it is up, you can definitely head over there to meet up with your fellow hidden object gamers.

Graphics/ Sound

The music in Cursed Kingdoms is pretty awesome. It has successfully created an atmosphere that is perfectly suited to the game’s scary and mysterious theme. There are some rather amazing cutscenes too. In terms of graphics, the scenes are all very beautifully drawn. The hidden objects blend so nicely with the environment that they can be quite tricky to spot the first time around, but once you know what to look for, you will be to find the objects more easily.


In summary, Cursed Kingdoms: Hidden Mysteries is a very enjoyable - to the point of possibly being addictive - classic hidden objects game with a pretty cliché storyline, but plenty challenging yet fun scenes. The game is also generous in a way since you are given multiple ways to try to get more energy so you can continue to searching through the scenes. If you’re looking for a long-term stay in a hidden object game, you might want to check out Cursed Kingdoms: Hidden Mysteries.

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New Game Added: Cursed Kingdoms: Hidden Mysteries

by Aethyna May 5, 2016
Disaster struck during the wedding ceremony between the Lady Lily and Sir Oliver and your help is needed! Aid poor Sir Oliver to dispel the fog, go after his kidnapped bride and defeat the evil sorcerer once and for all in this exciting hidden objects game, Cursed Kingdoms: Hidden Mysteries. Shipyard in Cursed Kingdoms Cursed Kingdoms: Potion Shop Amherst library in Cursed Kingdoms Read More

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I enjoyed playing this game until I got to point where the only way to continue was to purchase coins. The main way to increase your coins is by finding ingredients and selling them in a specific orde...Full Review
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