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CSR Racing 2 9 rate Experience the rush and exhilaration of racing against AI or other players alike in a powerful beast of a car in this gorgeous drag-racing game. Every single upgrade you get will only increase its value and horsepower; giving you the opportunity to make one hell of a mean machine. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The sequel of the world's most popular mobile drag-racing franchise by Natural Motion, CSR Racing 2 is a thrilling car-racing game available on iOS and Android platforms. Find yourself in a 1-on-1 race against your opponent, be they AI or another human player, and see who has the best car and drag-racing skills. The game also offer an even more in-depth car customization, allowing you to tune your car from both inside and out.


For CSR Racing 2, there is a very “slight” storyline attached to the game, but it’s incredibly light and just gives the player a small incentive to stick to it. Basically, you’re an upcoming drag racer, who just so happens to be looking to get their name out there to gain the respect, the money, and most importantly, the cars that go along with it.

To do this, you follow a set path which has you playing against a few characters that will progress you through the story as you take down each crew’s best racers for no reason other than the money. This isn’t in the game because it’s good or particularly interesting; much rather to keep the player engaged in something single-player related.


Upon loading up the game for the very first time you’ll be treated to a very short tutorial and it’s honestly for the best, due to just how easy it is to pick the game up from the get go. At the start of each race, you’ve got to hold the accelerator on the screen and keep the needle on your screen in green, just so you have the best start for the race. After this, the car will continue to drive along a straight road without your input and the only thing you’ve got to watch is a speedometer. Eventually, the car will go fast enough for the player to switch gears – indicated by a green portion on the speedometer – and all that needs to be done is press the “+” button to up your gear and this process must be repeated until the race ends.

What’s nice about this simple gameplay decision from the developers is just that – it’s so simple! Pretty much any age of any generation could pick this game up and know exactly what they have to do to keep on winning races repeatedly, over and over. After about the second race, the Nitros element is added to the game, which gives you a small boost of speed, but a lot of the time it simply feels like an unnecessary extra that other players have admitted they wish wasn’t part of the game.

Apart from the main piece of gameplay, you’re going to need to regularly replace your car with something more powerful and upgrade it as best you can. Upgrades aren’t anything too special, as they are all different stat upgrades for certain aspects of your car. Some of them increase the speed of the car, whereas others might make it lighter and thus increases the acceleration for each shift.

For some reason, the game has multiple ways for the player to participate in events, but the thing is, the events are all exactly the same. It’s not like there are different variations of races or anything; every single race you take part in is a drag race, which is a completely straight line and has you switching gears at the right time. Despite not a single gameplay change, there’s an unnecessary campaign to follow, a ladder system that slowly ranks up your rewards with how many wins you’ve had in a row, and others of the same calibre.

One saving grace for these game modes is the online mode, which gives you the opportunity to race real players 1-vs-1 and to stop it from being completely unfair, there’s a certain rank cars aren’t allowed to go past, making sure that everyone is on a fair playing field all around.


The game has a good community presence within itself, with the most popular and fun one being the “Crew” system that you gain access to after the first 4-5 races that you do. A crew works similar to a guild in an MMO, where you can check out other players in your team, talk to them as you please, and even help improve their position in the weekly crew leaderboards. Depending on how well you do in the game by playing regularly and winning races, your crew gains an excess of the points that goes towards the leaderboard and with how well you perform, you’re going to be rewarded.

Graphics/ Sound

With the genre of racing games, there’s one aspect they tend to get right and CSR Racing 2 is no different to this rule and that’s the fact that the graphics are phenomenal. Clearly the game isn’t going to look as incredible as some of the racing simulators you’ll find on PC, but for a mobile game, the graphical fidelity for the entire game is really strong. Most importantly, the car’s all look great and look similar to their real world counterparts, which is something fans of cars are going to appreciate when they see their favourite car in all of its glory sat in the garage.

In terms of accuracy, the developers did a great job with recording the audio for the game; it may only be the sound of a super powered engine revving at the speed of sound, but it sounds crisp and refined and makes having the sound on worth it if you appreciate that aspect of racing games. If you are the type of person that gets annoyed at the sound of car engines and exhausts popping off then there’s no real reason to keep the sound on, especially when the music isn’t really anything to write home about.


CSR Racing 2 is quite possibly one of the strongest drag racing games on the mobile platform right now, with practically no competition right now coming even close to it. Looking at the game graphically, you’ve got a solid racing game on your hands that fans are going to appreciate, even if the music is a little bit disappointing for this sort of genre. Gameplay itself is incredibly easy to pick up and play, but that’s sort of the charm of it. At any point you could pick the game up, play a few races, upgrade your car, and then go on about your day without being committed to it for very long and that’s what makes it enjoyable in short bursts.

For long periods of time CSR Racing 2 might start to grate on your mind a little, but if you control just how much you play the game in one sitting, you’re going to want to come back more and more each and every time you leave.

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by Other Contributors Aug 24, 2017
Experience the rush and exhilaration of racing against AI or other players alike in a powerful beast of a car in this gorgeous drag-racing game. Every single upgrade you get will only increase its value and horsepower; giving you the opportunity to make one hell of a mean machine. CSR Racing 2: LaFerrari Starting a race in CSR Racing 2 CSR Racing 2: Under the hood Read More
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