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Clash of Legends 10 rate Manage your city’s resource production so you could give your heroes the best upgrades they deserve. Conquer cities and other areas captured by the cunning goblins or pit the strength of your heroes against other players in the Ladder Leagues and see how far you can climb up the ranks! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Build up your band of heroes and head into the clash with goblins or other players alike in this amazing turn-based strategy game, Clash of Legends! Manage your city’s resource production so you could give your heroes the best upgrades they deserve. Conquer cities and other areas captured by the cunning goblins or pit the strength of your heroes against other players in the Ladder Leagues and see how far you can climb up the ranks! Do you think you have what it takes to be powerful to the point where your very name can cause your enemies to wet their pants in fear? Well, play Clash of Legends now and find out!


Clash of Legends starts you off with a simple step-by-step tutorial, introducing you to all the basics of the game. However, to put it simply, the game has 3 main aspects to its gameplay –city and hero management, as well as the PvE and the PvP. To start, let’s take a look at your starter city.

The city building aspect in Clash of Legends is pretty rudimentary for a strategy game. Basically, you’re given an allotted number of construction slots whereby you can build structures like gold and crystal deposits along with their respective storehouses to store the resources you’ve gathered. By the way, gold is a pretty important resource when it comes to upgrading your buildings while crystals are crucial for you to upgrade your heroes.

There are also military buildings, such as hero altars which you’ll need to build to summon and recruit a new hero, defensive structures, hero upgrade buildings, spells-producing buildings and more. The locations for all of these structures are pretty much fixed in the game so there won’t be any need for you to “rearrange” how you position your buildings unlike in the popular MMORTS game, Clash of Clans.

Of course, all of these structures can be upgraded to increase their efficiency, productivity and to unlock new upgrades. However, building upgrades are regulated by your own level as well as the level of your castle – the heart, so to speak, of your kingdom. Naturally, castle upgrades can be incredibly expensive so you definitely won’t be upgrading things too quickly in this game despite the fact that you can speed up the upgrading process for free if the upgrade time is 5 minutes or less. You can even spend some premium gems to get more construction slots if needed.

Now, when it comes to Clash of Legends, it all boils down to 1 word – heroes. They are the characters that will aid you in your campaigns of conquest as well as to defend your budding kingdom from other players’ greedy fingers. There are also Guardians in this game, but they are basically heroes that can only be used for defensive purposes. As mentioned, the only way for you to recruit a hero is by building a Hero Altar and summon the hero you want. However, before you can do that you’ll first need to unlock the hero by conquering the fort he or she is hold up in... and this is easier said than done.

You see, the world map where you’ll be doing all that conquering is shrouded in a thick fog of war – ahem, I mean “mist” – and to clear the mists away, you’ll need a special structure called the Eye of Mist. Once built, you can then start uncovering misty regions nearby at the cost of some crystals. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you will then come across a fort that has a new hero for you to recruit, provided that you managed to conquer that fort of course.

Conquering a fort can be easy or hard depending on how well you are with turn-based combat. The combat system in this game is pretty intricate. Each hero is given a turn to move within a round and the order in which they get to move depends on their “speed”. Naturally, faster heroes will move first. Most heroes can move 3 grids per turn at most, but sometimes, it might be best to move little and shore up your defenses so you could force your opponents to make the first move.

Why is this a great strategy you may wonder. Well, each hero is allowed 1 counterattack per round. So if they get hit, they will automatically hit back at the enemy, generally giving you a free turn of attack. Of course, positioning is vital in Clash of Legends’ whole strategy scheme as well. There are often bonuses, meaning your hero will deal extra damage, whenever you attack an opponent from the side and the rear, but not so much from the front. In fact, some heroes even have abilities that allow them to completely shrug off any frontal attack for a certain number of turns.

