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Bubble Raider 7 rate Help Cappuccino the Monkey complete the treasure map by busting bubbles in various zones in this exciting bubble-shooting adventure, Bubble Raider! If you’re up for a challenging, bubble-shooting puzzle game, Bubble Raider is a game that is perfect for you! Play it now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Join in the fun with Cappuccino the Monkey in this exciting bubble-shooting adventure, Bubble Raider! Match 3 or more bubbles of the same colors in this game and pop them. Complete each level as fast as you can, preferably before any bubble reach the red line below, in order to get 3 stars for the level. The game also has plenty of interesting obstacles that do make the game so much challenging. If you’re up for a challenging, bubble-shooting puzzle game that has an Indiana-Jones theme, Bubble Raider is the perfect game for you! Play it now!


To start, the game immediately throws you into your very first level with the accompanying tutorial. If you’re a bubble-shooting vet, you will feel right at home real quick though and you probably won’t even need the tutorial. In this game, you’ll need to match up 3 or more bubbles of the same colors in order to pop them.

You can even swap the bubble in Cappuccino the Monkey’s hand for the next one in line in the sack by pressing spacebar. Do be careful though – sometimes, the bubble just won’t change with 1 press of the spacebar. In that case, you just need to press it again until the game registers it.

If you’re really good in bubble shooting, you’ll definitely want to try to bounce shots off the walls on both sides to get to the weaker bubble link in order to use as little moves as you can to drop as many bubbles as you can. Dropping bubbles is after all the best way to earn more bonus points in this game!

The goal in Bubble Raider is very straightforward and simple. You just need to need to clear all the bubbles in the playing field. However, unlike other bubble-shooters, Bubble Raider emphasizes a lot on precision shooting and speed. This means that you’ll need to make every shot of yours count. This is because the game provides you with limited amount of time to clear the board of bubbles.

Every few minutes, the ceiling of the board will move one notch closer to the bottom. When any of the bubbles in the playing field touches the red line at the bottom, you’ll fail the level and lose the game. Failed levels will cost you 1 life each. You have a total of 5 lives to spare and once you ran out of lives, you won’t be able to play anymore. Thankfully, these lives regenerate over time, but if you simply can’t wait to continue playing, you can always purchase more lives using real cash.

You can earn up to 3 stars per game and to get that you’ll need to be able to complete the level before the ceiling move. Of course, if you didn’t get 3 stars at your first go of the level, don’t despair! You can always revisit the level and give it a second attempt to earn that 3 stars. There are also many levels for you to play in Bubble Raider and with each few levels, you’ll get to travel from one location to another. With time and plenty of bubble shooting, you’ll be able to travel the world in this game!

One of the most interesting aspects of Bubble Raider is that there are simply so many interesting achievements that you can collect! These achievements will in turn grant you Indiana-Jones-worthy collectibles or treasures to fill your coffers. For instance, you can get the “Rapid Fire” treasure, which is technically a golden statue of a monkey with the old type of machine gun that cowboys use in films, when you managed to fire 10 shots within 30 seconds.

Weird thing though, the game allows you to earn coins as well in each game. The coins will be given to you depending on how much bonus points you’ve obtained in a level. However, these coins seem to be rather useless in Bubble Raider as there are no power-ups that you can buy nor you could use it to buy more lives. Well, at least the stars show how perfect your game is.


Bubble Raider is a pretty old game but its community is still going strong. Despite being 4-eayr-old, the game still has up to 50 thousand monthly active players and the game itself was liked on its Facebook fan page for 267 thousand times! The fan page often gives out free lives, so, be sure to head over there to show your support! “Like” the page and be a part of the vibrant Bubble Raider community!

Graphics/ Sound

The brightly-colored graphics in Bubble Raider is amazing and has a very unique style. Its background is somewhat simplistic, yet the details in the objects in the background as well as for the bubbles are simply awesome. In terms of sound, you’re treated with a very Indiana-Jones-type of music. It’s both catchy and pleasant to listen to!


In short, Bubble Raider is a very addictive and fun, time-based bubble-shooting puzzle game that allows you to journey with the famous Cappuccino the Monkey, the Indiana Jones of the animal kingdom. The game offers levels after levels of challenging games that will require you to have excellent bubble-bouncing skills, a good eye and very good aim. If you enjoy playing bubble shooters that require precision and skills rather than the rapid fire in Zuma, then it is a no-brainer that you will love this game! So, gather all your items in the rucksack and set off on an adventure with Cappuccino the Monkey in Bubble Raider today!

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New Game Added: Bubble Raider

by Aethyna Aug 6, 2015
Help Cappuccino the Monkey complete the treasure map by busting bubbles in various zones in this exciting bubble-shooting adventure, Bubble Raider! If you’re up for a challenging, bubble-shooting puzzle game, Bubble Raider is a game that is perfect for you! Play it now! Rocks in Bubble Raider Bubble Raider: Mutlicolored bubbles Bazaar in Bubble Raider Read More
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