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Castle: Dangerous Game 8 rate Put your keen power of observation to the test by scanning the scenes provided for clues and evidences! Collect evidence and samples, and then analyze them with the help of your team. Identify your suspect/s and interrogate them to find out more. Once everything is in place, join the detective in making the arrest! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Based on the hit TV series, Castle, by ABC Studios, Castle: Dangerous Game lets us step into the intuitive novelist, Rick Castle and NYPD Detective Kate Beckett’s shoes as they investigate crime scenes to search for evidences and clues that will lead to solving the case! Leave no stone uncovered as you work your way through various scenes of interest finding all the items needed along the way. Work with the NYPD crew to reveal the killer behind the homicides by interrogation or by scientific analysis! Are you a good enough detective to bring the true murderer to justice? Play this exciting hidden object game, Castle: Dangerous Game and find out now!


Ready to start your first day of work, rookie? Well, New York, the city that never sleeps has a new homicide case for you to work on! Your very first case involves a mysterious robbery whereby a young woman was killed and all things considering, this case is pretty much your “tutorial” case whereby guidance will be provided for you to learn how to play the game.

Each new case will start with a victim profile by your superior, Detective Beckett. Then it’s time to hit the crime scene and do keep your eyes peeled! Each scene you go to will cost you 10 energy points, which you can easily regain over time or, if you’re impatient, you can also get them from your friends. You can even recruit friends to become your “informants” and you’ll get energy points as the reward! These scenes are all timed and the time allocated varies from scene to scene. You can see how much time you have before every scene you play.

In addition, getting combos is very important in this game as it rewards you with score multipliers. To get a combo, you’ll need to locate the items on the list continuously and quickly. By getting more multiplier bonuses, you will obtain more score points which in turn can be translated into more in-game cash earned! However, be careful where you click your cursor! 1 wrong click and your entire chain of combos will be gone in flash! Not to mention, if you clicked wrongly too many times, you’ll be promptly locked out of the scene for at least 5 seconds as well!

Most scenes contain 6 items for you to find if you’re directed to the scene by a pending task. The scenes are not very hard at the first go, but as you return for replays, the scene changes, usually with more stuff added, and you’ll need to find more items. Complete tasks assigned by Detective Beckett or Mr Castle to unlock access to new scenes for that case. Every case in Castle: Dangerous Game contains around 5 scenes for you to poke around in, which will be unlocked as you complete tasks. There are currently a total of 9 cases for you to work and that number does not include the scenes at the police station where you work at as well as scenes for special events.

If you have some trouble with finding the items needed, well, don’t worry - Castle: Dangerous Game provides you with 4 very helpful boosters, namely pointer, timer, multi-hint and extra bonus. The pointer highlights a random item on your list with a targeting circle. After all, even the most difficult things will be found with the help of a laser pointer! The timer booster will add more time to the search and you can get more bonus points if you have more time left on the clock anyway! Multi-hint works like the pointer but instead of showing 1 item, the hint, shows all 6 items on the list. However, the show-and-tell only lasts a few seconds and if you didn’t get a good look, you may miss out some items’ locations! Lastly, after using the last booster, extra bonus, you will begin the search with the maximum multiplier. It’ll be up to you to maintain that max multiplier to get the best scores!

Furthermore, like all free-to-play hidden object games, Castle: Dangerous Game provides 5 stars for you to earn per scene. These stars can be earned by accumulating your scores and they are important as they are needed to investigate vital clues you’ve collected from the scenes and to conduct interrogations. Thus, you’ll need to frequently revisit scenes so you can earn more stars. This can get repetitive enough in other hidden object games, but not in this one! Why? Well, the most interesting is that the game constantly adds new objects and shift old ones whenever you revisit a scene. This means that every revisit will feel as though you’re playing an entire new scene, making the game so much more interesting!

