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CastleVille Legends 8 rate For centuries the realm in CastleVille Legends has been smothered by the dark fog called the Gloom... that is until you arrived! Help your realm break free from the taint of the Gloom by pushing back the Gloom one small area at a time! Rescue the various inhabitants of the realm and put them to work recovering ancient treasures from “places of legend”! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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For centuries the realm in CastleVille Legends has been smothered by the dark fog called the Gloom... that is until you arrived to save the day! Help your realm break free from the taint of the Gloom by developing your kingdom and pushing back the Gloom one small area at a time! Micromanage your resources as well as your resource-producing buildings to ensure that your budding kingdom will get all the coins it needs to grow! Rescue the various inhabitants (heroes and heroines) of the realm and put them to work recovering ancient treasures from “places of legend”, so you can sell them for more coins! Your kingdom awaits in CastleVille Legends! Are you ready to begin your adventure?


Centuries ago, your current realm was a thriving land... that was before an envious wizard cast his Spell of Gloom. His fate is a mystery as of now, but wisdom dictates you should build a strong new kingdom as you seek the answers in preparation to face this evil man if he shows up again!

A Seer is also rumored to have a counterspell to use against the dark wizard’s spells. Though centuries have passed, perhaps the counterspell is still there, hidden at the Seer’s home in the Gloom. You’ll need to seek it out! The many characters in this game even have their own stories to tell. You can reveal them once you hit the required level at the Hall of Heroes


The game starts off with you hearing calls for help. It seems that the spirit of Magnus the Wizard has managed to alert you to the dilemma that the wizard has been facing for centuries... he was trapped in a crystal prison! With 2 powerful clicks, you've saved the wizard from centuries of imprisonment and thus, you have the wizard’s eternal gratitude. He decides to serve as your adviser as you push back the Gloom and rebuild your kingdom!

To start developing your kingdom, you’ll first need to get enough funds to do so! You can begin by growing apples on your apple tree. Collect water from the pond and use them on the apple trees. After a brief while, you will be able to collect apples from the tree... guess the water must have been magical! As you progress in CastleVille Legends, you’ll encounter various other goods-producing structures, such as cow pastures, oat fields, lumber yards and many more. They will have their own requirements to produce their respective goods. For example, oat fields, like apple trees, require water while the cows in the cow pastures need oats to produce milk. You can have more than 1 of the same type of structure but they will cost you crowns (real life currency) instead of coins (only the first structure of a particular type costs coins).

All of these goods will then be stored in your Castle Vault for future use. There’s a limit as to how much stuff you can store in your vault, but don’t worry, you can upgrade your vault to increase the storage space. Upgrades require special materials that you’ll need to get from “Places of Legend”, which will be explained in-depth later on. You can even try asking your friends to help you out with the stuff you need as well!

If you don’t need the goods that you’ve gathered, well, you can amass a fortune by selling them to the gypsy merchant, Myra, instead! Myra’s market is an excellent place to sell goods for coins, depending on what Myra needs at the time. Myra will present 6 item requests at a time which will auto-refresh every 10 minutes. Although you don’t usually earn a lot per transaction from Myra, if you sell a lot to her, you can easily accumulate a tidy fortune! After all, a fortune is built one coin at a time! She also pays even more coins for rare goods that you can usually get from “Places of Legend”.

After you reached a certain level, you’ll get a sell skill meter added to Myra’s market. How it works? Well, the more you sell, the higher your sell skill meter goes and the better rewards you can earn! Once you get it filled up, the merchant will level up giving all future sales you do a nice little boost. Don’t wait too long to fill up the meter though! The meter will reset every 24 hours or until you’ve filled it up. As you long as you keep making her happy with plenty of sales, soon, she may even have additional caravan shops set up all over your realm!

Myra doesn’t want to stuff you have? Why, you can rebuild your sea trading port and trade these goods to other players! However, as you only have 3 slots to list your items, you have to be certain that what you put up is going to be sold. You can even buy items from other players too!

As you level up, you’ll be able to explore and push back the gloom from small sections of your realm by spending money. Sometimes, you’ll encounter other characters. Each character has different roles to play in CastleVille Legends. For instance, Rafael, the first person you’ll save from the Gloom, is a mighty woodsman and a great explorer. He has a keen knowledge of the Rampant Forest and is able to help you find treasure to enrich your kingdom. You can send him to explore special Places of Legend, such as the ancient watchtower, in search of ancient treasure!

However, explorations like this require certain supplies, which can be crafted at the one of the many workshops that you’ve build, and take quite some time to complete. If you cannot wait, you can ask your friends for speed-up items, like fast-foot spell, that will enable heroes to explore Places of Legend more quickly. At the end of the day, explorations will give you a chance of earning special items, which then can be sold at Myra’s for extra coins or be used to upgrade your castle vault!

Moreover, these characters have their own houses that they live in. Their houses will usually provide you with a certain material or tool at a small price of coins. For example, Rafael’s house provides you with axes and you’ll need these axes to chop down trees and collect logs. Logs are then used to craft goods that can be later sold to contribute coins to your accumulating fortune!

However, before you start crafting, you’ll need to construct the required workshop. There is a nice range of different workshops, such as woodshop, trail kitchen, dairy barn, jeweler, tailor and many more! You can only build 6 of the same type of workshop, but like resource-producing structures, in order to build more than 1, let’s say, woodshop, you’ll need to spend crowns instead of coins! Furthermore, you cannot queue up items to craft at your workshops. This means you can only craft 1 item per workshop at any time!

The gameplay in CastleVille Legends is rather monotonous – start producing goods, wait, collect produced goods and sell. The only thing that makes the game feels not repetitive are quests! Quests can be tracked in the royal quest log at the bottom left of the screen and they will award you with experience points, coins, and sometimes, crowns! Don’t forget that you can also spend a bit of your stash of wealth to decorate your kingdom with beautiful decorations from the shop too!


The community in CastleVille Legends is rather huge - The game’s Facebook fan page has more than 600 thousand likes! If you would like to have a band of friends (new or old) helping each other in the game, you could consider signing up to join an active alliance. This removes the need to post “add me” posts or comments just to find 1 new friend, who may or may not be able to give you the help you need.

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony graphics in CastleVille Legends are very well-polished and are very colorful. Everything’s an eye candy in this game! The game also contains nice quality music that is quirky and sounds magical. There is other music as well including a very inspirational one that perhaps you would like! Overall, both graphics and sound work perfectly to make the game so much more enjoyable!


In short, CastleVille Legends is a rather interesting and fast-paced medieval-fantasy-themed game. In this game, you are called upon to push back the Gloom – the curse that was once placed on the realm by an envious wizard, and restore the realm to its former beauty! However, to do this as well as helping your kingdom to grow, you’ll need to manage your resources and accumulate coins by selling the goods produced. Occasionally, you may even encounter trapped inhabitants of the realm that will require your rescue! In return, they will help you recover ancient treasures by exploring places of legend in the game. Although the gameplay can be very monotonous after some time, the game provides quests to shake things up a bit. So, don’t let evil triumph in CastleVille Legends! Start pulling your weight in the effort to push the Gloom back today!

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by Aethyna May 13, 2015
For centuries the realm in CastleVille Legends has been smothered by the dark fog called the Gloom... that is until you arrived! Help your realm break free from the taint of the Gloom by pushing back the Gloom one small area at a time! Rescue the various inhabitants of the realm and put them to work recovering ancient treasures from “places of legend”! CastleVille Legends: Castle Characters in CastleVille Legends CastleVille Legends: Beautiful places Read More
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