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Contract Wars 9 rate Contract Wars is a modern browser-based free-to-play MMOFPS with character-building RPG elements, set in a world of a not-too-distant future, where most military actions are carried out by private military companies. Fancy yourself as a gun-for-hire? Well, then leap into action in Contract Wars now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Contract Wars is a modern browser-based free-to-play MMOFPS with character-building RPG elements, set in a world of a not-too-distant future, where most military actions are carried out by private military companies. The game offers a respectable range of game modes and maps, though its gun variety can be rather limited and that includes weapon customizations, like adding laser sights or a silencer. Its graphics exceed the expectations of a browser-based free-to-play MMOFPS and can be said to be on par with some standalone MMOFPS games too! If you don’t like the hassle of installing an MMOFPS game but would still like to get that rush that shooting games can give, then Contract Wars is a perfect game for you! Become a merc in Contract Wars today and embark on a mission to be the best mercenary there is in your company!


The game starts by dropping you off at the lobby, where you can view your weapon set, customize your loadout, and purchase new weapons. Weapons in Contract Wars are on a rental basis and not to mention, the more shots you fire, the quicker the gun breaks, so earning enough money from matches to constantly replenish your “ruined” guns is a real issue in this game. It’s interesting to note that the game provides a very nice 3D view the guns that you are able to purchase.

The loadout and weapon set system that Contract Wars have can be a tad bit confusing. There are a total of 6 weapon sets that you can unlock by leveling up. The higher weapon sets will obvious contain much powerful weapons. Each weapon set consist of several types of pre-fixed weapons, namely 2 pistols, 2 SMGs and 1 rifle. This means that you are not allowed to choose which gun to buy for your weapon set as they guns are already embedded in your weapon set. What you need to do is by accumulating enough in-game money, or by spending real money, to purchase the gun/s.

There are also 2 restricted guns, the shotgun and the sniper rifle, available in your weapon sets which will require more than money to purchase or a whole lot of money. To unlock shotgun, you’ll need to invite 15 friends while to unlock sniper rifle, you’ll need to have 20 thousand in-game money. There are no grenades allowed in this game. However, do note that weapon sets are not your loadout. There’s a little section at the bottom which is labeled as “kit” – well, that’s your loadout. Each kit can contain 1 primary weapon and 1 secondary weapon (sidearms only) that you can select from your weapon set.

You can even customize your guns by adding in weapon upgrades, such as laser sights or silencers that you can activate after completing the W-tasks provided in Contract Wars. Like guns, weapon modifications are pre-fixed. This means that each gun is only allowed 1 weapon mod and when you buy the mod, it is fixed to its specific gun. To illustrate this, you cannot switch the laser sight from, for example, an assault rifle to a shotgun in this game. Besides this sort of customization, you are not allowed to, say, add camouflage to your weapon or repaint it to another color.

Once you have all the guns you need, the next step is to spend your skill points. In Contract Wars, there are many categories in your skill tree that you can invest into, namely the careerist, scout, assault, destroyer, sniper, and gunsmith. Each skill path has their respective specialization features and strengths (as well as weaknesses) and unlike certain games, once you spend points into a skill path, you can still spend your remaining points into other skill categories too – this means that the other skill categories will not be locked out after you’re chosen a path. However, if you truly want to excel in any of the categories, you may want to focus on 1 particular skill tree first before spending your skill points into other categories.

You can get skill points by leveling up as well as by completing contracts. In Contract Wars, you are given 3 mini-objectives that you can complete daily to earn some really amazing rewards like, as aforementioned, skill points and also GP (premium currency). There are also achievements that you can acquire too!

Are you ready to start racking up your kill count? That’s the spirit! Well, click on quick match to jump right into a firefight or you could browse through the many “game rooms” in the “Gamelist Browser” section and choose one that you like! Like any MMOFPS game, Contract Wars provides various game modes for you to enjoy, namely deathmatch, target designation, team elimination, tactical conquest and random. Target designation is a team-based tactical game mode whereby one team must place a beacon and destroy the target object while the opposing team will have to do whatever it takes to prevent them from carrying out their mission.

