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Copia 9 rate Step up to your role as the new king of the human kingdom and rally the other races in Landea to fight against the demonic invasion. Will you, like the heroes before you, be able to put the demons in their place and send them back to hell? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The people of Landea thought the worst was over when the demon horde was successfully defeated 20 years ago, but a prophecy, brought by the mysterious Dragon Seer, states that the demons will be back soon.... and they did return. This time though, they are led by the powerful Dark Demon Dragon and they intend to win. Step up to your role as the new king of the human kingdom and rally the other races in Landea to fight against the demonic invasion. Will you, like the heroes before you, be able to put the demons in their place and send them back to hell?


Merely 20 years ago, the demon army invaded the continents of Landea and had laid the place to ruins. However, in a last-ditch attempt, the remaining heroes joined forces and with a bit of luck, had managed to defeat the demons.

As the rebuilding process got underway, a mysterious Dragon Seer appeared and prophesized that the demons will once again return... and apparently, they did. This time around though, the demons, led by the ruthless Dark Demon Dragon, intends to win, and lucky for them, the humans, who formed the bulk of the resistance force in the previous war, are currently leaderless.

Thankfully, you, the long-lost heir to the throne, appeared at the nick of time. It now falls on you to lead the good people of Landea to victory against the massive demon horde.


To start, you’ll first need to select a character class. The game offers 4 different classes – the usual Warrior, Mage and Archer classes, as well as a unique mech-based Destroyer class, for you to choose from. Classes don’t really seem to matter much in this game though since the skills that you’ll mainly be using during combat are not your own, but your Battle Fairy’s. Aside from their abilities, you’ll also gain their strengths (stats) as well.

In addition to your Fairy, you’ll also be assembling a team of heroes who will be heading into the battlefield alongside you. Naturally, different heroes will have different roles – for example, warriors are tanks and healers are... well, healers – and their positions on your formation will also change depending on roles. You can recruit new heroes through a card-drawing process and if you opt for the diamond (premium currency)-based card draws, then you’ll have a much higher chance of getting cards or card fragments of stronger (epic and legendary-grade) heroes.

Like all MMORPGs, there are multiple ways for you to improve your heroes and also your main character. You can equip them with powerful items (including wings!), which in turn can even be further enhanced, forged or socketed with gems, level them up, upgrade their skills, and evolve them so they can get more stars (up to 10) and hence, become stronger. The overall strength of your team of heroes though can be determined through your team’s Combat Power (CP) rating. If your CP is higher than that of your opponent, chances are, you’ll emerge victorious from the battle.

Now, in terms of combat, Copia is interestingly not turn-based. Instead, all your heroes, as well as your opponent’s heroes, will be attacking each other simultaneously. As you might imagine, this makes for a rather messy and hectic scene where everybody is just smashing the other fella automatically once the Start Battle button is clicked on. Oddly enough though, the game has another auto-combat button that will be unlocked later on in your journey. Maybe that includes automating the use of the Battle Fairy’s abilities.

Like the abilities you can use, there is also another Summon meter that will gradually fill up as your heroes do combat. Once filled, you can then press it to summon forth your Divine Beast – a monstrous creature that is insanely strong and will usually be able to wipe the battlefield with the blood of your enemies with a single blow.

Another interesting point to note in Copia’s combat system is the interval phase that you get in between waves of enemies (if there are more than one). During this phase, you’ll be allowed to swap your heroes or heal them buy spending game cash to buy some HP potions. However, heroes that are healed will be rendered unavailable for that wave so it might be best to just swap them out, if their health is low that is, and put in a new hero.

Aside from its unique combat system, Copia also offers everything that you’d come to expect in an MMORPG. This includes PvE activities, such as the story-and-stage-based campaign and quests; PvP fights, like advanced duel that allows you to pick fights with your friends or random strangers on your “friends-to-add” list, arena, Pope Hall, Trial Grounds and more. It’s also nice to note that the game provides lower level players early access into the game’s PvP aspect, but still retain some of the more challenging PvP events for the higher levels. You can’t view your opponent’s CP in the arena as well, so this actually adds a layer of uncertainty whenever you challenge another player to a fight.

Of course, like most browser MMO games, Copia is chockful of fun events and mini-games, both timed and permanent ones, that you can play in between fighting demons and other players. Events usually reward you with a ton of amazing prizes though, so it’s wise to participate in them whenever you can.

As you level up, you unlock other features in the game as well, including Runes, Relics, Mana Ring, achievements and Territory where you’ll then gain access to an overview look of your kingdom. This is also the place where you can then find many other features of the game such as Treasure Trove and Trial Grounds.

Last but not least, let’s take a look into Copia’s in-game shop. The shop is pretty much the same as all the other in-game shops that you might have known if you have played any other browser MMO games. Spenders will naturally be able to advance much more quickly than non-spenders and it might be difficult for a free-to-play player to compete on equal footing with a spender on many levels. That said, if you happen to be a spender, you’ll be glad to know that the real money you’ve invested in the game will get you perks that will literally give your team superhuman strengths.


The game’s guild system will be unlocked once you reach level 22. Similar to most MMORPGs, being a member will grant you many benefits, such as access to special, guild-only perks and events, but it will require you to contribute at least something in return.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Copia is very much different than your traditional browser MMO. It looks a lot more polished and the details are much more pronounced. There are many cute chibi-like characters in the game as well, though, the females still look rather overtly sexualized.

The music in this game is quite nice to listen to despite being a bit loud – you’ll have to adjust the volume later on. However, like always, it is looped rather heavily and some players might find it annoying, especially the combat music, after some time.


To sum this all up, Copia is a rather unique-looking MMORPG with a fun collectible cards aspect, where players collect cards of various heroes, deploy them into their team’s formation, and head off to battle. It also did without all the turn-based nonsense, and allows your heroes to battle the enemy simultaneously. Featuring a rather cliché storyline of a demonic invasion, the game is amazingly addictive to play mainly because there are just so many things to do, be it PvE or PvP with plenty of fun events and mini-games in between to tide you over. The graphics in this game is particularly stunning too. Sounds just like your type of game? Well, be among the first to enjoy this entertaining MMO game now!

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New Game Added: Copia

by Aethyna Aug 7, 2017
Step up to your role as the new king of the human kingdom and rally the other races in Landea to fight against the demonic invasion. Will you, like the heroes before you, be able to put the demons in their place and send them back to hell? Copia: In town Choosing a class in Copia Copia: Fighting a dragon Read More
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