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by Aethyna
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Bravery and Greed 10 rate Bravery and Greed is a fun blend of roguelikes, 2D platformers, and beat ‘em ups, complete with the option to play cooperatively or competitively with up to 4 players. Embark on an epic adventure as one of four friends in search of the four missing runes that will give them access to riches beyond their imagination! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Bravery and Greed is a fun blend of genres, featuring elements from roguelikes, 2D platformers, and beat ‘em ups, complete with the option to play cooperatively or competitively with up to 4 players. Embark on an epic adventure as one of four friends in search of the four missing runes that will eventually give them access to riches beyond their imagination!


Four friends-slash-adventurers were chilling at a tavern when one of them spoke up. He told the group the rumor that he had heard from a Dwarf.

Apparently, behind the waterfall in the northeast is a secret cave. Within it, there’s an ancient Dwarven Portal that leads to the Dwarven Sky Fortress where Dwarves keep their gold. This thing is though, to open the portal, they will need the 4 runes, namely Rune of Order, Chaos, Life, and Darkness.

In a story of bravery and greed, the friends decided to embark on a journey to recover all four runes so they would gain enough riches that would set them up for life!


There are many game modes in Bravery and Greed, namely the campaign, horde mode, PvP and even Team PvP. Naturally, Campaign consists of the story-driven part of the gameplay, allowing you to embark on an adventure with up to 3 of your friends to find and secure all 4 runes needed to open the ancient Dwarven Portal.

Horde mode, on the other hand, is basically a wave-based survival mode where you and your friends will try to survive as many waves of increasingly more challenging enemies as you can. Each game mode can be further customized, either by equipping Arcanum cards for Campaign or changing the difficulty level and some other gameplay parameters in Horde mode. Note that new Arcanum cards can be earned simply by leveling up in this game. We’ll cover PvP and Team PvP, as well as the co-op feature in the Community subsection.

As tempting as it is to hop into any of the other game modes first, it’s recommended that you play the Campaign mainly because that’s where the tutorial is. Even if you think you’re familiar enough with games like Bravery and Greed, we would recommend going through it anyway. The important part isn’t learning about the basic controls, although that’s still a very-welcomed refresher; it is learning and memorizing the different combos you can do to activate various abilities.

You’ll also get to choose which character to play as and customize him/her accordingly by choosing a favorite color. The game comes with 4 different characters, namely rogue, warrior, mage, and an Amazon warrioress, with each offering a different playstyle to enjoy. Playing as a mage would be obviously different from playing as the melee-oriented warrioress or the nimbler rogue.

The beat ‘em up/hack and slash combat here feels very nostalgic and fun. Not only are the controls smooth and responsive; the insane moves you can do while taking out enemies left and right feel incredibly satisfying. Of course, the enemies themselves aren’t pushovers too. Many of them have abilities unique to their type that can be devastating if you don’t dodge away in time. This is why you really need to pay attention to their attack cues, though this can sometimes be easier said than done mainly because due to different types of enemies overlapping each other.

It’s also interesting to note that there’s like a bestiary book in this game where every kill of a specific monster type is recorded. For some monsters, you’ll unlock a new tip about how to tackle them when you reached a certain kill threshold. Although it’s easy to learn your enemies’ patterns once you’ve encountered them enough times, it’s still a good option to have.

Considering how many enemies you may need to take on at any one time, you can actually have followers of your own by rescuing them from their cages who will help you attack your enemies. They aren’t dumb AIs either, at least not dumb enough to just stand still like a tree while enemies are attacking them, and will dodge away from enemy attacks if needed. If you’re lucky, you may even get a pet animal, like a wolf, that doesn’t only help you take down enemies, but you can also pet it.

Bosses, on the other hand, usually have more than one unique ability that they will use alternately. Similar to the other monsters, it’s crucial to learn the boss pattern as fast as you can and pay attention to danger zones that may appear in the fighting area.

As you progress, you’ll encounter altars that will allow you to customize your character’s skillsets by choosing one of the four Runes to worship. Note that your choice is permanent for that entire run. After choosing a Rune, you’ll then get to choose one out of the three perks given depending on your playstyle and what you need to survive the trials of the game. Some of the perks you get can even extend their benefits to your followers, allowing you to, for instance, heal them.

Note that although there are potions that you can pick up to heal yourself, or drop for your friends to pick up instead, as well as food items that will sometimes drop from broken barrels or enemies, your followers won’t be able to use these items.

Besides followers, there are many other different encounters that you may get as you play. You may, for example, bump into the trader/merchant where you can then spend the riches you’ve accumulated by slaying enemies, breaking barrels and vases, and opening chests on a variety of powerful gear, potions, and even food. You can also meet the fortune teller and spend a bit of coin to potentially get a boon. Inversely, there’s also a chance you can get a curse so it actually goes both ways here.

There are also secret areas that you can only access if you’ve found the key, portals that, when activated, can take you to almost anywhere on the map, and a random boiling cauldron that you can choose to drink from… or not.

The one thing you’ll really notice in this game, besides its brilliant gameplay, is how easy it is to earn money here. Before long, you’ll likely find yourself swimming in cash like I did, with little to nothing to spend it on. This is intentional since, in this game, the money you get also are converted into experience points. So, if you’re frugal and only spend what cash you’ve amassed on only the things you need, then you’ll find it very easy to level up once you’ve ended a run by either dying or defeating the final boss (in the Campaign).

As a roguelike, dying isn’t really the end. Every level-up will unlock new items, from powerful equipment (chance to encounter them at least) to new Arcanum cards that you can then use in your subsequent runs. Though, ultimately, the goal for the Campaign to make it all the way to the end in one piece, or in the case of other game modes, survive for as long as you can.


Bravery and Greed owes its replayability not only to the different characters that you can play as and the many different unlockables you can get but also to the many different co-op and multiplayer game modes, both online and LAN, on offer. You can, for instance, challenge your friends on a free-for-all match in PvP mode or team up with a friend in Team PvP instead. For campaign and horde modes, the co-op option is available, allowing you to play the game with up to 3 of your friends.

The game also supports Steam’s Remote Play Together, but personally, I have had very poor experiences every time I tried this feature, so I’d recommend against using this.

Graphics/ Sound

If you’re into pixel art, you’ll love the art here in Bravery and Greed. Not only are the characters incredibly detailed, but the background and the enemies look really good too. It’s obvious that plenty of love has gone into the creation of the game. In terms of sound, the game comes with a different background soundtrack for each location, along with plenty of ambiances and sound effects for everything you do and which of the dungeon’s many “rooms” you’re in.


Bravery and Greed is truly a fun roguelike platformer that’s a blast to play alone, but more so with friends, up to 4 players in total. Every run offers a different experience, thanks to its variety of loot, customization options, and characters. Like a proper roguelike, it also nails the “one-more-run” formula right on the head, making it a very hard game to put down. If you’re looking for a fun co-op or multiplayer game that you can play with some close friends, Bravery and Greed is one game you’ll want to try!

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by Aethyna Nov 24, 2022
Bravery and Greed is a fun blend of roguelikes, 2D platformers, and beat ‘em ups, complete with the option to play cooperatively or competitively with up to 4 players. Embark on an epic adventure as one of four friends in search of the four missing runes that will give them access to riches beyond their imagination! Bravery & Greed: Playing as a mage Altar in Bravery & Greed Bravery & Greed: Hugging the pet wolf Read More
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