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by Richard
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Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards 8 rate Play as a up-and-coming Cabal and side with one of the 6 known Cabal factions in existence. Wage war against other factions to gain the authority to influence humanity and the path they are on. Set in a world of esotericism and mystics, be ready to experience a magic-infused adventure in this collectible card game! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Cabals: Magic and Battle Cards offers a full collectible card game experience in a mobile platform. Created with the concept of combing the game mechanics of a card game and a board game to provide a rather innovative form of game that provides new levels of strategy. The game can be played solo against enemy AIs or real players in a random matchmaking game.


The game’s world is set that has a combination of esotericism and mystics as the people uses magic in combat. Most of the events in the game are set mainly in Europe, where the group of secret societies, known as Cabals are in a war with each other to gain the upper hand in winning over influence in the world that would shape the future of mankind. There are six known Cabals in the game; Danann Covenant, Bearclaw Brotherhood, Vril Society, Order of Zahir, Sons of Osiris and Dragon Enclave, each having their own purposes and reasons in joining the war.


The gameplay of Cabals Magic and Battle Cards has a mix of the collection aspect of collectable card games and the pacing of board games, this provides a unique twist to the game where well placed units can be a major factor in winning aside from having the best deck.

Every match puts you in a board area with grids, and some of the grids will have summoning grids and influence grids that when captured, can providing spawning points or additional resources to your pool which is need to cast spells or summon creatures.

Your goal is to capture the enemy base grid by just placing your unit on that grid, but you better be prepared as the opponent will also do the same to you. Stepping on a neutral or enemy grid will let you capture it, but if there is an enemy creature standing on a grid, you must attack it and destroy it before you can claim that grid.

A deck can compose of different set of creatures and spells and a hero card, the hero card will always be available at the start of the match and can activate an ability only once per match. These abilities can provide a quick boost for your units or may affect some status ailments on your opponent. Every turn you earn resource points to use for summoning and casting, and your resource pool can increase depending on the amount of resource grids that you capture on the field or may from bonus perks from your summons.

Depending on the available summon grids that you own, you can summon more than one creature if you have enough resources to summon it. Some creatures cannot attack or move right after they are summoned, so be sure to keep note of that. Spells can only be used during your turn, and depending on its abilities, you can use it for your creatures or against the opponents.

Combat for the creatures in Cabal is similar to any traditional card games, every creature has a power and life points and both creatures will attack at each other whenever a combat is initiated. If the attacking or defending creature has a life point equal or lower than the power points of the opposing creature, that creature will be destroyed, any damage dealt to any creature will reduce its life points if it managed to survive. Some creatures have special abilities that can be activated once or spend a certain amount of resource or will be triggered if certain conditions were met.

You can customize your own deck by collecting more cards, you can get more by purchasing booster packs in the item mall, you can earn gold to purchase by winning in matches or from special events, alternatively you can purchase them with real money. Decks can only hold a maximum of 30 cards. There are also preconstructed decks can you can purchase that have a prepared deck that you can use immediately.

There are only two game modes available on the mobile version, one which lets you play against a player in a random match making and the other as a training against enemy AIs. You can still earn experience points from enemy AIs but only smaller compared to real opponents. There are no other interesting game modes that players can experiment on, which can make some players get tired of the game easily.


The problem with games that are dependent on online players if there are very few active players, and that is one of the problems for Cabals. Setting up a quickmatch may be easy, but finding a player is another story. We tried looking for an active player to battle with but even if we tried to search for thirty minutes, there were no players available. It would be better if there are any single player missions to keep the players hooked while they wait for an online match.

Graphics/ Sound

The artworks on the cards in Cabals are impressive, it has that Lovecraft theme to it that matches well with the game itself. The animations are okay which provides some transition effects on summoning creatures. The music has that classical tune to match with the game’s theme.


Cabals: Magic and Battle Cards is an impressive card game that combines both board games and collectible card games. Unfortunately, the lack of active players will affect this game as it lacks any other single player content to compliment the fewer player base. But hopefully with the constant game updates, it will help complement its shortcomings to provide a better game experience.

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New Game Added: Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards

by Richard Dec 30, 2016
Play as a up-and-coming Cabal and side with one of the 6 known Cabal factions in existence. Wage war against other factions to gain the authority to influence humanity and the path they are on. Set in a world of esotericism and mystics, be ready to experience a magic-infused adventure in this collectible card game! Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards: Gameplay Your deck in Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards: The rocketeer Read More
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