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Conan Exiles 10 rate Play Conan Exiles and roam the vast Exiled Lands. Explore its numerous caves and dungeons while meeting other players along the way. Fight against large monsters and animals, as well as fellow exiles who will do all they can to kill you. Build large fortresses and bases with your clan, and raid those of others. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Conan Exiles is a survival game, akin to Ark and Rust and is part of PlayStation Plus’ free games of April 2019. At first, we came into the game with few expectations. After all, it didn’t get stellar reviews from pundits and has

But alas, the Exiled Lands drew us in.

Although the game suffers from optimization and server issues, bugs, and an extremely steep learning curve and difficulty, the gameplay loop is fun, especially when playing with others. Its world is vast, with numerous places to explore and dungeons to beat. Although building and crafting take a while to get used to and extreme amounts of patience and commitment, you can build massive bases within hours.

Is it something you’d want to play or are you better off looking at other survival games? Let’s find out:


Imagine yourself as someone crucified on a desert in a vast desert. You’re there because you’re accused of multiple crimes. Whether you did it or otherwise, you’re there and you’re left to die. For some reason, a chiseled man with an ax comes bearing down on you. He frees you from your bindings and tells you to live, love, and fight. That man is Conan the Barbarian. Conan Exiles’ story is YOUR exiles’ story. It’s a large sandbox and you determine what your fate will be.

Without diving deep into spoilers though, the game actually has a story of its own. However, you’ll have to find these locations on your own and piece things together like a jigsaw puzzle. The game does not even mention any of this, so you’re better off looking at the official guides.


Conan Exiles gameplay loop is fun, but there’s one problem: little direction and tutorials. To effectively play and excel in the game, you have to spend hours looking at guides and references. For example, the game doesn’t explain the intricacies of cooking. Though it can be done by placing wood and the raw meat you wish to cook and pressing L2, the game doesn’t tell you how. You’d either have to rely on accidental discoveries or a tutorial. In any case, the poorly-explained gameplay mechanics will put you off initially, but things will get better once you get a grasp of what to do.

When you spawn on the desert, you’ll take the first steps of your journey. You’ll craft tools like stone hatchets and pickaxes, find food by eating insects and hunting animals. After which, you can then start building your own home/settlement. This continues on when you gather more advanced resources (like iron and steel) and progress further by building various crafting stations. These include the blacksmith and armorer benches, firebowl cauldron, and wheel of pains and animal pens.

The chores involved from gathering resources, maintaining buildings, capturing thralls and cooking food can be tedious. This is why Conan Exiles is best played with friends. Doing it all on your own can take a huge amount of time, giving you little quarter for adventuring and fighting. In addition, you have to build structures and walls to improve your settlement, as well as feed your pets and thralls.

Adventuring with friends is a fun endeavor. You can fight large animals like rhinos and elephants, raid exile camps, other players, and dungeons. The game also has grotesque monstrosities like oversized scorpions, insects, and the undead. You can select from a variety of weapons from swords, war hammers, and bows and arrows.

One of the biggest draws of Conan Exiles is its world, the Exiled Lands, and how the players change it. Some players build massive fortresses, blocking entire rivers and pathways, while others create castles and settlements on cliffs overlooking valleys. You’ll both be awed and astonished to see what others create. There are many ways to play the game, ranging from PvE co-op, permanent and time-frame based PvP, and roleplay. There are different server types: PvE, PvP, and PvE-Conflict (where PvP is activated during specific times).

Unfortunately, Conan Exiles isn’t without issues. It suffers from bugs, framerate drops, and optimization issues. They’re commonplace, but more of an annoyance than an actual game-breaking problem.


Conan Exiles possesses a large player pool, which means you’ll find your way inside populated servers. It further expanded with the influx of PlayStation Plus users. It has an official subreddit with a helpful and welcoming community who are ecstatic to have new exiles in the mix. The game encourages cooperation, and it would be best for you to join a clan or create your own.


The graphics are all right, but the optimization isn’t. Draw distance isn’t the farthest you’ll ever see, but this is due to the PS4’s hardware limitations. Moreover, since the game suffers from texture pop-ins and framerate drops especially if you’re in a crowded location or in a place with a massive building. The voice acting is minimal, albeit decent.

The game has partial, full, and zero nudity settings, depending on the region and server. Though it’s a great way to introduce the savagery and primitiveness of the Exiled Lands, this means that it’s not a game for younger audiences.


Overall, Conan Exiles is one of the most immersive survival game experiences we’ve ever tried. Apart from exploring its vast and multi-biome world, you can alter it by creating giant fortresses. So, give the game a shot and start exploring the Exiled Lands. Who knows what you’ll find!

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New Game Added: Conan Exiles

by Mikhail Apr 20, 2019
Play Conan Exiles and roam the vast Exiled Lands. Explore its numerous caves and dungeons while meeting other players along the way. Fight against large monsters and animals, as well as fellow exiles who will do all they can to kill you. Build large fortresses and bases with your clan, and raid those of others. Fighting a mammoth in Conan Exiles Building a home in Conan Exiles Fighting a boss in Conan Exiles Read More
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