Book of Life: Sugar Smash

by Aethyna
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Book of Life: Sugar Smash 8 rate Help Manolo, Maria and Joaquin reach the festival in one piece along with treats that you collect in a brilliant and fun new game. Make sure everyone has sweet treats for the festival as well as charms to give away as prizes. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Based on the animated movie of a similar name, Book of Life: Sugar Smash is an exciting match-3 puzzle game. In this game, you are charged with the duty of collecting treats and, sometimes, charms for the upcoming festival! How? By matching them up, of course! There are plenty of in-game items that may help you in your journey to the festival as well! Be warned - the journey will be long and it’ll definitely be filled with obstacles. Do you think you can help Manolo, Maria and Joaquin reach the festival in one piece along with the collected treats? Play the game and find out!


The story is very simple – help Manolo, Maria and Joaquin to collect all the treats and charms needed for the fiesta which is just around the corner! Can they make it? Most importantly, can you help them?


The gameplay is very straightforward in this game. Since it is a match-3 game, what you’ll need to do is to swap 3 or more adjacent treats of the same color to complete matches, so that you can collect these treats into the basket.

Each stage will usually require you to collect a specific amount of treats, depending on their color. There are also stages whereby you will be required to collect charms instead, by dropping them down the board. These in-game goals are not exactly very hard to do. However, the game is made slightly difficult by limiting the number of moves you are given! Furthermore, you will encounter some really tricky and challenging boards as well as obstacles, such as churros (All you can eat churros!), in this game, making the game even harder! Challenge accepted?

In addition, if you managed to match more than 3 treats in Book of Life: Sugar Smash, you will gain some truly special, mouthwatering treats like every other match-3 games. For making 4-treat matches, you will get a striped treat that either clears an entire row or column! If you made a 5-treat match instead, you will get one of the most awesome and colorful treat in the game – the rainbow drop! Once the drop is swapped with another treat, it will collect all treats of the same color and drop them into the basket.

There are also combos whereby you perform 2 times 3-treat matches with only 1 move! For making an L-shaped combo, you will be rewarded with a sandwich-like piñata, which will burst when swapped. On the other hand, for T-shaped matches, you will get a hard candy with an X painted on top. The ‘X’ is a dead giveaway as to how this candy works – it, of course, clears rows of treats, diagonally, in the shape of an ‘X’. Not to mention, you should really try swapping 2 special treats together – you’ll be amazed at the results, for sure! No spoilers though, you’ll just have to find it out yourself!

As mentioned, the game provides you with limited number of moves per game. What is you had leftovers? Well, in that case, you will have earned yourself a Sugar Smash round! During Sugar Smash, you don’t need to do anything – everything is automated. Your leftover moves will be used up to turn random treats into special treats… and Sugar Smash activates them all, one by one! This is a great way for you to earn that bonus points so that you can beat your friends’ scores in this game!

Book of Life: Sugar Smash does not require you to get all 3 stars per stage in order to clear it. In fact, you just needed to get 1 star instead! If you don’t like seeing the single star ‘forever alone’ on your map, you could always return to the same game and play it again. Who knows? You may just get 3 stars this time!

However, the game does penalize you if you failed a stage. Did you notice your life counter on the top right corner of the interface? Well, you’ll lose a life if you fail. Don’t worry though! You can easily get those lost lives back since they regenerate over time. If you’re not the kind of person to wait, you could also beg or pester your friends for lives or even, spend some real money to buy lives. It’s your choice!

So, in order to avoid all the unnecessary hassle of losing lives, what can you do when you encounter some of the tougher levels? Easy, there are boosters that you can use to help you! You could, for example, choose to add more moves before you enter a game. You could also use the many in-game items, such as the maraca, which can be used to smash a treat, or the Chuy Charge, which will smash through a whole row of treats when used.

One of the most useful items is probably the fireworks – you can easily collect charms by clearing a whole column of treats! Book of Life: Sugar Smash only gives you a few of these items and boosters to use for free though. If you need more, you will then need to pull out that credit card and exercise your purchasing power!

Lastly, the game uses a lot of Mexican exclamations, like ‘Santa Chihuahua’ or ‘Santa Cordita’ that may get lost on you, especially if you are not familiar with these terms and have no idea what they meant. Yes, they do sound a bit funny when the characters said them out loud in the game, but are they total gibberish or do these words actually mean something? You will never know (unless you Google Translate those phrases)!


Although the community in Book of Life: Sugar Smash is not exactly huge, its Facebook page is still a great place to meet fellow sugar smashers and hook up with them so that you can gift each other extra lives! There is also the occasional giveaway, so if you’re an active player of the game, it may be great to like and follow the page. Who knows, right? You may just get lucky and win some nice boosters!


The game has absolutely brilliant graphics, filled with delicious-looking treats that will probably give you a virtual toothache if you as much as look at them for too long! All the treats and characters are brightly colored and look well-polished. The map, however, looks like a shabby cardboard cut-out, but maybe the game intended to make it that way.

The sound in Book of Life: Sugar Smash consists mainly of catchy Mexican/Latin tunes, which fits perfectly with the theme of the game. Do expect plenty of sound from Mexican guitars, Bajo Quinto, Arpa Jarocha and many more! Warning: The music may cause your feet to involuntarily start dancing.


In short, Book of Life: Sugar Smash is an exciting match-3 puzzle game that has endearing characters, particularly if you have watched its movie counterpart. The game has quite a number of levels and the numerous obstacles dropped into the gameplay made it somewhat challenging to play. Fans of casual or match-3 games (or of Mexican music) will definitely enjoy this! Play it now!

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New Game Added: Book of Life: Sugar Smash

by Aethyna Feb 8, 2015
Help Manolo, Maria and Joaquin reach the festival in one piece along with treats that you collect in a brilliant and fun new game. Make sure everyone has sweet treats for the festival as well as charms to give away as prizes. Book of Life: Sugar Smash Special Sweets Gaps Level in Book of Life: Sugar Smash Book of Life: Sugar Smash Churros Level Read More
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