The trick here is to position your heroes well enough to deal maximum damage without exposing them to receive increased damage from the other enemies nearby. You will also need to use the obstacles that are strategically placed on the map to your advantage. You can use them as choke points where you can station a very sturdy hero to block off the path so the enemies will not be able to get anywhere near your bow-wielding heroes since they cannot attack as effectively if there are any enemies within their immediate vicinity.

The simplest tip for the game? Remember to learn more about the enemies you’re going to attack before actually attacking them. You can do so by pressing down on each of your opponent to preview their stats and skills. If you need to learn more about the game’s combat system, you could also run through the Training Grounds to learn how to use each of your heroes and other game features, such as spells, the best you can. There are many other strategies that you can come up with based on the general rules of combat placed in the game too, and this freedom to strategize is kind of the main reason why Clash of Legends is so much fun to play.

Knowing how to strategize is only half the battle won though – the other half involves getting your heroes as ready as they can be for the battle. This includes leveling them up at the Hero Institute, unlock new skills or improve existing ones at the Skill Academy, enhancing your heroes using soulstones earned from 3-star dungeons or treasure chests, and more. With time and lots of resources, your heroes will definitely be strong enough to handle any stone, spear or lemons thrown their way.

The forts that you’ll be conquering in the world map are mainly the PvE part of Clash of Legends. There will be times when you’ll encounter the fort of a fellow player that you can attack and capture at the cost of twice the stamina... and yes, you will need to spend a certain amount of stamina to attack anything on the world map. The game even has a defensive part to it whereby you can deploy your heroes strategically in your kingdom’s own gridded battlefield so they will be able to help you defend your kingdom from other players. Best yet – you could also tap on the Simulate button to test your own defenses with your own team of heroes.

For players who love PvP, you’ll need to wait quite awhile before you can unlock the Ladder League – the ultimate bloodbath of a PvP arena. Here, you will get to battle other equally strong players on a plain battlefield and well, may the best man or woman win! Ladder League is a ranked PvP mode, so if you win, you can definitely expect to rise up the ranks and vice versa. The personal honor that you earn in PvP can also be exchanged for goodies at the PvP shop.

Clash of Legends is definitely a fun game to play, but if you really want to take the game up a notch, you could consider getting a membership. Being a member has its perks, including daily giveaways of 120 premium games for 30 days and more. So, you could not only show your support for a game you’ve enjoyed, you can get some pretty sweet stuff from it too!


If you don’t fancy leading a guild, Clash of Legends offers a range of guilds that you can choose to join. Joining a guild isn’t a crucial part of the game though it’ll be pretty nice to have other players to play the game with and well... you’ll also get some guild honor, depending on how high your guild is ranked among the other guilds in the game.

Graphics/ Sound

Clash of Legends features cartoonish graphics which do not really made the game stand out among the other Clash-named games (Again, hint: Clash of Clans), but the game’s hero designs are pretty unique and nicely detailed. I particularly like the part where the heroes will say something funny when you tap on them in the victory screen. In terms of sound, the game features an inspirational and sometimes quirky music for combat while you get to wind down with a soothing tune when you’re managing your city.


The cartoonish graphics in Clash of Legends may put it on the same platter as games like Clash of Clans, but the game cannot be more different. The city development aspect may be slightly rudimentary but it works well to draw the attention to the game’s shiny gem – its very intuitive turn-based combat. The different types of heroes you can recruit/ collect have some pretty interesting personality to them as well. Although the pace of the game might be a bit slow for some, the game is very well designed and is definitely a game to try especially if you’re a huge fan of turn-based strategy games. So, don’t wait – download Clash of Legends for free today and join in all the fun!

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by Aethyna Oct 5, 2016
Manage your city’s resource production so you could give your heroes the best upgrades they deserve. Conquer cities and other areas captured by the cunning goblins or pit the strength of your heroes against other players in the Ladder Leagues and see how far you can climb up the ranks! World map in Clash of Legends Clash of Legends: Rear attack Spirit wolf guardian in Clash of Legends Read More
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