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by Aethyna
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Celestial Dynasty 6.2 rate Venture into the troubled world of Celestial Dynasty and find your calling there as the world’s new divine god! In this game, you’ll need to constantly strive for higher battle rating, participate in various dungeons and events, earn bonuses from mini-games and fight other players in PvP zones. Sounds fun? Well, try it today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Venture into the troubled world of Celestial Dynasty and find your calling there as the world’s new divine god! In this game, you’ll need to strive to better your avatar by increasing his or her battle rating as high and as quickly as you can. Participate in exciting dungeons and timed events, fight for your country against other players and defeat world or even elite bosses. There are even mini-games like the heaven pool where you are rewarded by interacting with other players. If you love browser-based, Ancient China-themed, idle MMOs, Celestial Dynasty is definitely a game that you’ll be interested in. Play it today!


Evil and chaos is rife in the world of Celestial Dynasty. It is a dark age where monsters and malicious elements of spiritual energy overflow the world. The people of Terran are suffering greatly and have sent a plea to the heavens for help. The gods have instead selected you as the chosen one who is destined to save the world. You must now prove yourself worthy of the chance at divinity that you’ve been given and defeat as many monsters and creatures that taint the lands.


To start playing, you’ll first need to create a character. Characters are pretty much fixed in games like Celestial Dynasty as there are hardly any customizations provided. However, you’ll get to choose the gender of your character, its class as well as the country you’ll want to side with. There are 3 classes available, namely archer, warrior and wizard, while for countries (or factions, as some may call it) include Beran or Garan.

Once you’re done, you’ll be dropped right into the game world and ready to start on your path of divinity so you’ll be strong enough to save the locals from the darkness that is gradually encroaching the world. As Celestial Dynasty is a lot like an idle MMORPG, you can expect automations for almost everything in the game and these automatic functions are turned on by default. This means that you can just leave your character in-game and when you return to it after a couple of hours, your character will have already reached level 30 or so. You don’t really need to click anything as over time the game will click it for you. This includes combat, taking and turning in quests and even equip new items to your avatar.

Questing is pretty much the same fare as you’ll experience in other browser-based MMOs. It mainly involves killing a whole lot of mobs, running errands for NPCs, talking to different NPCs and collecting quest items from the environment or from mobs. There will also be times when you’ll need to enter and complete a dungeon to turn in a quest. It may sound boring and all, but Celestial Dynasty does offer a lot of events and side-quests that will help break the monotony of leveling, making things a whole lot more interesting.

As you may notice in most browser-based MMOs, battle rating (BR) is the most important indicator of your character’s strength in the game. Thus, you’ll need to be sure to increase your battle rating as often as you can. There are simple too many ways for you to increase your battle rating. Some of the more common methods include leveling up and upgrading your character skills and martial art abilities using copper (in-game currency) and Chi. Each class has up to 6 unique skills and plenty more martial art abilities (around 9), so these features will definitely contribute a nice chunk points to your overall battle rating .

In addition, you can also earn and equip better gear. Epic gear can be obtained by exchanging dungeon tokens and these epic items can then be upgraded (or increase its stage, to be precise) to suit your character level as he or she levels up. There are many ways you improve the amount of battle rating your gear gives you... one of which is by enhancing it. Another way is by purifying it to earn a slew of beneficial attributes, which you can then lock or re-purify for new set of stats. Of course, you can also add gems to your equipments provided that they have the necessary gem slots later on in the game.

One of the most interesting aspects of Celestial Dynasty is its fairy system. In this game, you’ll get a fairy, a companion who will fight on your side and has its own unique set of skills. The fairy can enhance to increase your overall stats and hence increase your battle rating tremendously (subject to the level of the fairy itself). Crystal stones can be used to further boost the fairy’s stats. You can also collect all the fairies, or as many as you like, but you can only have 1 that is active at any time.

Besides fairies, Celestial Dynasty also features mounts. Mounts help improve your battle rating by providing you with passive stats. Thus, it’s wise to upgrade your mount with energy soul as often as you can. You can also increase the quality of your mount via mount pills. As you level your mount up, you’ll eventually unlock new “looks” for your mount. Starting from the default “wolf mount” look, you’ll get to turn it into a magical horse, a ferocious dragon and even a gargantuan war elephant! Higher level mounts are even able to participate in battles as they will gradually earn combat skills.

After hitting 10,000 battle rating, you’ll be given your very first pair of wings. Wings work in a similar way to mounts in Celestial Dynasty. This means that you can upgrade it, though it is much tougher to upgrade as compared to mounts or fairies, and it’ll contribute a small amount of points to your overall battle rating. The wings will eventually grant you additional skills as well and you will be able to change how your wings look after certain levels of upgrades.

In terms of PvE, Celestial Dynasty features a huge range of dungeons, challenges, world and elite bosses, and even towers. Most of the time, you’ll just need to clear a dungeon as fast as you can in order to earn better rewards. However, some of the dungeons also have objectives that you’ll need to do. Thus, it’s not all mindless killing. There are plenty of exciting events as well, including Dragon Temple Treasure Hunt. Some of them are timed, while some are weekly or guild events.

Of course, there are also PvP zones for you to fight other players (from the enemy country) for the glory of your country. Some of these zones or areas are cross-server locations, making PvP even more interesting. Naturally, like most browser-based MMOs, you’ll also get an AFK mode – meditation, and lots of freebies and goodies the longer you stay in the game. Log in frequently and you’ll get more bonuses and epic rewards as well.


The community in Celestial Dynasty is pretty small at the moment as the game is still in early access (it’s the “open” kind of early access) and is not exactly very populated at the moment. However, if you fancy getting yourself some in-game friends to accompany you as you strive for higher levels in this game, it might be best to try signing up for a guild… or better yet, start one yourself! It’s not very expensive after all. Guilds play a rather huge role in this game as you’ll gain access to the coveted guild shop, guild skills that will boost your overall stats, and plenty more guild-only events for both PvE and PvP. Thus, be sure to get into a guild as soon as you can!

Graphics/ Sound

In terms of music, Celestial Dynasty features an oriental-themed music that is pretty soothing and nice to listen to. For graphics, the game has some pretty nice ones. The anime-inspired visuals are very nicely colored – I love how brightly colored the wings are in this game, and the in-game environment is simply beautiful! Of course, you should bear in mind that this game is a browser-based game. If you do that, you’ll come to appreciate the art work and graphics in Celestial Dynasty.


In short, Celestial Dynasty an anime-inspired, browser-based, idle MMO game that offers a huge range of interesting features like fairies, wings, and mounts. The game also has plenty of dungeons, towers, challenges, world and elite bosses, and events that you can enjoy with your friends! Take a break and have fun with the many mini-games available, such as heaven pool and even shaking the money tree. For PvP fans, you can enjoy defeating other players at the PvP zones or cross-server arenas as well. Most importantly though, you’ll need to keep increasing your battle rating by upgrading anything and everything that can contribute points to it. Sounds like fun? Well, hop into Celestial Dynasty and start journeying on the path of divinity today!

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You don't do anything except click a button. Everything is done automatically. Not fun, no challenge. Pretty artwork, but that's not going to keep me playing a boring game.Full Review
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