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Bubble Boo 8 rate This brilliant bubble shooting game has lots of fun levels for you to enjoy, and a range of Boo's for you to collect too. Each Boo gives you a unique booster and they like to play with you while you enjoy each level. With a fun twit on the genre there is a great game waiting for you. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you sometimes feel like you want to shoot some bubbles at cute little furry creatures so they can drop into a dunk tank? Well, although there are no dunk tanks in this game, Bubble Boo is the closest game that fits the description! Come and pop colorful bubbles to earn point in this exciting and addictive game! Bring down huge chunks of bubbles and eventually destroy the floating platform that the Boos are standing on, to ‘dunk’ them to the ground! There are also boosters if you needed that extra edge as well as a variety of special bubbles that will challenge how you play this game. Interested? Do read on!


Bubble Boo is a fairly standard bubble shooter game. In this game, the cute Boos somehow gotten themselves on a floating flower-shaped disc supported by the bubbles that surround them and they rare refusing to come down. This is where you come in! You will need to shoot colored bubbles from your bubble cannon to match 3 or more bubbles of the same color together in order to pop them and earn points.

It is, of course, best to pop the weakest link in the chain of bubbles so that you can bring down large clumps of bubbles and earn even more points. Don’t worry though, the game provides you with a tutorial to teach you the basics of the game if you have absolutely no experience with games like this before.

The bubble formations start off easy, but soon, you’ll need to learn the art of bouncing bubbles off the walls to accurately hit your target from the side! Getting that right angle to bounce the ball can be rather difficult and you’ll definitely miss (and hit some place else) a couple of times. If you miss a shot and the bubble flies out the map, the Boo will take out a vacuum and take one of your bubbles away from your cannon. Don’t get discouraged though, with some practice and maybe with a ruler to help you estimate the spot the bubble will land, you can easily master this game!

Furthermore, if the bubble that is in your cannon is not the color you need, you can swap the current bubble for the next one by pressing spacebar or by clicking the swap button. This is a very important skill that you will most certainly need to learn – it will prove to be very useful. Whenever you finish a level with plenty of leftover bubbles in your cannon, the extra bubbles will be shot out like fireworks and you can gain bonus scores for them.

There are also many modes of play in Bubble Boo. Most of them consist of games that have limited moves while some of them present a tougher challenge by limiting the number of turns you have to solve the puzzle before the Boo adds a new batch of bubbles to your board. Each level in this game usually has more than 1 round (sometimes up to 3 rounds!) of bubble puzzle to solve and the number of bubbles you have will be refreshed with every new round. Thankfully, there are no timed levels in this game.

As you progress, you will encounter special bubbles like steel bubbles which cannot be popped or frozen bubbles, which will take on the same color as the bubble popped adjacent to it. These unique obstacles are what make the game so challenging and fun! However, due to the increasing difficulty, there may be times where you are unable to successfully complete a level. Since you are given a maximum 5 lives at any time, you can repeat the level for at least 5 times before you’ll run out of lives. These lives will regenerate over time though and if you can’t wait, you could always buy them with real money.

There are even special levels whereby once you completed the stage, the Boo in the level will join you and provide you with one of your boosts (either starting boosts or helping boosts). For instance, the first Boo you will recruit to your side is Dexter. He will become your aiming guide booster and helps you by showing where your bubbles will land. The next one is Ignatius, which you will encounter at level 16. He is the fire bubble booster and allows you to shoot fire bubbles that will burn through all the bubbles in its wake. You will eventually unlock all of the boosters as you proceed to the higher levels. 3 of every unlocked boosters will be given to you for free, but if you used them up and need more, you will need to spend some real money to buy them. So, bear in mind to save those boosters for the really tough levels instead of wasting them all on the earlier levels.

It’s also absolutely adorable and yet annoying that the Boos in the game will wiggle their fingers at you whenever you managed to pop some bubbles. They will also laugh at you if you miss a shot and taunt you from time to time. They will also cower in fear when you landing bubbles close to the platform that the Boo is on. The Boos have so much personality in this game that it’s so endearing to see them talking in gibberish and running away from you every time you managed to drop them to the ground.


Admittedly, the community at Bubble Boo isn’t very huge, but they are very friendly to new players and are willing to give tips to any newbie that needed them. You can head over to the Bubble Boo community Facebook page to meet fellow players as well! By liking the page, you may even get lucky and earn yourself some freebies that the developers give away from time to time.


The graphics in this game consist of bright colors, particularly the bubbles and the Boos. The graphics are well animated and they give out a very cheery feeling. It is the sort of game that has pleasant visuals that may help a person wind down after a long day at work.

The soundtrack in this game is quirky and has a rather fast tempo. It will give you a feeling like you’re in cartoon show or at least in a light-hearted comedy movie. That being said, the music totally fits the game and may even increase your enjoyment of the game too!


All in all, Bubble Boo is a bubble shooter game that seems average in terms of its gameplay. However, it stands out by having lovable and furry Boos, whose antics are very funny and endearing. There are also plenty of different challenging bubble puzzles for you to solve. If you needed help with a particularly difficult level, there are always boosters that you can buy to help you out. Fans of bubble shooter games along with casual gamers everywhere will definitely find this game entertaining. Try it out today!

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Jan 27, 2015
This brilliant bubble shooting game has lots of fun levels for you to enjoy, and a range of Boo's for you to collect too. Each Boo gives you a unique booster and they like to play with you while you enjoy each level. With a fun twit on the genre there is a great game waiting for you. Bubble Boo Top of The Pile Rocks Level in Bubble Boo Bubble Boo Pyramid Read More
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