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Cake Story 10 rate Welcome to the world of sweets! Your grandma and grandpa, the town’s well-known pastry chefs, are overjoyed to have you with them! You’re not there for a social call though – you are supposed to be there as their apprentice of sorts and to learn the family tradition while helping them with their food masterpieces. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Welcome to the world of sweets! Your grandma and grandpa, the town’s well-known pastry chefs, are overjoyed to have you with them! You’re not there for a social call though – you are supposed to be there as their apprentice of sorts and to learn the family tradition of baking marzipan cakes and buns while helping them with their food masterpieces along the way. Match up mouth-watering cakes and earn special cakes that will help you clear the board faster. Will you be able to help your grandparents keep their local pastry shop afloat and keep the evil “corporation” from running the shop to the ground? Play Cake Story now and find out!


First of all, like most match-3 game, Cake Story starts off with a very simple tutorial that teaches you the “basic recipe” of match-3. There are a huge range of cakes of various colors in this game, such as the kiwi cake, the orange cake, the lemon-coated donuts, blueberry cake and of course, the heart-shaped cake with pink icing! You will need to swap adjacent cakes of the same color together to clear them from the board.

If you managed to match 4 cakes together, you’ll earn yourself a special cake with whipped cream on top. The cream is arranged in wavy lines – they look like stripes, so you’ll be able to see whether the line is horizontal or vertical, depending on how you match up the cakes. When these striped cakes are matched, they will either clear off an entire row or column of cakes as indicated by the wavy whipped cream lines on the special cake itself.

By making a T or L-shaped match-5 cake combination, you’ll get a sweet bomb. Like its name states, when matched, the sweet bomb will be able to clear all cakes around it in a 3x3 radius... twice. Yes, you have not read wrongly! It’ll explode once then after it’s settled down, it’ll then explode again. Amazing right?

If you matched 5 cakes together in a linear line, either horizontally or vertically, you’ll get the multi-colored rainbow cake instead! Then, by swapping the rainbow cake with any cake around it, it’ll then collect all the cakes of the same color as the cake that it is swapped with from the board. You can even combine these super cakes together to get a fabulous and more powerful effect as well!

In Cake Story, you’ll have level goals to accomplish. Some of the levels may just require you to reach a certain number of points while others have more specific objectives such as collecting chocolate bunnies that are hidden under the chocolate bars by matching cakes over the chocolate bars to uncover the bunnies and free them, or by dropping the ingredients you need to the bottom of the game board.

Challengingly, Cake Story offers you limited moves to complete your goals and to earn as many points as you can. Being the master chef that you are, you’ll probably be able to finish every level with plenty of moves to spare. These remaining moves will then be turned into super-pieces to give you even more points in a big “Super Story” bonus round. Of course, your existing super cakes will be activated first, prior to the bonus round.

There are also 3 stars for you to earn per level. These stars are generally not too difficult to earn, especially for a match-3 vet. It’s great to earn as many stars as you can since you’ll gain silver in-game coins depending on your performance in the level. In other words, the more stars you earn while playing a level, the more silver coins you’ll receive. However, you’ll just need to get at least 1 star to proceed to the next level.

After around 10 levels, you’ll reach the boundary between the pastry towns. To go to the next stage, well, at least for the first stage you’ve unlocked, your ticket to the next town is free. But for subsequent stages, you’ll need friends to help you unlock the levels. Travel the city to visit the many different town districts in Cake Story! Each town has its own delicacy, for example, Apple Pie Village specializes in apple pies while the Dairy Souffle Farm is famous for its Dairy Souffle, of course!

As sad as it may be to admit it, there may be times when your match-3 skills will falter and fail you. When that happens, you’ll fail the level and lose a life. The game provides you with a maximum of 5 lives to spare. Once they are all gone though, you’ll then need to wait for them to regenerate themselves over time. Of course, if you want to speed things up a bit, you could always spend real cash to buy more lives.

Need some help? Well, not to worry! Cake Story has plenty of boosters to lend you a hand! There are boosters that you can buy before heading into a game, such as extra moves, rainbow cake, pastry blades, sweet cream, and cake shovel. For instance, the pastry blades will allow you to destroy at least 3 cakes on the game board right off the bat while the sweet cream booster will allow you to turn 3 normal cakes into striped cakes when combined with any normal cakes. The cake shovel, on the other hand, will destroy 3 obstacles and help you complete the level when used. In addition, there are also in-game boosters that you’ll gradually unlock as you progress in the game – there are around 5 to 6 in total. An example of these boosters includes the cooking tongs that allows you to remove any game piece from the game board when used.

Furthermore, in Cake Story, you can complete up to certain levels to unlock a secret level, whereby you’ll get to open 3 out of 6 cake boxes for a chance to gain free boosters and premium cash. There are also plenty of achievements that you can collect, along with its associated rewards, as well as daily freebies, including premium cash that you can get randomly at the Jukebox.


The community in Cake Story is pretty active and huge. The game itself boasts of having more than100 thousand monthly active players as well as around 8 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. The game encourages people to add each other or at least friends to the game due to the friend requirement to unlock a new stage. You can easily find plenty of willing and potential friends at its Facebook fan page.

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in this game is simply amazing! The cakes are so colorful and delicious-looking that you’d wish that you could just stretch out your hand and grab those cakes from your screen! Sound-wise, the game features a very catchy and quirky, yet casual, tune that is looped but not repetitively so. The music is very pleasant to listen to!


In summary, Cake Story is a fun-filled and mouth-watering match-3 game which contains plenty of casual yet challenging match-3 puzzles for you to enjoy! Although the game may seem easy at first, the game gradually ramps up the challenge by introducing plenty of different obstacle types and game objectives! If you have any difficulty in solving any of the puzzles, the game offers a huge range of boosters that you can buy and use to get through the tougher levels. So, give your sweet tooth its well-deserved treats by playing this brilliant match-3 game, Cake Story!

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New Game Added: Cake Story

by Aethyna Aug 18, 2015
Welcome to the world of sweets! Your grandma and grandpa, the town’s well-known pastry chefs, are overjoyed to have you with them! You’re not there for a social call though – you are supposed to be there as their apprentice of sorts and to learn the family tradition while helping them with their food masterpieces. Column striped cake in Cake Story Cake Story: Chocolate bars Super story in Cake Story Read More
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