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Car Stories 9 rate Collect various types of cars at your garage and research for new and rare types of cars via research! Put your cars to good use in the many challenging underground races that are available! That's not all, you can also build your very own amazing auto-city by filling it with garages, car part factories and dealerships! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you love collecting awesome-looking race cars? Well, you’re in luck! You can do just that in this amazing racing game, Car Stories! In this game, you’ll be researching 2 cars of varying types together to have a chance of earning a brand new car model! Besides researching and collecting new cars, you can also take photos at the photo studio and race with them in numerous underground races. Racing can be really challenging in this game as you’ll need to not only time your spacebar taps as accurately as you can, you’ll also need to use the most suitable type of car you own, depending on the condition of the track! On your downtime, you can also tune your cars up using car parts collected from dealerships and factories. So, head on over to Car Stories and start collecting exotic and fast cars today!


Car Stories provides a very nice tutorial detailing the major aspects of the game and even for the veteran players of racing games, you’ll still want to listen up.

You should start by building up your own car city since you’ll definitely need some place –Hint: Garage - to park all those cars that you will want to buy later on! There are 4 different types of garage in Car Stories. They are standard, off road, sport and formula. Each type of garage is able to house a certain type of cars only and each of them has enough space to store up to 2 cars. Thankfully, you can build more than 1 garage of the same type, though there is also a limit as to how many garages you can place. This limit will gradually increase as you level up!

Once you have your garages all set up and ready to receive your brand spanking new cars, it’s time to actually go and buy some awesome cars (or 4-wheel drives)! Similarly to other types of racing games, Car Stories offers quite a range of cars and they all can be grouped into several types, such as standard cars, sport cars, luxury, classic, futuristic, racing, desert, legendary and epics. Whenever you buy a new car, you’ll need to wait for it to be delivered (usually takes a couple of minutes) before you can then shift them to the correct, depending on their car type, garage.

About 95% of these cars are premium cash only, but don’t despair just yet! Unlike in other car games where most of the cool stuff is locked away with an inaccessible paywall (unless you finally cave in and use your credit card), Car Stories provides you with a nifty way to earn the super cars you long to have via the research lab! There is a chance for you can get these premium cars for free and that is through research... Yay, science! To begin your research, you’ll need to select 2 cars – think of it like you’re trying to “mate” 2 different cars together.

Then, a list of possible research outcome – that is your super-awesome hybrid cars – will be displayed and the system will randomly pick one from the list. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a car you’ve never had before, but if you’re not, you may get back one of the researched car or a hybrid car that you already had! The research process will take some time to complete and once it’s done, you’ll still need to wait for it to be delivered to your auto-city. Furthermore, remember those the original cars you used in your research? Well, they are not “used up”, or more accurately, broken down into parts to assemble that new car you get, in the process. You can even start the research again in hopes of getting a car you don’t have! Car Stories provides up to 570 different types of cars for you to collect, so be patient and try to collect them all!

There are also some cars that cannot be bought using in-game currency or researched. Instead, you can get them for free by completing the 3 steps required! The first step usually involves shelling out coins or car parts while the second step is coughing up a small amount of premium cash (that you can get for free by leveling up), and the last part requires you to get special materials from your friends.

Right, now that you have some cars to call your own, perhaps you could like to take them out for a spin? Racing in Car Stories costs both energy points (how much energy depends on the car you use) as well as coins (as the entrance fee). Then, choose the level you want to play in and let the race begin!

Your car will automatically move forwards when the lights turned green. What you’ll need to do is to press your spacebar whenever the glowing blue bar in front of your car reaches the blue marker on the road, so your car will get a tiny speed boost. The controls are not exactly difficult to learn, but it can be really hard to get the timing right. Not to mention, getting the timing right is only half of the equation – the other half is using the correct type of car on the track. Most race tracks are a mix of various road conditions and you’ll need to know which car you own is the most suitable. Usually, in this case, hybrid cars are more advantageous since they will be able to handle at least 2 or more different road conditions easily.

As you race, you’ll earn some experience points and by accumulating them up, you’ll eventually earn your first star. Once you get a star in your first track, you’ll then be allowed to proceed to the next one. There are up to 5 stars for you to earn and more than 30 race tracks for you to have fun with! Patience is key!

If you need some help with winning races, you can buy some boosters to give your car an edge prior to entering a game. These boosters include nitro boost that can be activated near the finishing line to give your car a big speed boost; quality fuel which empowers your car so it will gain a certain percentage increase in speed and great or perfect shift that will give your car a certain amount of head start from your opponents. All of these boosters cost premium currency though!

Besides racing, cars also help your garage generate revenues and you can then use those coins to purchase car parts from factories. You can build a car dealership to collect free car parts periodically as well! These car parts are needed to tune your car. Tuning is very simple in this game - you just need to press the “tune” button to “level up” your car. By upgrading your cars, they will generate more revenue for you at an increased rate.

Need more space? Well, you can also use the coins you’ve earned to expand your land by buying adjacent plots of land. However, new lands come with lots of weeds and natural stuff that you need to get rid of. Clearing the land of trees and bushes will cost you some coins and the process itself will take some time. Thankfully, you can queue up multiple clearing jobs at the same time!

Car Stories is also a very social game. There’s a Black Market Bar whereby you can get free rewards after a 12-hour waiting duration once you activate it. However, you can add your Car Stories friends to significantly increase these rewards. Moreover, you can even take pictures of your cars at the photo studio once you have it built. Just simply choose a background that you think is cool enough, put your favorite car in it, adjust everything to your liking and then hit the share button!


Car Stories is a pretty popular game and thus, has quite a large community. The game boasts of having 270 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. If you need friends for all your “black market dealings”, well, you know where to find them! Furthermore, by liking this page, you’ll be kept abreast of any new cars that the game devs roll out on a constant basis.

Graphics/ Sound

Car Stories features awesome techno world music with heavy beats. There are many varieties of music in this game as well – some of the music contains some Indian influences while others sound like a soundtrack that came right out of Tron! The music is interrupted regularly with ambient sounds that you’ll usually hear in a city, like cars driving pass or cars honking noisily. In terms of graphics, the car models are brilliantly done and the background is amazing as well.


In conclusion, Car Stories is a rather fun car racing game, particularly if you abhor all those paywall-ridden racing games and want a game that allows you to earn all the premium cars that the game has to offer through hard work and dedication. You can also tune your cars up by using up car parts, which, in turn, can be obtained via orders from the factories or from car dealerships. The racing part of the game is mainly timing-based and can be truly challenging to win. If you need that extra edge to win, the game offers up to 6 different types of boosters that you can buy as well! You can even take a “photo” of your car with an amazing backdrop and share them with your friends. Don’t forget to build up your auto-city so that you can put all your friends’ car cities to shame! Sounds like just the game for you? Why, get yourself over to Car Stories now! Race you there!

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New Game Added: Car Stories

by Aethyna Jul 9, 2015
Collect various types of cars at your garage and research for new and rare types of cars via research! Put your cars to good use in the many challenging underground races that are available! That's not all, you can also build your very own amazing auto-city by filling it with garages, car part factories and dealerships! Aquatic in Car Stories Car Stories: Perfect tap Vezuuio in Car Stories Read More
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