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Cloud Gardens 10 rate Cloud Gardens is a relaxing atmospheric experience where you build gardens in urban wastelands using urban junk. Recently released on the Switch, let nature start reclaiming its domain by designing decaying city landscapes overrun by growing plants. Share your work online and let your creativity run wild! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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What if, one day, all humans on earth disappeared? We’ve seen countless videos and read books saying it will be catastrophic. Fires will rage, nuclear power plants will go haywire, and our created structures will eventually collapse within months. With that said, I definitely wouldn’t want to be on the planet when that happens.

However, after the catastrophe, all sources say Mother Earth will start healing itself and eventually undo all the damage we’ve caused. One of the first notable events will be plants growing unhindered. Urban gardens will be full of weeds, trees will uproot concrete roads and buildings, and the earth will start looking green again.

Cloud Gardens gives a good preview of this entire process. Though it’s not a post-apocalyptic game, it is set in an era where you can design lush gardens using urban junk, including metal signs, car tires, and just about any non-biodegradable object you’ll see in a trash heap. It’s essentially a garden-making simulator with a unique, post-apocalyptic twist. Despite its rather morbid and eerie setting, the game is one of the more relaxing ones I’ve ever played.

Now available on the Nintendo Switch, should you give this game a shot? Well, before you decide, let’s check out what it has to offer:


Cloud Gardens provides a deep simulation experience and is best played when you would like to relax and express your creativity after a tough day. This is thanks to the rather relaxing atmosphere it delivers, making it a perfect go-to game if you wish to take a break from tiring first-person shooters, MOBAs, and grand strategy titles.

With that said, Cloud Gardens’ gameplay loop revolves around planting and gathering seeds to design and beautify dystopian and decaying landscapes. There are two main modes: the Campaign and Sandbox modes. The campaign involves creating dioramas in a free yet specific way by striking a balance between the greenery and the urban junk given to you. Fail to do so at a particular level, and you’ll be tasked to start over again. Meanwhile, Sandbox gives you free rein, letting you design whatever you want.

If you’re put off by how constricting the campaign sounds, don’t. Going through it is a great way to learn the ropes of post-apocalyptic gardening. Your tasks will involve planting foliage across various settings and placing junk all around to encourage the plants to grow. Overall design plays a crucial part: you wouldn’t want the already-dilapidated landscape to look more terrible.

The objects need to be covered with plants to proceed to the next level. There is a gauge on the bottom right corner of the screen that informs you of your progress. Try not to place objects over your plants, or else they will be destroyed. Meanwhile, nurturing your plants will give you more seeds, enabling you to plant more to make the gauge reach 100%.

Cloud Gardens feels natural on the Nintendo Switch, making it a fantastic port. The controls are intuitive, and though it doesn’t utilize the touchscreen, you won’t have any problems precisely planting seeds or placing objects unless you have the worst case of joy-con drift. There is a minor difficulty curve you have to overcome since the game only has a short tutorial, if you can even call it one. It doesn’t hold your hand throughout the learning process; it simply lets you do all the work, guiding you on how the controls work and then showing you the results of your actions. Regardless, the concepts are easy-to-learn, and you’ll be freely making dioramas within minutes.


Cloud Gardens is solely a single-player game, but that doesn’t mean the community isn’t involved. You can capture your work via the game’s photo mode and share them online. Moreover, the game has a subreddit where you can post your creations and look at other players’ creations.


The game looks fantastic on the Nintendo Switch, even if its art style seems dated. Nevertheless, it boasts extensive customization options, enabling you to design your post-apocalyptic plant dioramas the way you want. The atmosphere it provides feels eery, further amplified by crows flying in and out every now and then.

In addition, the game’s soundtrack is nothing short of a pleasure to listen to. The somewhat immersive tracks by Amos Roddy, composer of Kingdom, are one of its major highlights. Regardless if you’re someone trying to breeze past the campaign or just want to relax by playing the sandbox, you’ll find the official soundtrack to your absolute liking.


Overall, Cloud Gardens can be considered a melting pot of game genres. It’s a puzzle-simulation-sandbox game rolled into one. Though it may not be the most hardcore game out there, it’s undoubtedly something you would want on the Switch if you’re into creative gardening with a twist. It can act as one of your go-to games if you’re looking to relax and de-stress.

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New Game Added: Cloud Gardens

by Mikhail Jun 17, 2022
Cloud Gardens is a relaxing atmospheric experience where you build gardens in urban wastelands using urban junk. Recently released on the Switch, let nature start reclaiming its domain by designing decaying city landscapes overrun by growing plants. Share your work online and let your creativity run wild! Starting garden in Cloud Gardens Beautiful garden in Cloud Gardens Using items in Cloud Gardens Read More
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