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Clash of Ninja 9 rate Recruit and build up a strong team of your beloved ninjas from the Naruto universe and set off to prove the strength of your people by challenging any ninja who stands in your way, be it an NPC or another player. Will you be able to become the best ninja in the whole of Konoha? Play Clash of Ninja now and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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With the Shinobi World War over and done with, it’s time for you, as the Village Head, to rebuild your village in this brilliant Naruto-themed MMORPG, Clash of Ninja! Recruit and build up a strong team of your beloved ninjas from the Naruto universe and set off to prove the strength of your people by challenging any ninja who stands in your way, be it an NPC or another player. Will you be able to become the best ninja in the whole of Konoha? Play Clash of Ninja now and find out!


To start playing, you first need to choose a Faction and a name. There are 3 factions on offer, namely Tsuchirokuri, Kazerrokuri and Hirokuri. These factions don’t provide any special faction perks, though, if you pick the suggested faction, you can get a special reward – a mystic pack with amazing stuff like coupons (semi-premium currency), stamina potions and resources.

The game begins by guiding you through its pretty clear-cut tutorial, which, unfortunately, you won’t be able to skip from. That being said, Clash of Ninja first introduced you to your village which is in dire need of a rebuild. Since you’re the Village Head and all, you are placed in charge of the rebuilding process. It’s pretty simple really. Simply construct whichever building that is unlocked for you, make sure that the buildings are constantly upgraded especially the resource-producing ones, and well... don’t forget to upgrade your Lobby so you can unlock more upgrades for your other buildings.

The only downside is that you are only given 1 construction slot at the beginning, but once you activated the game’s free 24-hour VIP card, you’ll get 2 slots instead. Like most browser games, you can speed things up for free if the waiting duration left is lower than the threshold value and with VIP 1, you can increase that threshold up to 10 minutes... which is admittedly pretty awesome. It definitely speeds things up quite a bit!

In this game, you’ll need to keep an eye on 3 main resources – coppers, wood and grain. All of these resources can be produced by specific buildings in your city once you have the built, but you can also earn them from a variety of ways, including, but is not limited to, opening chests, completing special event quests and more.

Besides city-building, Clash of Ninja is at its soul an MMORPG. Thus, you’ll be expected to build up a team of strong ninjas to venture out into the world, picking both friendly and vicious fights left and right in your quest to prove that you’re the best ninjas in the whole of Konoha! To recruit new aspiring ninjas, such as Dosu, Zako, Kin and even Naruto hmself, to your team, you simply need to defeat them in the certain instances in the campaign (usually the elite dungeons), collecting enough shards to recruit them, or try your luck at the Lottery House.

There are also many ways you can improve on your ninjas and subsequently your Battle Rating. Battle Rating is an indicator of how strong your team is, by the way. One of the easiest way is to level them up using a variety of foodstuff like buns and ramen. Every level up will allow you to upgrade their ultimate skills by 1 level as well.

Although ninjas perform auto-attacks on one another during combat, skills are pretty crucial during combat in Clash of Ninjas as it is the only skill you can manually activate, allowing you to tip the balance of the battle. Though, before you can do so, you’ll need to “charge” up the Chakra bar first. Of course, you could also take the shortcut and activate the auto-combat feature which will allow the computer to activate your ninjas’ ultimate skills for you whenever the bar is full.

Each ninja has up to 4 skills in total and you can unlock new ultimate skills by evolving them. To evolve them though, you’ll need to fill all 6 of the item slots with the corresponding items which you can obtain by playing campaign instances (usually the normal ones) or crafting them from lower-level items collected from these instances. The items will be consumed once the evolution process is completed and a new set of equipments will be needed to evolve that same ninja again. These gear items also provide your ninjas with additional stats, so it’s rather crucial to make sure they have as many pieces of equipment as you can provide and that these items are well-enchanted. Ninjas can even be ranked up if you have enough ninja shards too.

