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CSI: Hidden Crimes 10 rate Play your part in the CSI team by honing your power of observation by spotting clues in the crime scenes, analyzing the evidence collected, interrogating potential suspects and making the arrest, once you've collected all the evidence to do so! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Whether if it’s the one-liners from Horatio Caine or from the many characters in the crime lab, if you have all of them memorized by heart, then you shouldn’t miss out on this CSI-themed hidden objects game, CSI: Hidden Crimes! Join the familiar cast of the Las Vegas Crime Lab and help them solve a series of homicide cases using your surely phenomenal eyesight to spot vital evidences! Work with the crew to uncover the true murderer and bring him or her to justice! Can you see past the glam of Sin City to find clues, analyze the bagged evidence and solve exciting cases?


You are a rookie investigator, who has just joined the Las Vegas Crime Lab, in this game. Then, a 420A call came in, and you’re put straight to work! As you play the game, you’ll uncover plenty of mysterious and episodic mini-plots, some of which even have game-changing plot twists in them, making every criminal case you take on very unique. Not to mention, the storyline in this game is written by 2 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (the TV series)’s very talented writers. So, you can definitely expect the best… and of course, the unpredictable!


CSI: Hidden Crimes is a hidden objects game and, thus, you’ll need to use your keen eyesight as you scour the crime scenes you’ve been assigned to for hidden clues and evidences. The game can be pretty challenging at times, but mostly it is pretty straightforward as most items are not very hard to find. Furthermore, when you revisit a crime scene for additional clues, the positions of the objects are not changed and you’ll be able to finish finding the items required much faster for every subsequent revisits you do. Some items you found may be the evidence you need. You’ll need to bag and tag them before sending them over to the crime lab for further analysis.

Each crime scene you investigate in CSI: Hidden Crimes will consume 15 energy points and you will have a total of 80 energy points. Every time you level up, you’ll get a free refill of your energy points, so you can continue putting yourself to work searching for clues. There are also certain items which are highlighted in gold on your list of items-to-find. These items, when found, will award you with some extra points! There is generally no timer for each game, except for timed modes, whereby you’ll have to find as many items as you can within 30 seconds. However, if you’ve managed to complete your investigation faster, you’ll earn more bonus points! Not to mention, if you can find clues accurately, you’ll earn combos which will increase your score with up to 6x multiplier! Though, if you clicked on anything inaccurately, you’ll immediately lose all your combos.

There are a total of 5 stars per crime scene that you can earn and it’ll definitely take you multiple rounds of completing the same crime scene in order to get all 5 stars. Don’t forget to add your friends to your CSI team when you depart for the crime scene too! The more friends you add, the more hints you’ll get! Hints are there to help you identify objects in the crime scene, by the way. If you hit a snag in any of the crime scenes, there are even power-ups that are designed to help you out! Some examples are pin point hint and double hint. One member from the CSI crime lab will also accompany you to the crime scene… after all, you’re still a rookie in CSI: Hidden Crimes and will need some supervision from a pro!

After you’ve bagged and tagged the evidence, head back to the crime lab to analyze your ‘loot’! This is where you’ll be meeting the rest of the CSI characters. For autopsies, you’ll need Dr. Albert Robbins, the chief medical examiner’s expertise. However, you cannot expect him to work like The Flash, so bear in mind that you’ll need to wait a specific period of time for him to complete the autopsy before releasing the results. Autopsies are important for you to determine the cause of death as well as identifying any additional clues that might be hidden on the victim’s body. Any DNA samples that have been collected will be checked with CODIS too.

Furthermore, you’ll need to examine any evidence you’ve collected from the crime scene for fingerprints and other clues as well! Any examination you do, for example, dusting the murder weapon for fingerprints, will cost you 1 star and stars can be earned by completing crime scenes repeatedly. Examinations are rather fun in CSI: Hidden Crimes since they are technically mini-games, such as matching, searching for evidence among a pile of junk items, and hacking a phone. You will also earn a nice amount of energy points if you do well in the examination.

However, not all items will be examined by you – one can only do so much, right? Thus, you will need to rely on your fellow members in the crime lab to help you out. For instance, if you have any trace chemicals to identify, then David Hodges is your man! Sometimes, you may even get to go out into the field with Capt. Jim Brass to interrogate a suspect! Best yet, any evidence you uncover, besides being added to your killer’s profile, may also reveal a new suspect, a new scene or even new evidences. Hence, what you have initially thought was a simple done-and-over-with case may evolve into something much more intriguing!

Lastly, after you’ve got the all the important evidences (from 3 places - the victim, murder weapon and the killer profile), what’s left to do is to compare the evidence obtained with the traits of the suspects and make the arrest! There’s even a little text-based scene, after you’ve pin-pointed the correct murderer, where Jim Brass determines the motive of the suspect and the suspect’s eventual confession.

After completing your first case, you’re official on the CSI team! You can then customize your character. There are rather limited choices in terms of customizations, for instance, you can choose between different hairstyles but you’re not able to change the hair color. However, all of the available customization options have a very well-polished look. You can also start your second case by unlocking the next episode for free. There are even special episodes that you can unlock with the help of your friends in this game!

In CSI: Hidden Crimes, you can compete with friends on the leaderboard too! Collect medals by placing yourself in the top 3 positions among your friends! You can also earn achievements in this game as well!


The game, CSI: Hidden Crimes, has more than half a million likes on its Facebook fan page! Granted that its player base is not as strong or as huge as the fanbase of the TV series, it is still a pretty large number! There are also frequent giveaways on its Facebook page, so be sure to give the page a ‘like’ in order to keep yourself updated with any news of freebies! Moreover, if there’s a crime scene that has got you stumped, you may want to consider asking the more experienced players on the fan page for help. Who knows? You may just get yourself a cheat sheet - a screenshot of the scene with every findable object circled out in red!

Graphics/ Sound

Every crime scene in CSI: Hidden Crimes are beautifully drawn and, considering that it’s a hidden objects game, are richly detailed. The CSI: Las Vegas characters are extremely well-drawn and look exactly like the characters in the highly popular TV series! The game also forces you to play in full-screen or the game won’t complete loading the crime scene, but taking into account that playing in full-screen will greatly help you in picking out the items required, this is not exactly a hassle. The modern music in this game has an ominous feeling to it and suits the game perfectly!


In short, CSI: Hidden Crimes is a hidden objects game that will put your keen power of observation to the test! It features rather challenging crime scenes that you’ll need to scan for clues, as well as plenty of other forensic science examinations (in the form of mini-games) and autopsy that either you or other members of the crime lab will need to do. Once you have collected all the evidences you need, you can then make the arrest, after comparing the evidence with the profiles of the suspects! If you’ve longed to have that real CSI experience, this game is as close to it as you can get! So, head on over to the crime lab and start solving cases today!

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New Game Added: CSI: Hidden Crimes

by Aethyna Mar 8, 2015
Play your part in the CSI team by honing your power of observation by spotting clues in the crime scenes, analyzing the evidence collected, interrogating potential suspects and making the arrest, once you've collected all the evidence to do so! CSI: Hidden Crimes: your first crime scene CSI: Hidden Crimes: The swimming pool A white truck in CSI: Hidden Crimes Read More
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