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Crossout 9 rate Experience vehicular combat like never before through a myriad of different game modes catered towards both PvE and PvP players in this brilliant MMO action game,Crossout! In the harsh, post-apocalyptic world, only the strongest will survive... will you be counted among them? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Customize your own “death machine” and head into explosive battles in this Mad Max-themed, action MMO game, Crossout! Experience vehicular combat like never before through a myriad of different game modes catered towards both PvE and PvP players. Earn reputation points to level up your faction, and unlock more items to build your vehicles with. Join a clan and fight for the control of uranium-containing land to craft Relic-quality items for your vehicles. In the harsh, post-apocalyptic world of Crossout, only the strongest will survive... will you be counted among them?


Not much is known about the cause of the apocalyptic event that had turned the world into the post-apocalyptic dust bowl that it is today, but you are free to speculate based on the little clues left here and there within the game.


Crossout has a pretty straightforward controls system and that is evident through its brief tutorial, but you might need some time to get used to the feel of driving your vehicle in the game. This is especially true for players who are too used to MMO shooter games where you can scope out your enemies. Obviously, for vehicles, there will be no scoping involved.

Fresh out of the tutorial, you’ll be introduced to the other aspects of the game, including the very important “Factions”. As opposed to the usual definition of “Faction” that you may be used to in MMORPGs, the factions in this game are a lot like “level ranks”. All players start off in the Engineering faction by default and the only way to advance to the other factions, namely the Lunatics, Nomads, Scavengers and Steppenwolfs, is by gaining reputation with the previous faction. You can do so by playing games. In some way (and I’m sure you’ve noticed), reputation in this game strikes a strong resemblance to experience points.

Now, each faction has their own faction perks and reputation rewards, so I’m guessing that once you’ve unlocked several factions, you will probably be able to switch between them depending on which faction perk you want to use. Not to mention, different factions will also allow you to build a range of new parts for your vehicles. The parts manufacturing process doesn’t only require a sizable amount of scraps; it also takes time, and you may need to rent a work bench as well. Scraps can usually be obtained as loot from matches, but you can break down excess parts that you have too. On the flip side, you can fuse parts to upgrade them by increasing their rarity.

As with any good post-apocalyptic game, the game has a thriving market where arsenals and parts are traded on a daily basis. There isn’t any apparent restriction for trading in this game, so I guess you’ll be able to put up as many items as you’ll like to sell and perhaps even build yourself a massive trading empire in Crossout.

There are also special missions and challenges that you can complete for some bonus reputation points, game currency and sometimes loot crates. Some challenges are dailies or weeklies, while others like Seasonal Missions are seasons-based where players will need to clear all 8 missions of a difficulty of their choice before the time is up.

That said, you may want to keep some of the best parts you get and use them on your own vehicle. When it comes to vehicle customization, Crossout definitely can be listed among the top 5. You can twist and turn the camera whichever way you like as you customize every part of your vehicle, ranging from frame and hardware to structure and... yes, decorations and dyes.

There are some limitations to prevent players from covering every square inch of their vehicles with turrets or any other similar parts, of course, but aside from that, you basically have free reign to design your “death machine” as you wish! Once done, don’t forget to take your vehicle out for a test drive to shoot up some summoned bots, jump some ramps, or to just marvel at the view.

Need some inspiration to jump-start that creative brain of yours? Well, do feel free to drop by the game’s Exhibition section where you can not only view other players’ deadly creations, but you can even save their builds for your own use, test drive their vehicles and vote for the vehicles you like the most.

Eager to test your brand-new vehicle in some actual combat? Well, you’ll be glad to know about Crossout’s other cherry on top of the cake – its amazingly wide variety of game modes. Regardless of which type of player you are, whether PvE or PvP-oriented, Crossout will have a game mode that you’ll enjoy.

So, if you happen to be PvE-oriented, you’ll enjoy playing the game’s co-op Raid mode where you’ll work with your team to curb enemy’s attacks as you complete your team’s objectives. The objectives greatly vary depending on the actual game mode you play. For instance, in Convoy, your team is tasked to escort and defend your cargo from raiding parties. On the other hand, in Cargo Race, your team will need to race around the map searching for and capturing designated cargo within the time limit while staving off attacks from all sides. New game modes can be unlocked by leveling up your faction.