On the other hand, team elimination is exactly the same as “team deathmatch” mode in other MMOFPS, but with VIPs. This means that to win, your team will need to attain the required number of kills. However, the game is spiced up with the so-called “VIPs” who are randomly selected players in your or the opposing team (there can be only 1 VIP in a game at any time). If your team has the VIP, you and your comrades will need to protect him at all costs, while if the enemy has the VIP, your team will earn a nice kill boost if you managed to kill their VIP. The gameplay does make the basic team deathmatch mode so much more interesting and fun to play!

For team-based tactical conquest, your team will need to compete with the opposing team to capture and hold as many points as possible. The most popular mode in Contract Wars, however, is the deathmatch mode. In fact, about 99.5% of the games available are deathmatches and this game mode is practically the only mode that anybody plays. Deathmatch is a free-for-all mode and to win you’ll need to get the most kills in the game. Besides game modes, Contract Wars contains quite a variety of maps for you to play in and these maps are all very well and beautifully designed. Some examples include interchange, lighthouse, construction, bay 5, station, old sawmill and parkside.

In terms of the actual gameplay, Contract Wars has basically the same controls as any MMOFPS, making it a simple game to learn, especially if you’re a battle-hardened MMOFPSer. The game allows you to take cover behind objects but as you may realize, you’ll need to be careful of which object you take cover at. This is because some stuff can be shot through! Moreover, if you managed to get a couple of kills without death, you’ll earn an armstreak and gain a randomly assigned support device, such as mortar strike or sonar that you can choose to deploy.

One of the most unique features that Contract Wars has is its auto-screenshot feature. At the settings section in the lobby, you can select the conditions in which you will want the game to help you take a screenshot for… after all, you can’t possibly be pressing the print screen button while trying to accurately shoot someone in the head, right? The game allows you to take auto-screenshots for pro-kills, legendary kills, quad kills (killing streaks) and even when you level up or when an achievement is gained. It’s a pretty cool feature to have.


The community in Contract Wars converges into various clans, so if you would like to play with a dedicated group of people, you should definitely sign up for a clan. However, if you don’t mind playing in pick-up groups, then you should be fine playing the game alone. The game has managed to successful combat toxicity that is usually prevalent in competitive player-vs-player games such as this one by providing a pre-recorded communication system so you can use any one of the pre-recorded cues to let your team know what you’re going to do or would like them to do. You can also meet your fellow players at the game’s Facebook fan page of over 730 thousand likes.

Graphics/ Sound

Although there is no music in the lobby, Contract Wars provides a very realistic ambient sound (like rain and thunder) as well as gun fire while you’re playing in-game. The graphics in this game are exceptional for a free-to-play browser-based shooter game and some may even say that the visuals in the game are comparable to downloaded MMOFPS games. The environment looks absolutely aesthetic and its guns look realistic (and badass) enough.


In conclusion, Contract Wars is a truly fun free-to-play browser-based MMOFPS game that allows you to play as a gun-for-hire in one of the two major private military companies! There is a respectable variety of game modes and maps that you can play in, in addition to the plethora of weapons that you can purchase for your weapon sets… though the weapons are all on a rental basis. You can also earn weapon upgrades, such as laser sights or a silencer, for your weapons by completing special W-tasks. Invest your skill points into skills that fit your play style and get more skill points by completing daily contracts of varying difficulties. If you like short matches, hassle-free ‘sign up’ and first-person shooting, you should definitely give Contract Wars a go!

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by Aethyna Apr 17, 2015
Contract Wars is a modern browser-based free-to-play MMOFPS with character-building RPG elements, set in a world of a not-too-distant future, where most military actions are carried out by private military companies. Fancy yourself as a gun-for-hire? Well, then leap into action in Contract Wars now! Contract Wars: Double Kill Bay 5 map in Contract Wars Firing in Contract Wars Read More
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