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by Aethyna
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Chronicles of Nerdia 9 rate Weird things had been happening in the neighborhood of Nerdia. The police were oddly idle and the media was keeping mum about all the stuff that's been going on. It’s time for someone to step up and find out what’s actually happening in Nerdia... and that someone is you! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In the seemingly peaceful neighborhood of Nerdia, crime lurks at its every corner. But enough is enough! You’ve decided to step up and take on the heroic mantle to fight injustice in your own nerdy way. With so many enemies to defeat, fellow heroes to duel and tons of ways to improve your skills as the neighborhood’s superhero, you’ll definitely have a ton of laughs in this fun yet whimsical RPG, Chronicles of Nerdia!


Weird things had been happening in the usually peaceful neighborhood of Nerdia – laundry mysteriously disappeared from clotheslines; letters and packages arrived late; and the residents felt as though they were constantly being watched. The “institutions” were silent about this. The police were oddly idle and the media was keeping mum about all that’s going on in Nerdia. It’s time for someone to step up and find out what’s actually happening in Nerdia... and that someone is you!


To begin your superhero adventures in the town of Nerdia, you’ll first need a character to play. There is quite a lot of customization options available in this game, allowing you the freedom to create an avatar that’s uniquely your own. Of course, you could also opt for the Random option and let the RNG (“random number generator” for those of you who are unfamiliar with this term) decide the appearance of your character. Once done, you can enter a Hero name of your choice and dive straight into the not-so-peaceful town of Nerdia!

In terms of gameplay, Chronicles of Nerdia shares a lot of similarities with the game, Hero Zero. Both games not only have the same amusing theme; they also offer a similar game experience.

Let’s take the game’s missions as an example. Both games have a pretty non-interactive questing system whereby you simply need to activate a mission, wait for the mission duration to expire, and collect your rewards. Missions will require energy, which will regenerate over time. Chronicles of Nerdia also has a ton of neighborhoods that will require your help especially once your fame proceeds you.

Completing missions can admittedly be boring, but there are times (as indicated in the mission before you start it) when you may encounter “enemies” of the neighborhood, ranging from the perverted Laundry Thief to the gangly group of Bum and Bullies. When this happens, you’ll get to fight them.

Combat in Chronicles of Nerdia is pretty much automated. Your character will start hitting your opponent/s with whatever weapon he or she was equipped with and get hit in return in a turn-based manner. If there isn’t a weapon, your character will hit your opponent with fists instead. Due to this pretty rigid form of combat, your hero’s stats become incredibly important when it comes to deciding the winner of a duel in this game.

There are 4 types of stats you will need to pay attention to, namely Strength, Stamina, Intelligence and Evasion. The Strength attribute will affect the damage your deal per hit; Stamina will determine your hero’s overall health; Intelligence will affect your chance of critical hits while the Evasion attribute will determine the chance of evading an attack.

Leveling up will grant you 3 stat points which you can then assign to any stat you like. Depending on how you would want to build up your hero, you may want to focus more on a certain group of stats rather than trying to improve all of them. You could even spend Zeuro (game currency) to buy additional stat points. Naturally, the cost per stat point will increase the more points you buy.

You can also increase your stat points by training. There’s a training meter for each stat and by training you can fill the meter up. Once the training meter for a stat you trained for is full, you’ll get 5 points added to the stat. Training doesn’t cost you any Zeuros, but it does take around 5 minutes to complete. During this 5-minute period, you can’t start any missions though you can still check out the game shop. Each player will have a fixed number of training sessions per day, so be sure to use them all up just so you’re not wasting them away.

Aside from stat points, you could also improve your hero’s stats by equipping him or her with the best gear you can find. There is a wide range of items (9 items per refresh) you can buy from the game shop using Zeuros, but of course, if you want to have the best items, you may need to spend Lollipops (premium currency) instead. You can refresh the list of items offered by clicking the Refresh button. You can refresh for free every 12 hours but if you don’t want to wait, you can spend Lollipops to refresh the merch on sale. Unlike most RPGs, these items cannot be upgraded or enhanced in any way. Instead, to “upgrade” your equipment, you simply need to buy better gear from the shop.

Now that your hero is much better equipped, you may want to try taking on tougher missions and opponents. Well, if you happen upon secret artifacts during your usual missions, you can unlock special missions where you can face tougher opponents to win better rewards. You could also attempt to duel other players, who are usually pretty well-equipped. If you win, you’ll not only win Zeuros, you will get honor points too. However, if you lose, you’ll lose a certain amount of honor. There are also weekly tournaments whereby players compete in terms of experience, honor and Zeuro gained within the week.

Are you still getting your ass kicked? Well, you may need some “extra” help and Chronicles of Nerdia might just have what you need. Head over to the Boosters tab and check out the selection of boosters they have on offer! Each booster will provide you with a different effect and best yet, you can stack up the effects of the boosters you consume.

However, be warned! The number of boosters you can take is regulated by your intoxication level. Each booster will increase your intoxication level by 20 to 40%, and if your level exceeds 100%, you’ll lose all booster effects unless you purchase special consumables like charcoal (which have excellent detox effects) and Alka-Seltzer. Boosters in this game will cost you Lollipops though, so players with a lot of premium cash might be able to gain a pretty unfair advantage through this “drugging” method although all these boosters have a limited effect duration.


Fighting injustice alone is no fun, and frankly, it’s much more dangerous. Even Captain America has the Avengers, right? So, in the spirit of -ahem- team work, Chronicles of Nerdia provides its budding superheroes with Teams that they can sign up for. You could create a new team for a pretty pricey 1000 Zeuros, or you could simply join an existing Team for free. If you enjoy playing the game, don’t forget to invite your friends to join you in your crusade against injustice in the neighborhood of Nerdia!

Graphics/ Sound

Chronicles of Nerdia is a game with some really nice 2D graphics. The cartoony visuals do give the game an extra fun look. The pop/rock music of the game, on the other hand, is pretty superb, though it does sound like a theme song introducing a brand new TV show. There’s sufficient variety as well so the music doesn’t sound repetitive.


All in all, Chronicles of Nerdia is an enjoyable superhero-themed game that pokes fun at the whole superhero concept, and is guaranteed to make you laugh at the exaggerated “nerdiness” that’s generously applied in every aspect of the game. Players who have enjoyed playing games like Hero Zero will definitely love this game. In fact, I daresay Chronicles of Nerdia seems a lot more entertaining and amusing than the latter. Do give it a try!

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New Game Added: Chronicles of Nerdia

by Aethyna Feb 9, 2017
Weird things had been happening in the neighborhood of Nerdia. The police were oddly idle and the media was keeping mum about all the stuff that's been going on. It’s time for someone to step up and find out what’s actually happening in Nerdia... and that someone is you! Chronicles of Nerdia: Taking on bum and bullies Buying new gear in Chronicles of Nerdia Chronicles of Nerdia: The town of Nerdia Read More
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