For competitive PvP matches, you’ll have two main types to choose from – Missions, which has a Team Deathmatch-like gameplay and Brawls, which contains 3 other game modes, namely Free-For-All, Storm Warning and Race. Storm Warning is a pretty rare though not altogether unique game mode where players duel in a map with an encroaching cloud of dust storm that will cause substantial attrition damage to any vehicle foolish enough to drive into it, while Race mode basically consists of a competitive circuit race with checkpoints.

The combative gameplay in Crossout is thrillingly fun, has excellent and somewhat realistic physics (except for the key to instantly flip over your overturned vehicle). Weapons can overheat in this game so using short bursts of fire is possibly the best strategy. Since vehicles are literally built part by part, you can actually focus your fire on critical parts of the vehicle, such as that oh-so-tantalizing fuel tanks that the AI often have on the back of their pickup trucks.

However, weapon spread can be quite a nuisance in this game. The reticle widens so quickly with every bullet you fire, reducing your accuracy by significant amounts. This is especially obvious if your vehicle is moving rapidly, which it probably is. This makes performing cool drifts while firing like what you’d see in movies and shows quite difficult to pull off as you’ll just be spraying bullets everywhere.

I wouldn’t go as far as to call Crossout a pay-to-win game – at least not yet, but it does seem to have a small bit of P2W element in its in-game shop. This is because aside from coin packs (which are reasonable), the game also sells packs containing unique vehicles, weapons and vehicle components in addition to cosmetic stuff, such as unique hero portraits. It’s still unknown how strong these special weapons, parts and vehicles can be, but speculatively, if they are overpowered, then the concept of fairness between paying and free-to-play players will be utterly shattered.

There’s also another thing that I really dislike about the game – it is the game’s random queues as opposed to choosing a match to join through a server list is that if I’m dropped into an ongoing match, I’ll be forced to either exit the match and try queuing again or spectate the entire match without being able to do anything. It might be better if players aren’t dropped into a game mid-match. After all, you can probably imagine my frustration when I was dropped into 3 consecutive ongoing matches that I had to exit from.

Having said that, I would also like to commend Crossout for making sure that players don’t have to wait too long just to get into a match. Some players may not like that the game often pit you against AIs even in supposedly PvP matches, but if it hastens the wait time, then I’m cool with that.


Since entering into Open Beta, the community in Crossout has been growing exponentially. Aside from the game’s emphasis on co-operative gameplay, the game also provides a series of social features, one of which is the Exhibition section where players can give their like to other players’ “death machines” and even download the schematics to use.

There are even clans where players can work together to conquer areas in the wasteland so they could mine for uranium – a rare material needed for crafting Relic-quality car parts. Members of clans will get a clan tag in their name as well. During my review, I wasn’t able to join a clan yet but I was given the option to create a clan at the cost of 500 premium currency. I’m assuming that you’ll eventually get to join a clan once you level up your faction.

Graphics/ Sound

Crossout is basically a game set in a post-apocalyptic world with a theme that resembles the popular movie, Mad Max, and thus, the graphics in this game are all designed to further reinforce that theme. The visuals and animations are generally superb. You can see the water splash when you drive into and through a shallow pool of water and then there’s the really cool sight of seeing your bullets pinging off a vehicle. Though, like all games, they might look a bit grainy at lower resolutions.

The sound effects in Crossout, such as the sound of gravel on tires and the whine of the engine as you go up a slope, also serve to increase the realism in the game by allowing you feel, to some extent, like you’re actually driving in the game. Personally, I really like the soothing country music the game plays in build mode (vehicle customization), but even when there is no background soundtrack, like during your test drive, the game still retains its ambiance.


Crossout is possibly among the handful of games that decide to simply go off on its own and turn the popular movie Mad Max into a highly-competitive, action MMO game where players fight to the bitter end in a death machine they’ve built... ahem, I meant vehicle.

Although there are some room for improvement, the game itself is decently made. With so many game modes to play in along with a robust vehicle customization set-up, Crossout ensures its players will have something interesting to do while they are in the game. The gameplay is also quick, intuitive and fun, and both the graphics and sound managed to add to the game’s overall immersion. So, if you’re a huge fan of explosive vehicular MMO combat, Crossout is definitely the game to play! Try it for free today!

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Experience vehicular combat like never before through a myriad of different game modes catered towards both PvE and PvP players in this brilliant MMO action game,Crossout! In the harsh, post-apocalyptic world, only the strongest will survive... will you be counted among them? Crossout: Test drive Build your own vehicles in Crossout Crossout: Gameplay Read More
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