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by Aethyna
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City Girl Life 9 rate Pursue your dreams and aspirations in NYC in City Girl Life! Take up a career path and work your way from overworked intern to a successful CEO! Hit the shops with your gal pals and transform your look from a country bumpkin into a glamour girl! If you have the means to do so, you can even decorate or upgrade your house!

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With a suitcase in hand and a heavy heart, it’s finally time to leave your sleepy town behind to pursue your dreams and aspirations in the big city! Engage with the virtual world by interacting with almost all of the objects in the game to satisfy your character’s needs as well as to increase her skill level. Take up a career path that you like and work your way from overworked intern to a successful CEO! Appearances matter in a big city like New York, so don’t forget to hit the shops with your gal pals and transform your look from a country bumpkin into a glamour girl! You can even decorate and upgrade your cute little apartment to a Park Avenue penthouse if you have the means to do so. There are so many fun things you can do in City Girl Life, but most importantly, do you have what it takes to work your way up to the life of your dreams?


The wonderful time you’ve spent at college seems to gone by in a flash. After meeting so many great friends in college, it’s time for you all to part ways, with most of your friends heading to the big cities to find work and to settle there.

However, being a young female adult is not easy in this very competitive working life, soon you start to realize that you have big dreams and ambitions that are too large for your sleepy little town. Thus, despite loving it here, you have decided to join your friends at the Big Apple – New York City to start over a new life as a city girl! Will you make it? Play to find out!


The game starts off by allowing you to customize your character. You are allowed to change any aspect of your appearance. This includes the hair color, skin color, your outfit and even your makeup! Once you’re done, you may want to share your new look with your Facebook friends!

One of your friends, the enigmatic Jenna, has gotten you a cozy apartment for you to live in. However, your apartment seems a bit worn down… you may want to consider spending a bit of that money you’ve brought with you to fix it up a bit and perhaps get some extra furniture. Thankfully, the nice thing about the city is that you can get anything you want since every shop is just so close by! Browse through the list of furniture as well as other home décor for the perfect item to add some charm to your tiny little apartment! Some items you bought are fully functional upon placement in your apartment, but there are some that will require your friends to help craft it (perhaps it is in IKEA-like pieces). You can also purchase pets at the store, as well as their required accessories, like a cat basket for your new cat too!

Now that you’re in the city, your out-of-town look certainly has to go! Since you’re already at the shopping district, you might as well head over to the clothes shop! In this City Girl Life, there are a range of clothing shops, with each offering differently themed outfits. For instance, Tempo caters only casual wear while the shop, Hart and Gray, offers you a range of working clothes that are more suitable for –what else?- your working life! There are also plenty of other shops available that will require you to reach a certain level as well as having a specific number of keys to unlock. Keys can be easily earned in the game by completing a working task or by leveling up.

All of the items in the shops can generally be bought using the 3 different types of currency in City Girl Life, namely coins, gold and glam. Coins and glam can be earned in the game while gold requires real money to purchase. Coins are easier to earn than glam though, since you can get them by working. Furthermore, everything you buy and use, either to be placed in your home or to be added to your character’s style, will contribute style points. These points are important to decide your rank among your other friends in this game!

Out of money? Well, don’t worry! Another of your friends in City Girl Life, Olivia, has dropped by your house just to help you out on that part! Choose from the 6 exciting careers available, namely fashion designer, musician, artist, chef, Underwriters Lab engineer and author, to start chasing after your dream career!

Once you’ve signed up as a lowly worker at any of the firms, you will need to complete quest tasks that are assigned by your boss. Tasks require energy and metro passes to complete. These tasks have cooldowns, thus you may have to wait a bit before you can do the same task again. Some tasks may require you to have the proper attire on, in order to gain some bonus salary. You can easily check change your avatar’s outfit to fit the needs of the task. Moreover, the higher the style points your clothes provide to you, the higher the bonus salary that you’ll earn!

The tasks also have a mastery bar each that you can fill up by performing the same task repeatedly, taking the cooldowns into consideration, of course. Once the tasked is ‘mastered’ (your mastery bar is filled up), you will be able to earn more salary from doing that particular task. Show your boss what you’re made of and you’ll definitely be promoted in no time!

