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by Aethyna
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Cower Defense 9 rate Cower Defense is a unique game in the "tower defense" genre, containing many challenging maps and modes. Witty and memorable defenders offers you a variety of tactics to drive back the intruders and will help you in this war. Expand your base, fight alone or cooperate with your friends! Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Cower Defense is a tower defense game, set on the planet of cows that pits aliens against the local cowering cow inhabitants! As a cow defense strategist, you’ll have to do your part in the impending battle against the aliens to prevent them from harming your fellow cow-tizens. Set up your defenses from an array of cow defenders provided and don’t let the aliens reach the end of the path! Stand up for your cow-mates and defend your people against the waves of alien onslaught in Cower Defense!


Everything was going well in Planet Cow until suddenly when a cow started dancing to Psy’s Gangnam Style, he accidentally attracted the attention of a UFO of aliens who promptly cow-napped him. Now, massive force of aliens that now wanted to conquer the poor cow’s planet. Do your very best as the cow defense strategist to stop the aliens from entering the town!

Not to mention, each level contributes its own story into the whole “aliens vs cows” tale. Level 1 introduces the alien invasion and level 2 tells of a story that involves prank-calling aliens, so you’ll need to stop them from getting to the telephone booth. The stories are nonsensical and yet humorous in a “facepalm”-kind of way. As you play the game, you just can’t wait to see what the aliens are up to next and how the cows retaliate to the aliens’ pranks and cow jokes.


The game provides a great tutorial that lays out all the things that you need to know on how to play the game humorously out in the open. With impending alien invasion, you’re tasked with the heavy duty of strategizing the positions of the cow defenders under your command.

To start, you’ll need to know how many different types of cow defenders there are and how they help to complement each other’s deficiencies. There are currently 15 different types of cow defenders, but don’t let that huge number scare you – you’ll be mostly using the 4 basic cow defenders as the other types require real money to unlock and use! The 4 basic cow defenders include the milk-gun, slingshot, bottle and glue gun. The milk-gun defender is effective against unprotected aliens while the slingshots are more effective against unprotected aliens because they obviously hit harder as the defenders will be slinging horse shoes instead of milk!

Bottle defenders will launch milk bottles that deal splash damage when the bottles hit the ground, spilling milk everywhere. This defender is suitable for taking on groups of weakly protected aliens. The last basic defender is the glue gun defender. This guy is able to fire sticky adhesive at aliens, greatly slowing them down. This is defender perfect to deploy when you need to slow down fast running aliens.

Each defender you deploy will cost you a fixed amount of milk. Milk can be earned killing aliens. The tougher the alien, the more milk you’ll get. You can also speed up the next wave of aliens in order to get extra milk. Collect enough milk and you can deploy new cow defenders onto the field of battle! You may want to save some milk to upgrade your defenders as well, but before you can do so, you’ll need to unlock the next level for the defenders by upgrading the defenders’ respective training centers in town using elixirs. Elixirs in turn can be earned by collecting from the distillery in town or by playing levels.

Once your defenses are up, start the game to let the aliens walk right into their deaths! Each game requires 1 energy point and you are provided with 5 energy point maximum to begin with. There are 3 stars per level for normal mode (total number of stars per level is actually 5) that you can earn and they are awarded to you depending on how many aliens that got pass your defenses. 2 more stars can be earned by successfully completing the master and expert level, which will only be unlocked after getting 3 stars in normal. Since you have 5 lives per level, it is logical to say that for every 2 lives you lost, you will get 1 star less. If you lose all 5 lives, you’ll lose the game.

Why stars are that important you may ask? Well, the more stars you get, the more rewards, mainly elixir and coins that you’ll be awarded with. Elixirs are needed for upgrades and research while coins are needed to purchase items from the shop, building upgrades and pretty much everything else. Not to mention, you’ll also need stars, sufficient amounts of them, to unlock the very rewarding boss lair level!

Cower Defense also provides a huge variety of alien minions to balance out the variety that you get for your cow defenders. For instance, right after you came out with the milk-gun defender, the aliens came up with a solution and raided a nearby beach supplies store and equipped their strongest alien with scuba masks. Hence, milk will no longer harm these aliens. In response, you counter their attempt by deploying slingshot defenders who can easily break through the mask. There are even fast-moving aliens – the ones with 4 legs that serve as a head and 2 legs doing the actual running and to counter this, you’ll need upgraded milk-gun defenders, or at least a whole lot of them… or you can get a glue gun tower to slow them down.

