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Chenso Club 9 rate Play as one of five Chenso girls as you whack, bash, and dash your way through well-varied levels to try to send all the alien invaders back to wherever they came from and save planet Earth in this fast-paced roguelite platformer-slash-brawler! Will you be able to do it? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Chenso Club is a fast-paced roguelite platformer-slash-brawler where you’ll get to play as one of five Chenso Club girls as they try to send all the alien invaders back to wherever they came from and save planet Earth! Whack, bash, and dash your way through well-varied levels, dive into some fun events that pop up from time to time, and take on the big bad boss at the end, all the while racking up fans by the thousands and improving your Chenso girl so she could take on whatever challenge that’s meted out next!


One day, aliens invaded planet Earth. Thankfully, a secret -likely governmental- organization has just the “weapon”, a powerful chainsaw-wielding human-like android called Blue, to counter the invasion, but unfortunately, they lack the power source to power it up… that is until the aliens attacked the super-secret facility housing the android.

By a fluke, it was discovered that the android is able to absorb the life force of the aliens. Now, she’s ready to take on the alien menace and help humanity repel this invasion.

As you progress, you’ll also get to help and rescue various other powerful heroines who might have gotten themselves in a bit of a pickle and will eventually join the Chenso Club, a fan club where all the heroines who have been recruited to defeat the alien invaders, once their immediate issue has been resolved… by you, of course!

The game features fantastic comic book cutscenes that let you follow the story as you advance.


The game begins with an introduction that also doubles as the tutorial. Once you’ve completed everything, you’ll then be sent off on your very first mission. Note that each mission is set in a different location and features a new heroine that you can help and rescue so as to recruit her to your team.

You can choose one of four difficulty levels before diving in, namely Story, Casual, Standard, and Insane. Story mode is the easiest of them all, posing little to no challenge even if you’re terrible at this kind of games. Casual offers more of a balance between easy-ish gameplay and allowing you to feel like an alien-slaying badass, perfectly suited for midcore gamers. Standard mode is for veterans of the genre who would like to enjoy a more relaxed experience, while Insane mode is for the same group of players who would like to enjoy a solid challenge instead.

Now, for any platformer to do well, they need to have tight, smooth and responsive controls. I’m glad to say that Chenso Club has all of that and more! The game has a really cool dash function that allows you to zip through projectiles and not lose any health. It also doubles as a turbo boost, allowing you to jump much higher, making it possible to reach higher platforms and take down flying enemies. Besides the standard light attacks which can be chained up for a nice combo, the game also gives you a special attack which allows your starter character, Blue, to fly for a bit. Naturally, different heroines will have unique abilities that you will then have to learn to use.

Each platforming level in this game is designed to offer bursts of fast and snappy action, making it perfect for speedrunning. After battling whatever aliens thrown at you, the game may sometimes present you with a side level via the cool bus. It’s entirely optional, of course, but if you do decide to hop on, you’ll be brought to a special challenge level where the more aliens you kill, the more of their life force you can collect. At the end of the challenge, the amount of life force collected will then determine what prize chests you’ll get.

Other times, you may get the option to visit the shop instead. Unlike other games where you collect money by killing enemies, the only currency accepted here is the alien life force (a.k.a. Blood) that Blue runs on, unfortunately. The game, however, does make it quite easy for you to earn back any blood you lost. You see, when slain, aliens will drop globules of Blood of varying amounts that you can then pickup to restore some health. So, ultimately, it’s all about having a good balance of spending health and keeping enough of it so that you can survive the next level.

Now, what kinds of stuff you can buy at the shop? Each shop visit will present you with four purchasable items or power-ups. Power-ups can be stacked and are pretty much permanent for the entire run, while “friends” are companions who will stick with you throughout your run and help you attack your enemies. There are also items that can grant you a new active ability. However, you can only have one item equipped at any time and when you pick up a new item, the old one is “ejected” to the ground.

This, unfortunately, can pose as an issue. During one of my shop visits, I purchased a new item and equipped it, but for some reason, the old item was dropped right in front of the shop exit. So, as you can imagine, whenever I tried exiting from the shop, my heroine will pick up the old item and dump the new (and better) one which I’ve spent precious blood on.