With a stronger team at hand, you can then go ahead and challenge instances in the campaign or you could also head on over to the battle map to explore the realm by pushing back the mist. Each patch of mist can be removed by battling the ninjas and/or creatures it is concealing and unlike campaign matches, these battles usually contain multiple waves of enemies. Once you’ve defeated the mist, you can then mobilize your squad to move from location to location on the uncovered region of the map to collect chests that usually spawn on the paths in between 2 locations.

There will be times when you’ll encounter a mystery event at the location your squad is on and this is when you’ll have to decide between 2 options – for instance, whether to send ninjas to cut down trees or harvest grain. There will also be locations that are currently in war and will occupy your squad for a bit if they stopped there. Every victory you gain on the battle map will earn you Feats and these Feats, when accumulated, will grant you Feat chests that usually contain a ton of EXP rewards.

In addition to campaign and the battle map, there are plenty more PvE events like Trials where you’ll be fighting against stronger opponents from Genin, Chunin and Jonin. However, if you enjoy PvP events more, you’ll love Position Battles. This is the equivalent to Arenas in other browser-based MMOs whereby you can challenge other players on the leaderboard for position coins which in turn can be exchanged for goodies like resources, shards and items. You can even have up to 3 squads per match but to do so, you’ll need to be at quite a high level and have access to the necessary tech researches to unlock this feature.

The bad thing is the matchmaking in Clash of Ninja is atrocious. When my team of ninjas is at a BR of 2.5k, the game matched me with teams of 7k to 15k Battle Ratings. Thankfully, you are able to refresh the list of opponents for free and for unlimited number of times. So be sure to use the Refresh button and find opponents that you can actually fight.

Clash of Ninja is quite generous because they allow you to have a taste of being a level 1 VIP with their free VIP 1 card. You’ll come to realize that by being a VIP is pretty awesome and that it can save you a lot of time while allowing you to collect a ton of VIP-only benefits such as the extra rewards from completed daily quests. So, if you really want to shine in this game, you might want to consider investing a small amount of real cash just so you can keep your VIP status. It’s definitely worth it!


The community in Clash of Ninja is pretty sizeable but unfortunately there isn’t a lot of communication going around in the game. Since there are technically no guilds or party-based dungeons, you don’t really need to work with anybody at least for the first 26 levels. That said, if you love playing the game, you could always recommend the game to your friends and help build up the player base.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in the game are pretty good, especially when it comes to the details included for each of the ninjas in the Naruto universe, and well, at least you are treated to different background scenes every so often.

However, the visuals in Clash of Ninja will have to kow-tow to its sound because... wow, the soundtrack used is nothing short of amazing. Most of the music in the game features a unique blend of Western-styled music and oriental tunes, giving the game a nice vibe at all times. In fact, the moment you logged in, you’ll be greeted with an awesome kung-fu/ rock fusion music. Not to mention, the Asian influence in its music, and of course, its graphics simply fit excellently with the overall theme of the game.


Although Naruto-themed MMORPGs are not exactly a dime a dozen, they are plentiful enough to make anyone go... “aw, not another one!” However, before you even start dissing the game, you should definitely give Clash of Ninja a go. It may feature the traditional gameplay that MMORPG/city-building games that you may be very familiar with, but the difficulty in this game seems to be of a challenging level. It’s enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, praying hard that your team of ninjas made it through the end. There are also plenty of stuff for you to do on the world and campaign map, in events and even in special instances like Trials, aside from being busy leveling up and upgrading your ninjas and your city. With its engaging gameplay, and of course, its much beloved Naruto theme, Clash of Ninja is a browser MMORPG that will make you wonder where exactly did all those missing hours go. So, don’t dally – give it a try today!

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New Game Added: Clash of Ninja

by Aethyna Nov 10, 2016
Recruit and build up a strong team of your beloved ninjas from the Naruto universe and set off to prove the strength of your people by challenging any ninja who stands in your way, be it an NPC or another player. Will you be able to become the best ninja in the whole of Konoha? Play Clash of Ninja now and find out! Clash of Ninja: World map battle Drawing new ninjas in Clash of Ninja Clash of Ninja: Naruto's ultimate Read More
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