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Bloons TD Battles 10 rate Bloons TD Battles makes tower defense even more challenging with its new PvP battle modes. In this game, you build your defenses and make attacks simultaneously to defeat your opponent. Bring out your monkeys and pop those balloons! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Enter the competitive world of Bloons TD Battles. Here, you get to defend your base while attacking other players. Line up your bazookas, ninja monkeys and other weapons to pop those balloons while sending more balloons to your enemy’s camp!


Bloons TD Battles is a follow-up to the popular Bloons TD. There’s still the basic tower defense elements and you’ll still line up your balloon-popping monkeys on a path. However, this version takes the gameplay to a more interactive level by adding a Player vs Player feature. In Bloons TD Battles, you not only need to defend your tower, you also get to attack another player’s tower. So you won’t be battling with an AI, but another player from the real world. The fight happens simultaneously, with a split-screen of the two players’ war grounds.

There are two battle rooms that are presented to you when you start the game: Quick Play or Play With Friends. Quick Play simply means you’re randomly paired with another player, while Play With Friends let you choose who among your game friends you want to play with. As such, Play With Friends mode requires you to sign up for a free Bloons TD account and enables you to save your games as well as have a chance to get listed on the leaderboard.

Within each battle room, you can choose Assault Mode or Defensive Mode. Assault Mode means you have to defend your tower against a live opponent, and at the same time send balloons to that opponent’s camp to try to defeat him. The last player standing wins. In Defensive Mode, both players are given the same number and manners of attack on their camps and it’s up to them to defend it. The player who defends his camp until the very end of the game wins. If both players remain standing by the end of the match, the player with the least number of balloons that reached the end of the path wins. You cannot attack the other player’s camp in Defensive Mode. Assault Mode is probably the most ideal way to play this game, as playing on Defensive Mode can sometimes be lackluster in terms of competitiveness.

In Assault Mode, you can choose from three different towers. Maps are chosen randomly, but you can choose to skip it in exchange for energy points. When battle starts, there will be two versions of the map in your screen – one is yours and the other one is your opponent’s. Check your game name on top to see which one is yours. You need to place your first tower immediately to attack the first wave of balloons. You continue to build your defense but at the same time send balloons over to your opponent. Each batch of balloons will cost you a few medallions (the in-game currency). You’re only given a limited amount of medallions to work with, so make sure to balance this with buying towers and balloons.

The key to defeating your enemy is to know which towers kill which balloons. You might spend your medallions on expensive balloons that are easily destroyed by your enemy’s towers. Try to see what kind of balloon is difficult to kill with the kinds of defenses your opponent has. But be ready to adjust your strategy, since their defenses can change anytime within the battle.

Certain interactive features are added in this version, and you can send a pre-defined message to your enemy before, during and after the game. You can click on the word balloon that appears and select from a list of short messages (Sorry, Oops, Hi, Well Done, etc). This message appears on your opponent’s screen with the appropriate monkey emoticon, which is great for breaking the ice in a rather intense game.

Each successful battle will reward you with medallions and you can use these to unlock more towers and balloons to use in your next match. Certain towers require a level to unlock, but you can unlock them ahead of time with real money. Existing towers that you own can also be upgraded to the next Tier, but you’ll have to wait until you’re a certain level, or you can unlock that with real money as well. Balloons, on the other hand cannot be upgraded, and each kind can only be enabled or disabled after purchase.

Within Quick Play, you can join Battle Arenas for an entry fee (starting with 5 medals). These special battle rooms have their own rewards and conditions for playing. You can still choose your own towers and skip maps before the match.

For even bigger matches, you can check out the Assault Club, which is a members-only battle room. However, if you are a non-member, you may enter the club once in 22 hours. By joining clubs, you get access to new maps, special game modes, time-bound events, double medallions and a one-time reward of 1,000 medallions. Membership costs $ 4.99.

Bloons TD Battles is just as entertaining as its predecessor and you can expect the same kinds of quirky but effective towers from Ninja Monkeys to Super Monkey. With this new feature that encourages different battle modes with other players, this game is even harder to resist.


With already a lot of fans from the previous Bloons TD, you can expect a large following and community for this game. The battle rooms are proof of this game’s population and you can find as many as 3,000 players in a single battle room. You can find more information about the game in Ninja Kiwi’s website or on Steam.


One of the best things about this game is its superbly creative graphics and animation. The soundtrack has also become quite ingrained for anyone who’s played this game over and over. It’s still the same in this version and that’s a good thing. Bloons TD Battles still maintains the same colorful graphics and sound that is a huge factor for its appeal.


Bloons TD Battles takes a great game and makes it even better with its PvP battle approach. It’s also free to play, which is a big deal for some who might not want to spend a few dollars just to pop balloons. Gameplay is even more intense because you’re out to defeat other players who’s probably sitting there waiting for your next move. The vast battle rooms allow you to explore and participate in many new challenges, which keeps the game interesting and never boring. This game will definitely keep you coming back for more epic battles among monkeys, balloons and your real-world opponents.

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New Game Added: Bloons TD Battles

by Kim May 4, 2016
Bloons TD Battles makes tower defense even more challenging with its new PvP battle modes. In this game, you build your defenses and make attacks simultaneously to defeat your opponent. Bring out your monkeys and pop those balloons! Bloons TD Battles swamp map ZOMG bloon in Bloons TD Battles Bloons TD Battles bridge map Read More
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