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Chronicles of Eidola 9 rate With the power of the Holy Covenant in hand, you can recruit Eidola to your team and send them to fight on your behalf while you journey to the far unknown seeking the coveted Grail. Dive into the strife-filled world in this brilliant browser-based MMORPG, Chronicles of Eidola and set off on your adventures today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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With vengeance in your heart and mind, you have defeated the Guardians of the Holy Covenant, and traded your soul just so you could claim the powers of the Holy Covenant as your own. With this immense power in hand, you can now recruit Eidola to your team and send them to fight on your behalf while you journey to the far unknown seeking the coveted Grail. Dive into the strife-filled world in this brilliant browser-based MMORPG, Chronicles of Eidola and set off on your adventures today!


The Eidolons have been around since time immemorial but none have ever had the power to control them until the Holy Covenant is discovered. With the Holy Covenant, anyone can sign a contract with an Eidolon, binding it to their will and in effect, making the contract-holder extremely powerful and dangerous. Only the Grail can break this powerful bond.

With the help of the powerful demon, Mephisto, you’ve managed to defeat the Guardian of the Holy Covenant and received its power but at a great cost – your own soul. However, this doesn’t deter you from your goal that is to seek out the Grail which purportedly can grant wishes. With it, you can finally avenge a terrible wrong that had happened in your life.

Different sub-plots will be uncovered as you progress through the game, along with a range of quirky yet legendary characters, such as Merlin and King Arthur.


As you will be playing the Avenger in this game, you don’t exactly have different “classes” to choose from. Instead, you can pick a male or a female Avenger and you’ll be dropped right into the Pugatory zone in the game. Here, some backstory of the game is revealed to you so you get a gist of what’s happening in the game.

As mentioned, this game is mainly about having a team of Eidolon and sending them into battles, thus it is only natural for you to get your very first Eidolon at the beginning part of the game. Most of the starter Eidola that you get can be recruited via the Temple once you’ve battled the creature. To recruit higher quality Eidola though, you’ll first need to have a certain type of Eidola. More Eidola can also be recruited later on from the Summoning Portal provided that you’ve got the keys the summoning process requires.

Eidola will need to be deployed into your team’s formation before they could be of any use to you. Interestingly, aside from the importance of putting your Eidola in the correct positions, there are also up to 7 different types of formations, each well-suited, mainly due to special formation bonuses, for a different situation within the game.

Chronicles of Eidola is a web-based MMORPG that’s very unique when it comes to its combat system. As opposed to having a couple of skills or abilities to choose from, you actually get 3 orbs of different energies to activate. They are Vital, Infernal and Glacial. To get your hero to use a skill, or as the game calls it, an “Arcane”, you’ll need to fulfill the energy combo sequence as indicated. You may encounter an orb called Free Energy in a hero’s combo sequence as well. Don’t panic – these simply mean that you can use any of the 3 energies to clear this orb from the combo sequence.

Although you start off triggering orbs manually, you’ll eventually unlock the auto-fighting option where the game will literally play out battles on its own.

Considering that they will be doing most of the fighting for you, your team of Eidola can also be improved in a variety of ways. They can be leveled up using souls which you can get from playing the campaign or from devouring excess heroes. Once they reached a level threshold, you can then evolve your Eidolon with specific evolution materials from the Stadium (a special dungeon), increasing its quality. Of course, you can also equip them with weapons and armor and strengthen these items. You can even amplify their innate Arcane abilities using enhancements.

Aside from the Eidola, your character can also provide a certain boost to the team’s stats and subsequently Battle Rating him or herself. You can switch between different hero attire to provide your team with different attire effects, but of course, you’ll need to have at least 4 pieces of attire to get an effect. There are also costumes that you can use to change your hero’s appearance, but these costumes are mostly aesthetic in nature.

Like most web-based MMORPGs, the PvE aspects in Chronicles of Eidola is very prominently displayed. This aspect mainly contains 2 parts – questing, which uses the usual auto-pathfinding fanfare, and dungeons. In this game, there’s a dungeon for each different “occasion”. For instance, you can run campaign dungeons for gear upgrade materials while for evolution materials, you’ll need to head over to the Stadium dungeons. As you progress through the game, you’ll even unlock a series of other dungeons, including Skirmishes, Elite Dungeons, and the co-op Team Battles.

However, this is not to say that this game doesn’t cater to the PvP-loving players. Once you reached level 29, you’ll unlock your first PvP content, the Arena. From there, more PvP events will be accessible to you as you advance.

Interestingly, Chronicles of Eidola also has a city-building aspect that will only be unlocked at the later levels. You can take and complete special quests to level up your city, appoint nobles into seats of power in your city, as well as research and upgrade various technological advancements so as to provide your team with crucial passive boosts. Not to mention, only by having a city will you be able to join or create a Clan.

Chronicles of Eidola doesn’t seem to have a VIP system, but it does offer in-game purchases. The items it offers include bonus upgrade materials, rename cards, mounts, special attires that have additional stats stitched into them, and more. There’s also a special goblin merchant with limited time items for sale. The items can be purchased using diamonds (premium currency) or the common game currency of gold.


Chronicles of Eidola brings its community of players together through the game’s many social systems including the global chat system as well as the guild-like Clans. Being part of a Clan may require some contributions from you, but considering that you’ll gain access to special Clan-only events and features, it can be pretty worth it.

Graphics/ Sound

Chronicles of Eidola may not have a unique art style – not many web-based MMOs do, but the visuals themselves are stunning enough to keep you engrossed in the game. The music, on the other hand, seems rather chaotic at first – after all, you start in Purgatory which is apparently in a Hell of some sort – but eventually it settled its tone down to simply being a bit brooding and ominous instead.


Although Chronicles of Eidola may appear to just be like “any other” browser MMORPGs, it is most certainly not. The gameplay itself is refreshingly unique enough to perk up your ears, though unless you drastically change your team’s formation, combat may get a bit repetitive after some time... thank goodness for auto-combat! If you enjoy a solid web-based MMORPG with a gameplay that’s different enough to change the way you play, then Chronicles of Eidola is a game you don’t want to miss! Try it today!

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New Game Added: Chronicles of Eidola

by Aethyna Jun 1, 2017
With the power of the Holy Covenant in hand, you can recruit Eidola to your team and send them to fight on your behalf while you journey to the far unknown seeking the coveted Grail. Dive into the strife-filled world in this brilliant browser-based MMORPG, Chronicles of Eidola and set off on your adventures today! Chronicles of Eidola: Boss fight Questing in Chronicles of Eidola Chronicles of Eidola: Turn-based combat Read More
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