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ComPet 9 rate In a world where the honor of your family and your title depends on your ability to battle pets, it is up to you to train a team of the strongest pets you can find, and uphold the Atherton's name by defeating any opponents who dare to stand in your way. Are you and your team strong enough to win? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Your uncle, the previous Lord Atherton, is retiring from the pet battle scene in ComPet. He has decided to pass the Atherton Manor along with the title of Lord to you – his successor. It is your duty to uphold your family’s honor and even bring glory to the Atherton’s name by training your pets, defeating as many opponents as you can, and rising up the ranks. Don’t forget to develop your village and defend it from greedy enemies as well. Do you have what it takes to be the best in ComPet?


After suffering an unexpected and rather humiliating defeat, your uncle, the previous Lord Atherton, has finally decided that he’s simply too old for pet battles. Being his successor, you have inherited the Atherton Manor along with the proud title of Lord. It is now up to you to do your duty and rebuild the reputation that your family has lost.


The game starts off by letting you choose a starter pet out of 3 choices. All 3 pets, namely an Edgehog, a Panda and a Furlock, are of the Balance class so there isn’t any huge difference between starting players regardless of their choice at the beginning. However, as you progress in the game, you’ll be introduced to pets of other classes - Aggressive, Defensive and Attuned. It is a bit uncertain whether there is a paper-scissors-stone game mechanics in play in ComPet whereby using pets of the correct counter-class will give you an advantage over your opponent.

Aside from classes, pets also come in different qualities or grades, such as Common, Uncommon, Rare and others. Better quality pets will naturally have better stats than lower quality ones, so you might want to keep your eyes peeled for pets of higher quality to adopt.

Pets will earn experience points (XP) whenever you use them in battle. You can also spend gold to send your pets on quests to earn more experience points. Each quest has a chance of success tagged to it and depending on the level and class of the pets you assign, the percentage will either be increased or decreased. Anyway, once their XP bar is full, you’ll then need to spend some gold to manually level them up. Every level up will grant your pet with some skill points which you can invest in their stats.

Sometimes, you may even unlock a new skill slot for your pet. There are only 8 skill slots in total per pet, but the game offers plenty more pet skills which you can research at the library. Researches in the game take time to complete and cost money. Once the research is done, you can then equip the skill into a free slot or replace an existing skill with the newly researched one.

Like most pet-based games, you are allowed to keep more than 1 pet in ComPet. However, players are only given 1 free pet slot in addition to their starter pet in their stables. You can get more pet slots only if you’re willing to spend diamonds on your stables.

How can you get new pets then? Well, you can buy any of the common pets via the game’s in-game shop using gold, but better pets can only be obtained by battling them in the Forest (game’s PvE campaign). The drop chance is pretty low, but by replaying the same battles, you’ll eventually get the pet you want.

Now, in terms of combat, ComPet’s turn-based combat system is pretty straightforward and easy to grasp, especially when you start off with only a few abilities per pet to use. Each player is given 45 seconds per turn to decide their move. Every ability used will also consumes mana so try not to run out of it.

There are also stamina points which serve as a regulator, making sure that the game doesn’t go on for too long. Different pets will have different stamina levels and depending on the stamina your pet has, you might want to drag out a fight or finish it as quickly as you can. This is mainly because once the stamina of a pet is depleted, the pet itself will take increased damage.

Regardless of the outcome of a battle, your pet will usually take some damage and be injured. If that happens, you will not be able to use that pet in combat. To restore health, your pet will need to rest for a certain duration, usually hours, or you could speed things up by paying some gold.

Gold can be pretty hard to come by, at least at the beginning of the game, and you might need to save up whatever that you have for other important stuff as well, like constructing helpful buildings, such as the library or the vault, in your village. Buildings can also be upgraded to unlock new buildings and upgrades. However, you are only allowed 1 construction slot so you could upgrade or construct 1 building at a time. If you can’t wait, you could always speed things up using diamonds.

Although you can collect gold from your gold mine, you’ll find that you are often in short supply of it. Thus, you will need to spend some time farming for them by venturing out into the Forest and defeating various beasts or taking on other players and their pets in the Arena or in a Raid. The Arena will pit you against a random player on neutral ground as you both fight for rank and honor. This is a great way to make your mark on the leaderboard.

Raiding, on the other hand, is an excellent way to pillage other players’ gold stashes. The buildings in your opponent’s village will (usually) be guarded by his pets, so be sure to bring along a good lineup of pets to counter anything your opponent can dish up. Don’t forget to assign your pets to guard your own village as well. It wouldn’t do if you lost all of your pillage to someone else because you have neglected to defend your own stash of gold.

If you’re really good at this game, you might want to buy ComPet Pro. It’s basically the same game, but in the Pro version, you can actually withdraw the gold you’ve earn for real life cash. How awesome is that?

Not to mention, both ComPet and ComPet Pro are cross-platform as well. This means that you can literally play the game anytime, anywhere. The game is currently available on Android, Steam and the Windows App Store, and once its iOS version comes out, the game will be available for most the people around the world.


ComPet allows players to add friends by browsing the leaderboard or after battling them in the arena. You could also import the list of friends who play ComPet by linking your ComPet account with your Facebook. The game is even offering a nice referral bonus for every new player you managed to invite to join you in ComPet. After all, it’s more enjoyable to play a game with friends than it is to play alone!

Graphics/ Sound

ComPet has some incredibly impressive 3D graphics that truly push the limits of the mobile platform, and don’t get me started on the adorable pets, even some of the odder-looking ones, in the game. The Christmas décor currently available in the game looks amazing as well.

In terms of sound, the game features brilliant sound effects and background music that manage to immerse a player into the gameplay. However, there are times when the game froze, forcing you to force stop and restart the app on your mobile device. It is uncertain if this issue occurs on the PC platform though.


In short, ComPet is a pet combat game that isn’t only fun to play, but is also nice to look at. There are just so many cute pets to collect and train, and for the more competitive players, a lot of opportunities to showcase their skill and their pets’ strengths. Granted that the game is designed with plenty of waiting times, it is suitable for players who enjoy pet-based games but have small pockets of free time in their daily routines. If this sounds interesting to you, be sure to try ComPet now!

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