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Cosmos Guardians 9 rate The cosmos is in danger! Hades has started his invasion into the system of Apolonia, and only by uniting all the inhabitants within the system will your team of Strikers be strong enough to face Hades and his forces. Are you the leader the Strikers need in these desperate times? Play Cosmos Guardians now and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The cosmos is in danger! Hades has started his invasion into the system of Apolonia, and only by uniting all the inhabitants within the system will your team of Strikers be strong enough to face Hades and his forces. Recruit powerful heroes, deploy them in your team’s formation and send them off to battle various hostiles across a wide range of planets. Go head to head with other teams in PvP Battle Zones or participate in the game’s many exciting events. With a wide variety of heroes to collect, a real-time combat system, adorably stunning graphics, and an intriguing storyline, Cosmos Guardians is definitely a mobile RPG that you’ll want to check out.


Unlike most games where major parts of the story are revealed at the very beginning, the main story in Cosmos Guardians isn’t really revealed until you’re around halfway through the Story Dungeons. This is when you’ll realize that the characters you’ve been seeing in the dialogues are actually Strikers, a special dispatch force from a planet called Gaia. They are sent with an urgent message from Gaia’s leader, Nostra, to Helios, the leader of the planet, Ares.

Apparently, Hades, the villain in the story, has started his cosmic conquest by invading Gaia and capturing the planet’s core, the Core Rune. If enough planets fall to Hades, the chain reaction caused by the destroyed Core Runes may eventually collapse the entire system of planets in Apolonia! To survive the invasion and possible prevent a complete wipeout of an entire solar system, all the planets will need to set aside their differences and face Hades together.

The heavy burden of uniting the people of Apolonia now falls on your shoulders. You will need to lead the Strikers and ensure they are able to complete their missions successfully.


To start playing Cosmos Guardians, you’ll first need to log in. You can log in via your Facebook or Google+ account, or you can simply play as a guest. However, do take note as a guest, your progress will only be saved on the device you are playing on. The progress will not be transferable to another device or be backed-up should your device failed. Considering the risks involved, it might be best to just log in before playing the game.

You can also choose whether you’d want to go for the game’s tutorial (or not), but if you ask us, we’d highly recommend opting for the tutorial. Unlike most mobile RPGs, this game has managed to seamlessly weave the tutorial into the game by allowing the main characters to present each tutorial lesson via dialogues and pictures. This is a rather unique way to present a tutorial to the player and honestly, it does make the tutorial feel like it’s simply a part of the game.

Once you’re in the game, you’ll be presented with 3 operators to choose from, namely Pepper, Raica and Rebecca. Regardless of your choice here, you can eventually unlock all 3 operators. Although they have their own unique buffs and abilities, operators are basically passive characters that you can later romance by giving them gifts. They are not part of your team of heroes.

Heroes, on the other hand, can be obtained by “drawing” them using FPs or rubies (premium currency). Depending on the type of Draw you chose, you may end up with hero cards of 1 to 5 stars. Each card also has a rarity rating that’s indicated by the frame on the card. Cards with grey frames are of the lowest rarity while cards with golden frames are obviously better.

Each hero also has their own skillsets, weapon preferences (sword, cannon or melee) and roles, which will set them apart from the other heroes in the game. Due to this, players can even write card reviews for other players to refer to when they are deciding which hero they’d like to bring to the battlefield.

Before you can send your heroes to fight, you’ll need to deploy them in formations, and like most RPGs with a similar mechanic, the positions of your heroes in the formation is of utmost importance. For example, Tanks – the sturdier heroes – are usually deployed in the front row due to their excellent ability in soaking up enemy’s damage, and essentially being the bulwark that defends the weaker members of the team from harm.

You can also choose a leader for your team. Cards of higher quality will usually have a leader’s skill that will be automatically activated when the card in question is appointed as the leader. Not to mention, there is a friend’s slot in your formation where you can assign a friend’s hero to your team prior to entering a dungeon. These are great ways for your team to gain additional bonuses that will come in handy when you’re facing tougher enemies.

Naturally, you’ll want to get the strongest hero cards to field your team, but that can be quite a tall order since you’ll never know which card you’ll get by drawing. Instead, you can try upgrading your existing cards through a variety of processes such as awakening, transcendence or evolution. You can even equip your heroes with items, which in turn can be upgraded as well.

If you play Cosmos Guardians during its soft launch, you will also get a free 5-star hero card Roro Kidul. Roro is a famous folk hero in Indonesia and according to R2 Games, they aim to design more hero cards around the heroes featured in popular folklore in various countries. So, who knows? You may be able to recruit folk heroes that you know and love in Cosmos Guardians in the future!

