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Out of nothing came the 2 great Dragons of Justice and Chaos. These mighty creatures created the world and all of its life. Justice created Elves and Men while Chaos created his demons. As you would expect war came to ravage the land and it is during this time that the Undead were also created. Now there is a time of peace following the sacrifice and loss of the Titans. But the factions still vie for control and the demons will never let up on their desire for conquest. Here you choose your hero and begin to decide the fate of Masure.


Call of Gods is a brilliant mix of styles that blend together into a seamless game full of potential. You begin by choosing your class, there are 6 to play, one for each of the 3 main races and they are gender locked. The classes are: Warrior, Wizard, Ranger, Druid, Warlock and Priest. At lower levels the classes to not mean a great deal, but at the higher levels you start to unlock special abilities.

Once you have chosen your character there is a fun tutorial that will show you around the game and give you an idea of the basics. During this tutorial you can only press what it lets you so exploring is a little hard. You can skip the tutorial but you then can not do it again so it is worth playing through. It will also show you a lot of the core mechanics.

The game is divided into two main components each with their own subsections. The main elements are city building to improve your character and armies and the heroes and their battles. Each compliments the other and make for a game with a lot of depth. Taken individually they seem a little simple, especially the castle but the bonuses this provides far outweigh this.

You begin play with 1 main hero, a character that you can give equipment to and use in battle. Each hero has combat units assigned to it and these are what fight for you. You can recruit more heroes, and the better the rank of hero the more abilities and stats they have. From a common hero to a legendary and everything in between. There are various ways to recruit them and you can only field a certain number determined by your level.

When you have your hero it is time to go to battle, here is where the RTS element takes over. You can position your troops on a board and they fight automatically using the power and skills of the hero as well as their own attacks. The combination makes for interesting battles and how you plan will make the difference.

Each battle will award you with experience which you use to level. There are also quests that provide a lot of items, xp and materials. Completing quests will also continue the story and unlock more powerful items and upgrades for your castle. Your hero can also use his abilities during the battle to turn the tide to your favor.

As you progress and gain more levels you also unlock more content. As well as the world to explore and find battles in there are also dungeons that have special fights and bosses as well as improved loot for you. There are also some quests that send you here and they have good rewards too.

There are lots of resources for you to use in the game, castle building uses the things you would expect like Stone or Wood. There are also coins to spend on items and Tomes to use to collect heroes or for new skills. All of these can be collected in game, and there are free gifts for players at the start and every so often based on a timer. These gifts get better the more you play. There is also a premium currency called Gold, this can be used to buy special items and improve your chances of getting upgrades.

For those more inclined to PvP there is also an arena where you can pit your skills against the heroes of other players. The top ranked will not only be recognized globally but also receive powerful rewards. Be warned this can be a tough task to get to the top, but well worth it if you can get there.

Each hero will also have its own level and specialization. The higher your hero’s level the more they can do. A Defense specialist will be good in the front line and Healer in the back. They also have skills that they can learn and develop through the use of Tomes. The rank 1 Tome guarantees the skill but the higher ranked ones have a diminished chance of improving the skill.

One of the more interesting aspects of the games is the ability to transmute items and characters to improve them. Doing so will make them more powerful and you can go all the way to legendary if you wanted to. However this does cost materials and copies of characters so it may take some time to get there.

The game is presented in an easy to use way, and the tutorial really helps to show you around. The quests also guide you in the best direction to go. Improving heroes is an important part of the game and you should try to do this whenever possible as the tougher the game gets the more abilities you will need to counter them.


There are a lot of players for such an innovative style of game. There are lots of Alliances (guilds) in the game and there are some new features added to make it more fun including Alliance Battles. Outside of the game there is an active Facebook page and a lot of forums. There are also lots of different places to play the game that have their own forums and tools for helping players.


Call of Gods is a browser game, and that comes with its own limitations. Unfortunately the game also is designed to be a certain size in your browser window and it looks good there, but if you try to enlarge it the quality suffers a little. But despite that there is actually a lot going for it. The characters are well drawn and each race has its own unique look and feel. The battles are easy to see and everything has its place on the UI.

The music is exciting and full of drama throughout the game. The combat sounds let you know what is going on around you too. Put all of this together and you have a fun experience, that while not as good as some newer games is still enjoyable to play.


Overall the mix of styles works well for Call of Gods and there is a lot for you to do here. The addition of PvP battles has added a new dynamic to the game. Combining styles as it does has created a really fun game that will keep you entertained for a long time, well worth a look.

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New Game Added: Call of Gods

by Adeaphon May 18, 2017
Battle your way to victory in a stunning real time strategy game that mixes heroes and city building. Humans in Call of Gods Elf Castle in Call of Gods Invasion in Call of Gods Read More
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