Promotion in City Girl Life includes more responsibilities and thus, you should expect to get a whole lot more of quest tasks to do. Some quest task may be even more challenging due to the timer that’s listed alongside it. Don’t worry though, the timed quests usually give you days to complete and if you log in every day, you should be able to finish them fairly quickly. With every promotion, you will also unlock new tasks, but some task may require items from friends that you will have to request for in order for you to unlock them. However, if you think this career that you’ve chosen is not suitable for you, you could always change careers for free. Though, every time you change a career, you will have to start again from the bottom.

In addition, you may have noticed that the gameplay in City Girl Life is also very similar to another popular life simulation game – The Sims Social. You must attend to your avatar’s needs or life won’t be as fun for your poor character. The needs include friendship, fun, rest, hygiene and health. How? Well, you can interact with the many objects in your home to restore points in 4 out of the 5 needs (except friendship, of course). For instance, you can sleep in your bed or lounge around on your couch to restore rest points while by taking a bathe or a dump; you can restore hygiene points instead! Some actions will give you points in your character’s skills, such as charisma, creativity, cooking, safety sense (checking the hazard labels of electronics), knowledge (surfing the net/ reading), art and dance (yoga, exercise ball) too!

Unlike the working tasks, you can perform these actions repeatedly without waiting for any cooldowns. The animations for these little interactions may be short, but they look very cool and somewhat realistic. You could even interact with furniture or objects at your friends’ houses as well!

Each of these interactions with the objects around your character will consume 1 energy and will reward you with coins and some crafting items. Your character will have a total of 15 energy points. Your energy can be refilled to full every time you level up or you could spend some gold to get it refilled too! You can also queue up all the actions you want to do and your avatar will do them all promptly, provided that you have the energy points to spend.

Furthermore, there’s a daily themed fashion competition in City Girl Life called the Daily Look that you can participate in. You can then ask your friends to help vote for you so you may stand a chance to win something! You can also return the favor by voting for someone else and earn yourself some extra glam points too!

Since this is a very social game, you will often be requested to visit your friends’ apartments and do stuff with them for quests. You are given 5 free bonus energy points to use at your friends’ home. Besides, you can also earn relationship points with every interaction you make with your friends’ avatar in order to increase friendship level between you two. The closer you are to your friend, the more benefits you will get! For example, friends that are at the fourth stage of friendship level – the ‘close friends’ stage, will be able to vote for you at the Daily Looks competition and their votes will be counted as 4 times more than from any normal friend.

Not to forget if you have the money to spare (and the necessary number of job promotions), you can also move out from your rather small beginner’s apartment and get yourself a bigger home! Some houses may even have second floors as well, giving you even more room to store all of your fabulous stuff!


The community in City Girl Life is huge and very welcoming! There are almost 1.5 million likes on its Facebook fan page, and if you need dedicated friends to help you out with the many social aspects of the game, this is the perfect place to meet and add them! Although the game does not provide a chat function for its community to communicate with each other in real time, City Girl Life has a very active forum instead! There are plenty of discussions there that you can participate in and if you still need more neighbors, you can find a lot of willing players there too!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game have very well-polished looks and are very detailed. The avatar models are well-designed, so is the variety of clothes that you can buy at the shops. The pets in this game are particularly adorable yet realistic too! The music in City Girl Life is perhaps one of the best parts in the game. There are a lot of varieties to the sound in this game, ranging from rock music to hip hop/dance music. All of them are very pleasant to listen to and they give the game a very lively feeling!


All in all, City Girl Life is an excellent life simulation game that mimics The Sims Social (which was discontinued in 2013) on so many levels. However, the game brought its own uniqueness to the table by providing a range of careers that allows your avatar to be promoted. There is also a huge list of shops that you can shop at, clothes and furniture to buy, skills to polish up, tasks to complete and avatar needs to be fulfilled. The dialogues and quests in the game are witty too, making the game extremely fun to play! If you are a huge fan of life simulation games and are looking for a game to satisfy that empty hole that The Sims Social left in your being, then City Girl Life is the perfect game for you! Try it on Facebook today!

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New Game Added: City Girl Life

by Aethyna Jul 21, 2015
Pursue your dreams and aspirations in NYC in City Girl Life! Take up a career path and work your way from overworked intern to a successful CEO! Hit the shops with your gal pals and transform your look from a country bumpkin into a glamour girl! If you have the means to do so, you can even decorate or upgrade your house!

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