Now that you’ve got yourself a strong team of heroes, perhaps it’s time to see them in action! The combat system in Cosmos Guardians is pretty unique mainly because battles are seemingly resolved in real-time rather than the usual turn-based format. The enemy and you will basically still take turns attacking each other, but the turns are merged so well with each other – it’ll feel like everything’s going on at the same time.

That said, you can still choose to play the game manually where you’ll be able to activate your heroes’ skills when you want it, or you could just stick with the game’s auto-battle function (Auto-battle is on by default). You can even “queue” a hero ability even as their cooldown is counting down, or boost your heroes’ damage by activating the little boost button on the bottom left side of the battle screen once it’s filled up.

It’s important to note that the combat system utilizes a rock-paper-scissors mechanic as well. So, heroes who prefer swords will have an advantage over heroes with cannons, while the cannoneers will be able to more easily defeat gun-toting heroes. Gunners, on the other hand, will be able to best melee heroes and the whole game mechanic comes a full circle with melee heroes having the upper hand when fighting against sword-wielding heroes.

Although the advantage you get by using the correct "counter hero" isn’t very prominent, at least at the beginning of the game, we reckon that this mechanic will gradually become more important as you advance to the tougher dungeons.

Dungeons in Cosmos Guardians are basically separated into 2 types – the story-based campaign and the “material farms” a.k.a. Missions. Story Dungeons are there mainly to progress the storyline, and from time to time, give you a challenging, boss-like fight that will test your skills.

In addition to having 3 difficult levels, each dungeon comes with multiple “special battles” that you can then complete once you finished the dungeon’s main story for the first time. There are even “sub stories” that can only be unlocked if you discover the corresponding hero the sub story is intended for. Not all heroes will have a sub story. This is an interesting addition to the usual mobile RPG format since you’ll be motivated to return to the previous levels not just for the sake of the rewards, but also to uncover a small snippet of the story.

It’s rather odd though that the game includes both Battle Zone PvP modes (1-vs-1 and 3-vs-3) in the Missions category but not the other PvP-based game mode, PvP Warfare, which will require Master Keys to play. It might be best to just create a new PvP category and include all PvP-related features there instead. Aside from Missions and Story Dungeons, you’ll also get to participate in events, such as Raids (Rank 15 and above) and World Boss (unlocks at Rank 35), if you want to.

No review of a freemium game is complete without a look in the game’s in-app shop and from what we can see, Cosmos Guardians has a pretty fair IAP. You can buy Power Capsules, which is needed to enter dungeons; and Luna (game currency) using Rubies, while you can get more Rubies with real money. The game also has a tiered VIP system which you can be a part of simply by buying rubies. VIPs in the game will not only have access to the special VIP shop; they will also get extra tickets to excavate more prizes from Edgar’s Mine and a variety of other perks.

Cosmos Guardians is generally a very well-designed game in terms of its addictive gameplay, but when it comes to the interface, it appears to be rather messy. Some of the names of game features are rather misleading as well. One example that comes to mind is the “Inbox” that is technically not an inbox. Maybe name it "Transmissions" or "Guide" instead?


Besides the in-game chat, Cosmos Guardians also provide a guild system. Players who join a guild will gain access to special, guild-only features, such as the guild shop, guild quests, the labyrinth, and guild war. If you fancy leading your own guild, you can. All you need is to be Rank 10 or higher and have 100,000 Luna stored up.

Graphics/ Sound

The incredibly “kawaii” graphics, especially the cute little Chibi characters that you can see during combat, in Cosmos Guardians is nothing short of amazing. The anime card art for each hero is very well-designed down to the minute detail. It’s simply astonishing!

Let’s not forget about the brilliant soundtrack used in the game which features a nice blend of classical music with the more modern techno music. It does bring out the whole futuristic and sci-fi theme of the game. However, the game has yet to put in the English voice acting, so the characters still basically speak Japanese.


All in all, Cosmos Guardians is an addictively fun mobile RPG that stands out from the flock by featuring a rather unique combat system, an immersive storyline with relatable and funny characters, stunning card art, and excellent music. Granted that the game does have some room for improvement, Cosmos Guardians is already pretty amazing in its current form. If you enjoy mobile RPGs with adorable chibi characters with an in-depth gameplay, this is definitely the game to try.

Cosmos Guardians is currently available on Android in selected countries but will be moving towards its global launch soon.

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New Game Added: Cosmos Guardians

by Aethyna May 24, 2017
The cosmos is in danger! Hades has started his invasion into the system of Apolonia, and only by uniting all the inhabitants within the system will your team of Strikers be strong enough to face Hades and his forces. Are you the leader the Strikers need in these desperate times? Play Cosmos Guardians now and find out! Cosmos Guardians: Starting characters Irina in Cosmos Guardians Cosmos Guardians: Boss fight Read More
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