Thinking it was just a one-time fluke, I picked up my new item and dropped the old one again. Imagine my surprise when the old item landed squarely in front of the entrance yet again. After a frustratingly long to-and-fro, I gave up and had to stick with my old item. This shouldn’t have happened to be honest.

In addition to shops and cool buses, you will also encounter special levels like the “Totally Not a Trap” level where you’re usually tempted to grab a powerup which will then spawn a ton of enemies, or the Thief’s Treasure where you can try to grab a freebie by opening one of three chests, but the catch here is that you’ll lose health if you opened an empty one.

From time to time, you will also encounter the “brains” (literally) behind this “invasion” (it’s actually an “alien invasion party”), Big Brain Brian, where you’ll need to whack some sense into him by hitting him enough times within a short time limit. Despite not being able to attack you back, he won’t make it easy for you and will teleport all over the place.

At the end of every run, there’s a boss that you’ll have to defeat as well. Each boss comes with special abilities and attack patterns that are fairly easy enough to keep track of if you pay attention. Thankfully, most of them don’t spawn new enemies so it’s pretty much a 1-on-1 fight.

Chenso Club is also set in a fairly dystopian-like world where social media is everything. Even when you’re fighting alien invaders, it’s crucial to portray a good front on your socials just so you can get the support of the people you’re trying to save. Although completing a run or even certain events will usually net you a ton of followers, you can get some more – It’s never enough! – during the red-carpet event at the end of every run.

Here, you’ll need to show off your fighting skills in front of the paparazzi just so they could capture the coolest pictures which will then rack up tons of likes and hence, followers on your socials. In a way, followers in this game are like experience points and having enough of them will level you up.

That’s not all, during your runs, you may also encounter interesting characters who will usually present you with a challenge to complete or a plea for help. By fulfilling whatever they need of you, you’ll than gain that character as a “friend” on the social media platform, Chirp, which is obviously a play on Twitter. However, unlike Twitter, the friends you have on Chirp will grant you permanent boosts to help you in your next run provided you’ve got enough Chenso coins. These coins can, in turn, be earned with every follower level up.

As much as fun as I had with Chenso Club, I’m always on the lookout for the “little things” that make a game so much more interesting and unique. In Chenso Club, there’s one that caught my eye - the game lets you control your character during the loading screen while going into a new level. You can’t escape from the screen though since the game will teleport you back to the center if you go too far on either side, albeit a bit charred.

It’s almost like the dinosaur game that you can play on Google Chrome when your internet went down and serves to keep you entertained even within the short loading time in between levels. I personally made it a point to try to run to the edge as many times as I can before the next level is loaded. So far, I’ve made it to two and a half.


Chenso Club supports co-op both locally and via Steam Remote Play. Although it’s incredibly fun playing alone, it is definitely a lot more entertaining when you’re competing with a friend, trying to get the most kills and hence, followers as possible.

Graphics/ Sound

The retro pixel graphics in Chenso Club look gorgeous and also incredibly nostalgic. The comic book-style cutscenes are very fun to read through too, thanks to its funny character expressions, vibrant colors, and dialogues. In terms of sound, the game features funky 8-bit music that changes depending on location, from the Halloween-style tunes tailored to the haunted clock tower to the groovy tune that plays at the shop.


With its whimsical story coupled with high-octane action that perfectly showcase the game’s tight controls and your mastery of them, Chenso Club is a solid platformer-brawler hybrid with a fun roguelite progression and interesting encounters. Each heroine that you can unlock and play in this game feels unique and is able to offer a different gameplay experience as you fight your way through throngs of aliens and finally put a stop to their “invasion party”. If you’re a fan of retro platformers but long for a refreshing twist, Chenso Club is definitely one game you wouldn’t want to miss!

Chenso Club Blog

New Game Added: Chenso Club

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Play as one of five Chenso girls as you whack, bash, and dash your way through well-varied levels to try to send all the alien invaders back to wherever they came from and save planet Earth in this fast-paced roguelite platformer-slash-brawler! Will you be able to do it? Chenso Club: Boss fight Shop with your blood in Chenso Club Chenso Club: Fast-paced combat Read More

Cute Heroine Brawler Chenso Club is Out Now on PC and Consoles

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The Chenso girls are ready to save the world! Join the fight against the alien invasion today on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Cute Heroine Brawler Chenso Club is Out Now on PC and Consoles Read More
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