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C&C: Tiberium Alliances 8 rate Pick one of two factions and make a start on improving everything that you have: your base and your army. You shouldn't be too complacent though – not when there’s a whole world of players out there vying to test your abilities in the art of warfare in Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is a military-themed MMO strategy game that is developed by Electronic Arts. The game is a F2P title that’s available only on web browsers and plays similar to a lot of base-building games, though the game does have a more refined focus on the strategy without being completely overwhelming. As of right now the game has been around for the past 5 years – since 2012 – and as a result, the game has had a lot done to it over the years and has resulted in plenty of content to keep coming back to.


Loading up the game for the first time will bring you to Tiberium Alliances tutorial and it is one of those tutorials that are quite on the lengthy side and looking back on it, the length of the tutorial definitely seems to be a bit on the excessive side. Anyone that’s played a game such as this before is going to have a general idea on what to expect and that’s what makes the hand-holding from time to time a little bit frustrating and unnecessary at times.

As previously mentioned, the game focuses a lot on the base-building elements for the game, so that way your resources need to be taken care of constantly. Even from the very get-go, you have access to a lot of different buildings, all of which do different things, such as; gathering you resources as time goes by, increasing your defence when you’re attacked, and even some that give you access to certain units that can be used in the main strategic part of gameplay. If you’ve ever played a base-building game before with basic resource management, then you will know what to expect from Tiberium Alliances.

Something quite new to this genre is the attacking and defending style of gameplay. Starting with the attacking style of play; when you decide go against an opponent, be they a defending play or just a random camp that’s set up by the game, you’ve got to set up your attacking units. These units can be placed along 1 of 4 rows, with each row consisting of 9 blocks of units.

Once you’ve decided where you’d like your units to go exactly, hit the start button and they will traverse through a defended area that has solitary units spread throughout the entirety of the land. Whenever one unit goes up against another one, they will attack one another until one of them dies or they run out of ammo. By the time the assault is over, you’ll receive a detailed description of how well you’ve done, the amount of damage you’ve dealt, and how many resources you managed to steal from them.

Defending in the game is pretty similar to attacking, but instead of having the units go on the offensive, you choose where to place them on the battlefield so that the enemies can’t get past. Walls and turrets can be set up to protect whatever resource collectors you have lying around the battlefield. This side of the game you have no strategic control over once the enemy has commenced their attack because wherever you put those defensive units at the time will stay there until the attack is over.

One major issue I’ve found with the game after some time with it is the HUD. When it comes to the HUD for this game, it is all over the place and there are so many buttons for the player to pick and choose from that it can quite quickly become overwhelming. Even the lengthy tutorial doesn’t do a great job of conveying what all of the buttons are for/what they do on the HUD and it makes playing the game at the very start quite confusing for some time and that’s rather irritating.

There is a premium currency inside of the game and it is mainly used for increasing the amount of resources you don’t have to hand or it is used to increase just how many command points you have on your account, which is a resource required to fight other players. The command points effectively work like an energy system in your typical F2P game and it’s quite disappointing because it means the much bigger players who are willing to pay to have an infinite amount of attacks puts strictly F2P players at a disadvantage; not a good look for the overall game.


Tiberium Alliances has been designed to have a community presence to it and that can be seen from the very first time you load it up. After all, during the tutorial, they practically make you join an Alliance, which works exactly the same as a guild does in MMO’s. From there, you can talk to friends and strangers inside of your Alliance and depending on just how high up the ranks the Alliance goes, they will receive a number of passive bonuses to help out all of the current players inside of the Alliance.

Graphics/ Sound

When looking at the game for the first time, it’s made quite clear that the graphical fidelity of the game isn’t of particular importance. Everything from the basic units in the game to the buildings that are scattered around your main base has some simple animations that have a rather small repertoire of frames. While the game definitely does have some nice colours spread out here and there, along with some nice background art; the visuals overall aren’t anything too impressive, but that does make the game easier to run on slower machines.

From an audible perspective, however, the game definitely has something going for it. After listening to the music for the first time, you get a very ominous sort of feeling coming from the game, which is a little bit hit and miss at times because if you’ve just destroyed an opponent, the sombre sound kind of drags the whole experience down to some degree. To make up for the music, though is the sound effects of gunfire and tanks being deployed, which do sound somewhat arcade-like in nature, they are high-quality sound effects that improve the game’s experience.


Overall, Tiberium Alliances is a fun game to sink some time into here and there, without forcing the player to pay too much attention. It’s one of those perfect games to leave running in the background of one of your tabs because you can constantly tinker and upgrade with every few minutes that pass. Visually the game isn’t much to look at, but that does mean anyone can run it without any issues and the sound does pick up the overall slack on this front.

The gameplay doesn’t require immediate attention when you’re playing, but it does have enough strategic depth after some time in the game to warrant coming back to it on the regular.

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by Other Contributors Sep 1, 2017
Pick one of two factions and make a start on improving everything that you have: your base and your army. You shouldn't be too complacent though – not when there’s a whole world of players out there vying to test your abilities in the art of warfare in Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances! C&C: Tiberium Alliances: World map Brotherhood of Nod base in C&C: Tiberium Alliances C&C: Tiberium Alliances: Epic gameplay Read More
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