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by Richard
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Chronicles: Runescape Legends 10 rate Experience a different kind of card game and a very familiar Runescape world. In Chronicles: Runescape Legends, players will be control the fate of their heroes by drawing cards and placing powerful monsters to slay and treasure to collect, and they must defeat their rival hero in order to win. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Chronicle: Runescape Legends is an online collectible card game based on the Runescape universe. It features collecting different cards for players to build their own deck, but the gameplay is very different from traditional card games. Instead of duelling against players with cards, players use the cards for their heroes that are adventuring in five levels, at the end of the game, both heroes will fight one another to determine the last man standing and become the winner.


Chronicles takes place in the Runescape universe where it features all of the characters and locations found in the original MMORPG. All events from the original Runescape game also takes place in the Chronicles game, so fans from the series will see familiar faces on Chronicles.


Chronicles tries to reconstruct the conventional card game mechanics to provide a whole new gameplay while still maintaining the card-collecting aspect of MMOCCGs and the genre’s inherent strategic aspect. Surprisingly, this new form of gameplay that Jagex managed to come up with works well for those who are into card games and even for players who are completely new to the genre.

Instead of focusing on duels, Chronicles: Runescape Legends focused more on adventuring. Don’t get me wrong - you still fight against a player but the battle will focus more on your heroes taking on an adventure and you dictate how your hero will progress in his or her journey.

Each game is composed of 5 chapters and for each chapter, players will place their card or perform an action when their respective turn arrives. Once the placement has been done, the heroes will then start the chapter and will gradually activate each card that were set. Due to this, good planning and the ability to anticipate your opponent’s movements are key to victory in this game.

Aside from their starting health and attack power, most heroes will start from scratch at the beginning of each match. This means they will have zero gold and armor. However, there are a few exceptions, including heroes with special abilities that affect these stats (usually positively) before the game begins.

There are also many different types of cards that you can use in this game. There are the Enemy cards that heroes must defeat. These cards have their own health and attack ratings. When the hero encounters the monster, the turn-based combat will then be carried out. Once you’re victorious, you’ll be awarded with health bonuses or gold depending on the stats on the monster card.

Furthermore, there are Support cards which allow you to receive special effects for your heroes. There are also weapon class support cards available which grants you weapon bonuses, allowing you to deal additional damage. Not to mention, your weapon will have durability points that will decrease for every usage on the weapon, so these cards aren’t there for keeps.

You can unlock more heroes when you complete some missions in the game. Some of the heroes play differently and some of their decks offer different play styles, so it is recommended to complete all of the heroes and experiment on which one suits better to your taste. You can customize their appearance by levelling them up or purchasing from the item shop, though it only provides cosmetic looks, it is still nice to have a variety of skins for your heroes.

There are different game modes available on Chronicles: Runescape Legends, you can battle other real players in the Multiplayer mode and challenge some of the best players in ranked matches, you can earn big rewards if you perform well on the leaderboard.

Or, if you fancy something less stressful, you can just go casual and play the game’s solo mode, it features training matches and an entire single player campaign when you take on scenarios and get rewards when completing it. There are also quests that you can accomplish when playing, from winning 3 matches against players or defeating a foe with 20 health remaining, the objectives are very straightforward and can give you bonus money and other special cards.

Speaking of cards, you can create your own deck from the cards that you accumulate from quests and rewards. You can choose a pre-constructed deck that will be unlocked as you progress or just build your own from scratch. Getting new cards can be done by spending in-game money or even real cash to purchase booster packs. Each pack you open will give you a random series of cards.


There are multiplayer features in Chronicles: Runescape Legend to keep players hooked to the game. You can compete in a friendly match or go all out in ranked matches and see how far you can go. You can also interact with other players and add them to your friend list to have a friendly battle or just chat. There is a large following in the Runescape community so you won’t have a hard time finding someone to play with when you log in to the game.

Graphics/ Sound

Chronicles: Runescape Legends has that cartoonish appearance and it works well especially it has a fantasy and medieval theme. The visual presentation is simply superb and provides a very refreshing look. The music and sound effects are top notch as it have that tavern-like tune to make the mood light but engaging.


Chronicles: Runescape Legends offers a refreshing card game that provides a new gameplay but still retains the aspects of card collecting. Fans of the Runescape series will enjoy a very familiar world and even for card game fans who looks for a whole new kind of game. If you want to try out the card game genre, you may want to try Chronicles out despite being a different kind of card game, as it still has that strategy aspect and deck building that made card games very fun to play.

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New Game Added: Chronicles: Runescape Legends

by Richard Mar 17, 2017
Experience a different kind of card game and a very familiar Runescape world. In Chronicles: Runescape Legends, players will be control the fate of their heroes by drawing cards and placing powerful monsters to slay and treasure to collect, and they must defeat their rival hero in order to win. Chronicles: Runescape Legends: Gameplay New card unlocked in Chronicles: Runescape Legends Chronicles: Runescape Legends: Figurines battling it out Read More
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