In Cower Defense, you will also have a hero that you can control only his abilities. This hero functions more like a supervisor instead of getting into the field and getting his hands dirty. The first hero and, only hero for free-to-play players, is the cow sheriff! The sheriff has 3 main hero skills, namely by hurling the plunger at the enemy for single target insta-kill (if the enemy has low to average health, and you can choose which alien to kill); hitting enemies with his own police vehicle… by dropping it from the sky as well as by deploying spike strips to damage and slow down the aliens! These skills have cooldowns but you can use them for as many times as you can without any penalty or cost.

The sheriff also provides a passive boost for all cow defenders. After all, the sheriff’s swagger inspires other cows to fight harder! He earns experience points from every enemy killed by your defenders and with sufficient kills, he will level up. Higher levels mean that your sheriff will provide even better boosts and have more damaging hero skills.

If you need some help with a level, you may want to consider buying artifact boosts from the shop such as the iron mortar, iron bucket and iron plunger… after all everything hits much harder with iron in them!

After each match, head back to the town to recuperate and develop your town! You can build new training grounds to unlock access to new types of defenders, upgrade your buildings or even decorate your cow town with beautiful décor! However, building takes time and if you can’t wait, you can speed the process up by giving the cow worker some crystals (purchased using real money or get them for free by getting achievements). Your cow worker loves that bling and will do anything, including work faster, to get it! You only have 1 cow worker though, so you can only be upgrading or constructing 1 building at a time. You can also spend some money to clear junk from your town to free up more space.

One of the best parts in the game is that Cower Defense is filled with plenty of funny dialogues from both the aliens and the cows (including the sheriff). Furthermore, the insults-throwing between the aliens’ representative and cows’ are amusing as well. Well, it’s pretty obvious that this game is going to be hilarious when you first see cows using milk guns to drown the invading aliens in milk! You’ll definitely have a great time playing this game, especially when you’re having a good chuckle now and then.


Although Cower Defense was released around half a year ago, the game has already garnered an impressive number of around 220 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page! So, do make sure to head over there to join the cowmunity! There are plenty of giveaways on the page and if you need any help with the game, Cower Defense’s fan page is the place to be!

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony 3D graphics in Cower Defense is amazing! The cows are very adorable although they are toting guns and have practically the same facial expressions. The sceneries are very pretty and the building models in town are very nicely done as well! Everything’s an eye candy in this game!

In terms of sound, the game contains a military-themed soundtrack with a tinge of alien-themed sounds, like what’d hear when you watch a cartoon alien-invasion-type movie. There are some variety too as the game does not include a background music for your town. Instead, it fully utilizes the different sound effects of the buildings there, the sound of birds chirping, pigeons gurgling or crows crowing as well as the occasional sound of cars driving through. The sounds combine to form a very serene environment for you to develop your town in!


In short, Cower Defense is an excellently-designed and developed tower defense game that has ‘hilarious’ written all over it! The game has an amusing and engaging storyline. There are also plenty of cow defenders as well as different alien types that are very well-balanced, forcing you to strategize the positions of your defenders as you’ll need to ensure that you have the appropriate defenders in place to counter a certain type of alien more effectively. You can control the town’s sheriff as well, and thus you can control when to use his “super powers” during the battle. He also provides a very nice passive boost to all defenders on the map! Cower Defense is as close to perfect as it can get for a free-to-play tower defense game with in-game purchases and it is humorous too! So, don’t miss out on this amazing game and save Planet Cow today!

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by Aethyna Apr 9, 2015
Cower Defense is a unique game in the "tower defense" genre, containing many challenging maps and modes. Witty and memorable defenders offers you a variety of tactics to drive back the intruders and will help you in this war. Expand your base, fight alone or cooperate with your friends! Play now! Cower Defense: None Shall Pass Don't look up in Cower Defense Headquarters in Cower Defense Read More

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An entertaining tower defense unlike any other

Holy Cow! A planet of cows is invaded by aliens and you need to help them defend their land. In this hilarious story of cows versus aliens in Cower Defense, you’ll be shooting milk gu...Full Review
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