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Candy Valley 10 rate Can you become of the best players in reaching the highest level and collect as many cute and colorful candies as possible? Try out Candy Valley that is available on Facebook and on the Android mobile platform where you match 3 identical candies to collect them and finish the required candies in every stages. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Enjoy a colorful world filled with yummy candies in Candy Valley. Complete all the levels by accomplishing objectives such as acquiring a certain number of cupcakes or chocolates. This puzzle game uses the popular match 3 game mechanics that was popularized by Candy Crush Saga and many other predecessors. You can also acquire bonuses when completing levels with a higher score or by going online every day. This Facebook game also has a mobile version that is now available on Android.


The game takes you to a colorful world where candies are an important part of everyone’s daily lives. There are no backstory or lore being created for Candy Valley, but it rich and colorful design makes it appealing to casual players and even to moms and kids. Since this is more of a casual puzzle game, there is no need to create any sort of backstory to make it look unique.


Similar to any match 3 puzzle games, Candy Valley follows the same formula. The object of all match 3 games is to put three identical icons or objects together to score points. As for the case of Candy Valley, you will be clearing out three identical candies to gain more points, this can be happened by swapping two icons vertically or horizontally until the swapped objects are adjacent to its two identical pieces. At the start of the early levels, the objectives are easy and straightforward. But as the level progresses, the objectives become more complicated; with more different candy varieties that need to be cleared out per level.

To keep the game more engaging and unique, Candy Valley has several power ups that you can use as an advantage. Some of these include a shovel that lets you scoop any candy and add it to your required objective, a cat that can clear out the selected candy in the entire field and also a trolley that can remove the entire column of candies in the field. These power ups are very limited so use them sparingly and as a last resort, you can acquire more from other players as a form of gifts or rewards in the game.

But keep in mind that each level or stage only has a limited amount of turns for you to complete the objectives. If the remaining turns is zero, the game is over and you will lose a life, you can purchase additional turns with gold, which is a handy option for those who are in a pinch with certain difficult levels. The hearts in your life bar are important to progress to more stages as these are equivalent to the number of attempts that you can take in a level, once it becomes empty, you may have to wait for a couple of minutes to replenish most of your hearts, another alternative to earn more hearts is by interacting with your Facebook friends like giving gifts or requesting for hearts.

There are different themed maps that players can explore once they unlock them by completing certain stages, however some stages are harder to finish than some of the early stages. Completing these stages will earn you stars that you can collect for acquiring gifts. These gifts can be a form of gold coins, free power ups or hearts to refill your life bar.


There are few players that are active in the game, as they are also engaged with the community page of Candy Valley on Facebook. And since the game is integrated to Facebook, you can invite some of your friends to join you in playing it. Do take note that you can earn benefits from adding more friends in your game, some of them include additional hearts for your life bar or receiving gifts such as gold and power ups daily. There is also a series of mini events in the game that can provide boosts to your play through. It can be a form of daily login rewards that can provide better items when you log in for a consecutive number of days.

Graphics/ Sound

The design of Candy Valley is very colorful, with each of the candy sprites have their own distinct personalities that will be attractive to kids and parents. The entire game is created with 2D sprites, which will run pretty well even on low entry computers and laptops. The sound effects have some issues, it is not about the quality but rather on the choice of sounds for certain functions in the game, which makes it feel a bit out of place. One good example is with the candy cannon that appears when you clear a stage, it makes a weird sound instead of a blasting noise when it fires. The background music only has one track which can become dull to some as that is the only music available in the game.


Although Candy Valley may, to some people, be “just another candy-themed puzzle game” on Facebook, the game is still incredibly and addictively fun to play. It provides some challenge to players while allowing them to interact with other players through the use of the social network it is on. So if you are into puzzle games with a sugary-sweet theme, you can satisfy your sweet tooth by trying out Candy Valley.

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New Game Added: Candy Valley

by Richard Oct 7, 2016
Can you become of the best players in reaching the highest level and collect as many cute and colorful candies as possible? Try out Candy Valley that is available on Facebook and on the Android mobile platform where you match 3 identical candies to collect them and finish the required candies in every stages. Sugary sweet candies in Candy Valley Candy Valley: level selection Cake level in Candy Valley Read More
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