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Clash of Clans 10 rate Can you become the strongest clan chief and hold the mightiest village? See for yourself as you make an impregnable fortress and build a massive army in one of the most popular MMO Mobile games. Join a clan and take part in epic battles that span the whole continent today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In Clash of Clans you are treated to a brilliant MMO Strategy style game where your village can go from a single hut to a mighty city. Under your guidance it will become mighty, with huge armies and high standing within your clan. Using all the best tools of a strategy game in a really simple way you have an enjoyable game full of action and fun.


When you enter the game you have a brief tutorial where one of your villagers will be thankful you have returned, and go through the basics of how you play. Here you will be able to see how simple the controls are, what you need to gather and how to attack other places. After 5 minutes or so you are straight into the action and control is all yours.

As with most strategy style games you have to gather resources, build up your base, in this case a village and create your army. The resources in Clash of Clans are Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir. These are all used to make buildings and the troops that you need. You can build a gold mine and an elixir gatherer at the start and as you level up you can build more as well as upgrade them for better production.

There are also lots of other buildings you can make, such as a barracks or laboratory where you can train and improve your troops. There are quite a few buildings that have unique purposes and you can clear a huge amount of space and fill it up with resources and collectors to build up massive stocks.

You also have the option to upgrade each building. The most important to work on is the town hall as the higher its level the more buildings you can use and the better the military units you can use. The level of your town hall is also determined by your character level which is improved by earning experience. You have a lot of ways of earning it from building to starting a battle and especially winning.

As the head of your village it also falls to you to defend it. There are a lot of options for protecting your people, from a simple wall to huge cannons that destroy your enemies. There are a lot of different ways you can set these up, from a maze of walls and cannons to funneling your enemies into a kill zone the choice is up to you.

Attacking an enemy is simple, select where you want to go and then drop your troops. They will automatically attack the closest target. This can be a wall, building or defensive structure like a cannon. However once you drop the troops they can not be controlled, so picking the best point of attack is important. Your troops are also used up in the attack if they die, so try to make sure you have replacement ready in your camp.

The best way to get resources is to be aggressive and go after your enemies, there are lots of goblin camps to go for and this is the main PvE element. Though the best rewards come from attacking other players. Here is where you can make a lot of resources and where being in a clan really helps you out. As a new player you have a protection shield for 3 days, once that goes it is really into the nitty gritty of the game.

There are lots of clans in the game, here you have groups of up to 50 players working together, and there are also dedicated clan wars. In a clan you can help share resources or send items and gifts. You can also chat to them in the game using the provided features and it adds a nice social element to what could be a stand alone game.

As you progress there are also achievements for you to complete which will reward you with both experience and Gems. There are a lot of these for you to complete and they are pretty easy to read so you know what you can do to get more. The Gems are the premium currency in the game, you have a lot to start with and earn them through achievements. They can be used to buy items or speed up the construction times, and can be purchased directly in the game.

The interface is nice and simple to use and not too crowded which is a nice thing for a mobile game. The gameplay itself is really engaging and it is a fun place to be, the PvP is exciting yet easy to do and it feels fast paced and enjoyable when you are inside the game.


Frankly, after so many years of being open this game is huge and there are a lot of players around. With a lot of clans available, and the ability to make a new one yourself there is no end to the social side of the game. You can also add friends in game, or your Facebook account and chat with people while you are playing. All of this combined with the great gameplay has made for a very social mobile experience, especially for this kind of MMO game.


Clash of Clans has a unique style that flows through every aspect of the game, and it fits together really nicely. It makes for a smooth running and good looking interface and gameplay. You can easily see your units, buildings and there are lots of options for making fun and unique bases. Throw in a great overall look and it’s pretty nice to be here. The sounds really add to the atmosphere, the music can get a little too much if you let it run for hours, but the rest of it works really well.


In summary, Clash of Clans is brilliant. With a small option for PvE and a lot of great action when you PvP especially in a clan there is a lot of fun here. The world setting is cute and engaging and you have a lot to do. While it keeps things simple, that is actually an advantage of the game and leaves you free to just relax and enjoy what and when you play. So much so that this is still one of the best and most loved games around today.

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New Game Added: Clash of Clans

by Adeaphon Aug 6, 2017
Can you become the strongest clan chief and hold the mightiest village? See for yourself as you make an impregnable fortress and build a massive army in one of the most popular MMO Mobile games. Join a clan and take part in epic battles that span the whole continent today! Midnight Strike in Clash of Clans Units in Clash of Clans Fierce Battle in Clash of Clans Read More
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