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by Aethyna
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Crystal of Re:union 9 rate Featuring an amazing cast of anime characters, Crystal of Re:union is an Japanese strategy/RPG that will put you into the role of a ruler and give you free reign to develop your kingdom. Defeat monsters with your hero, plunder rival castles, and coordinate with your fellow allies to dominate the map today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Crystal of Re:union is an anime-themed, Japanese strategy/RPG that features a brilliant cast of interestingly unique hero characters, each with their own backstories for you to uncover, as well as a fun gameplay which will see your hero fighting off monsters or your armies besieging a rival kingdom. You can even work together with like-minded players in various Alliances to hasten the development of each other’s castles and defeat tougher monsters. So, if you’ve playing games like Throne: Kingdom at War or something similar and that you love anime, you might want to check this game out!


The overall storyline in this game seems to start off pretty confusing and I believe the introduction could have been reworked to clarify certain key plot points instead of being simply all over the place. Thankfully though, the story kind of clears up once you actually get into the game and realized that apparently, you already have the “Core”, a special and powerful ring that has somehow teleported you to the edge of a kingless kingdom in the magical world of Midgard that you are supposed to rule over.

However, it is still rather confusing to see how the Tower of Wisdom fit into the narrative since it’s supposed to grant wishes but I’m not sure exactly why you need the wishes in the first place, and why the Goddess of Midgard instructed you to head there. Of course, the most important question of all is probably this: How can you get there anyway?


Before you begin building up your kingdom, you’ll first need a hero to champion your cause. You can summon one for free at the Mother Crystal in your city and the game offers up 6 unique characters for you to choose from. From what that I can see, it doesn’t really matter which hero you choose in this game since you’ll be able to switch heroes later anyway just so you can level them up individually, earn more friendship points and reveal more of their background stories. You don’t lose any progress on any hero you’ve leveled up so that’s really good as well.

Aside from having really fleshed-out personalities and personal stories which often end up giving rise to more questions than answers, heroes are actually a very crucial part of this game’s gameplay. You’ll need to rely on them to help you defeat monsters that roam just beyond your castle walls. By doing so, your hero’s Aura will be consumed so you technically can’t just speed-level your hero that easily.

Once a monster is defeated, you can earn a nice sum of resources, which you’ll then need to order your troops to collect, as well as crafting materials that a skilled blacksmith can turn into weapons and armor for your hero to use. The items you craft can even be enhanced in one of two ways, be it augmenting the item with special cards or simply upgrading it with crystals. Each hero also has three main skill trees, namely combat, kingdom and conquer, which you can invest skill points into. Skill points are, in turn, obtained whenever your hero levels up.

The resources you’ve gained should then be reinjected into the development of your kingdom since it is, after all, the seat of your power. There are 5 resource types that you’ll need to be aware of and each of these resources can be passively earned by simply building their corresponding buildings, be it a farm, a mine or a magical academy. Naturally, by upgrading these buildings, they will produce more resources for you to spend on research, more building upgrades, constructing defenses, or even building up your military might.

The unit types in Crystal of Re:union is typical of the paper-scissors-stone formula, whereby one type of unit, for example spearmen, is stronger than cavalry but is weaker than archers. Due to this, it is vital to have a healthy mixture of units in your army as opposed to having overwhelming numbers, although having more troops does help to tip the scales of battle in your favor somewhat. Units that have fallen in battle can also be healed via the Hospital for a price so you can avoid the long waiting time to recruit a fresh batch of units from the Barracks.

Now, as mentioned, there are plenty of monsters on the world map that your hero can attempt to defeat, but what we’ve neglected to mention is that there are plenty of resource areas as well. These are basically randomly-spawned resource caches where you can order your troops to “harvest” resources from. Of course, your troops can be attacked while they are harvesting and how long your troops will be there harvesting while being exposed to attacks depends solely on their carrying capacity.

Like any MMORTS games, there are other players’ castle scattered throughout the map too. You can attack them if you want to just so you can plunder their cities’ resources, but bear in mind that they might just retaliate and you’ll want to have enough surviving troops left to defend your own castle, together with a sizeable stock of defensive siege weapons stationed along your castle walls. Getting your walls and your storehouse, which safeguard a portion of your total resources from plunder, upgraded doesn’t hurt either.

If you still need more resources, there are also quests that you can complete to get them. In fact, completing quests is possibly the easiest way to earn some extra resources since they are basically a “How to Continue Developing Your Kingdom” guide after the tutorial ended – you’ll just be getting free stuff for doing things that you should already be doing.

Being a freemium game, Crystal of Re:union has an in-game shop where you can buy additional supplies using the game’s premium currency, Gold, as well. With Gold, you can even purchase a variety of convenience items, such as time reductions, boosts, mystery chests, teleport (to change the location of your castle), and more. The in-game shop also grants you access to the Medal Exchange shop where you can trade in medals obtained from events for fantastic items and even a brand-new hero (not among the 6 starter heroes).

If you’d like to go a step further to support the game and the developers, you can purchase VIP tokens to rank up your VIP status and to charge up your VIP activation time. As long as you still have some activation time left, you’ll be privy to the VIP-only activation bonus. Bonuses differ depending on your overall VIP rank.


Crystal of Re:union encourages players to join an alliance as soon as they are able to and this is a very good advice to follow. After all, why not? By simply being a part of an active Alliance, you can not only get some help when trying to conquer tougher monsters; you can even get some help from your fellow players to shorten your construction and upgrade times. And by helping your fellows in return, you can also earn alliance points which can then be spent at the shop for time reduction tokens. Alliances makes coordinating attacks and defenses a lot easier as well.

Graphics/ Sound

The anime graphics in this game is absolutely stunning. I particularly enjoyed the little cinematic at the end of the tutorial where you can see the heroes fight each other. From the quality of that production, I reckon the game does have the making of a new anime series. They just needed a better and more in-depth script if they are to adapt the game into a series.

The music backing Crystal of Re:union is simply amazing as well. The selection of soundtracks give the game the sort of atmosphere that befits its theme. The Japanese voice acting – although I’m playing the game in English – is superb too. The voices are all very professionally done.


Unlike most games in its genre, Crystal of Re:union offers up an impressive amount of depth when it comes to developing its anime heroes and this is something that really shines through in this game. It’s gameplay, on the other hand, is interesting enough to be engaging but it doesn’t exactly add anything different to the mix. The storyline could use some work as well.

Overall, I’d say the game’s anime characters are its main selling point at the moment, but the fun and social gameplay is a very close second. So, if this sounds just like a game you’d like to play, you can give the game a try by downloading it for free!

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Featuring an amazing cast of anime characters, Crystal of Re:union is an Japanese strategy/RPG that will put you into the role of a ruler and give you free reign to develop your kingdom. Defeat monsters with your hero, plunder rival castles, and coordinate with your fellow allies to dominate the map today! Crystal of Re:union: Harvesting resources Upgraded castle in Crystal of Re:union Crystal of Re:union: Valkyrie Read More
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