At the end of a scene, you may find an important clue that is worth noting down as well as samples, such as blood or fibers, collected that will need some forensic analysis before you can get anything conclusive. Although the New York police station is rather ill-equipped at the moment (no laboratory), you’ll still be able to process the samples collected by asking Dr Parish for some help. Scientific analysis will take time as well as 1 star per sample, but you can always speed things up by doling out some real cash. Thankfully, once the duration drops within 7-minute range, you can easily speed up the process for free! After all, before interrogation, it’s always necessary to carefully study any additional information or evidence that you can get your hands on. The more you know, the better you’re able to fend off the suspect’s arguments later on!

Found your first suspect? Awesome, let’s get him down to the station then! Accompany Detective Beckett to the suspect’s home to nab the suspect and to see how he or she reacts to the presence of an officer of the law. After getting him into the interrogation room, watch Detective Beckett as she conducts the interrogations and help her to pick out clues from what the suspect/s have said to aid the investigation. You may need to revisit scenes to collect samples that you might have missed sometimes and the “finding evidences and analyzing them” process, in addition to interrogation, will repeat several times before you can get something concrete and to make an arrest!

You may notice that you’ll earn money from completing tasks and scenes... what can you do with it then? Well, you can use the money you’ve earned to buy equipment and décor for the NYPD police station. By doing this, you’ll increase the comfort level at your station! There are quite a large variety of furniture and other items that you can buy and you’ll get more options as you level up! These items after being purchased will take some time to be delivered and unpacked. You can also upgrade the furniture to further increase the comfort of the station. However, you’ll need to have the tools (can be obtained from playing scenes) and resources (you can get them from friends), along with a sizeable amount of in-game cash.

Running out of space to put your décor? You can also unlock new rooms at the station, but you’ll then need a certain number of the “permission” paper. You can get these by asking friends or purchasing them at the n-game cash shop. You can also complete daily tasks by playing the special daily task scene and earn yourself some nice boosters. You will have to usually find a range of quest items in scenes and have your friends help out with items that you couldn’t get enough of.


The game, Castle: Dangerous Game, has around 67 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page, which is a lot less than other CSI-based hidden object games, such as Criminal Case or CSI: Hidden Crimes. Not to mention, the player base of the game is not as strong or as huge as the fan base of the actual TV series either, which is rather a pity as this game is pretty good. There are also frequent giveaways and contests on its Facebook page, so be sure to give the page a ‘like’ in order to keep yourself updated with any news! You can easily find friends to play the game with on the fan page too!

Graphics/ Sound

Every scene in Castle: Dangerous Game is beautifully drawn and, considering that it’s a hidden objects game, are richly detailed. The characters look so alike to the actual characters portrayed in the highly popular TV series! In terms of music, the music in this game is modern and pleasant to the ears. It manages to invoke the feeling of mystery. Although the music doesn’t contain the signature theme song of the TV series, it’s pretty good!


In short, Castle: Dangerous Game is an excellent hidden objects game that puts you in the shoes of the famous duo - the renowned novelist, Mr Rick Castle and the rising detective, Detective Kate Beckett. Put your keen power of observation to the test by scanning the scenes provided for clues and evidences! After you have all the evidence and samples collected, analyze them back at the precinct with the help of your team. Identify your suspect/s and interrogate them to find out whether they are the real killer behind the homicide case. Once everything is in place, join the detective in making the arrest. If you enjoy CSI-type hidden object game, well, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this amazing game! Try Castle: Dangerous Game now! After all, like Castle likes to say, “Investigating murder mysteries is much more entertaining than writing about them”!

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by Aethyna May 22, 2015
Put your keen power of observation to the test by scanning the scenes provided for clues and evidences! Collect evidence and samples, and then analyze them with the help of your team. Identify your suspect/s and interrogate them to find out more. Once everything is in place, join the detective in making the arrest! Castle: Dangerous Game: Living Room Police station in Castle: Dangerous Game Castle: Dangerous Game: bedroom Read More
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