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Bloodborne 10 rate Wander around the streets of a city enveloped by a morbid illness in Bloodborne, and fight grotesque monstrosities while doing so. Dodge enemy attacks and execute strikes using your blade and firearm to survive. Go through a vague yet emotionally exhausting plot as you immerse yourself in its world. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Bloodborne is a Dark Souls game in all but name, after all, it was made by From Software, the developers of Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, and Dark Souls III. And yes, it is one of the best-selling games of the PlayStation era, with over two million copies sold. Three years after its release, it is one of PlayStation Plus’ free titles for March 2018, alongside Ratchet & Clank, Mighty No. 9, and Claire.

Arguably, Bloodborne is one of the thought and emotionally-provoking games of this generation. It stretches gameplay and storytelling tropes to the limit with religious themes, its focus on world-building to tell you what the heck is going on and of course, its rather unique and terrifying art style. Fans of the action-RPG genre, especially those who have played Dark Souls before, will find themselves at home. If this is your first taste of From Software’s creations though, you’re in for a wild and horrific (yet highly enjoyable) ride.


Bloodborne’s story is set in the city of Yharnam, a gothic city with a festering illness turning its citizens into grotesque monstrosities. It is known for its advances in blood healing which also caused the plague that isgradually destroying. The game starts with you creating your own character, selecting his preset backstory, voice, gender, and appearance. Your character is then referred to as a Hunter, and he wakes up in a clinic while being operated by an old man who says he will be transfusing blood into you. After which, you’ll end up fighting and losing to a lycan, better known as a werewolf.

Bloodborne’s story has heavy religious undertones. Its storytelling methods aren’t traditional, and half the time, you’re walking around the streets with a vague idea of what is happening around you. Instead, the focus is merely on you creating your own story has you traverse around its world. Yharnam is a labyrinth of secrets with people hiding behind closed doors. You’ll get to interact with these people who will respond with your knocks with insane laughter, scared voices, and eerie silence. Some however, will provide you with items which may come useful in your battles.


Bloodborne’s gameplay is comparable to the Souls’ games with subtle differences. The combat is its main meat, and fighting requires a distinct offensive approach wherein in Dark Souls, it would be more recommended to defend and evade. Why this is so is simple: you can replenish health by absorbing enemy blood, encouraging a “high risk, high reward” method to end threats. Although they’re completely different games, you could say that the way you approach enemies in Bloodborne is nearly similar to Monster Hunter. Enemies, especially bosses, have attack patterns, and it would be smart to study them before engaging in an all-out melee.

Players can equip two primary weapons and two secondaries at the same time. Primary weapons are called Trick Weapons, and these are usually bladed like a sword, axe, or even a hammer. They can transform into different states, allowing you to use them for different reasons. For example, the axe can transform into a large, two-handed weapon suited for defeating large groups of enemies, while the one-handed state is well-suited for one on one combat. The main secondary weapon is a gun which can be used to stun enemies. Other secondary arms include cannons, shields, and torches.

The game has a semi-open world setting, complete with “Chalice Dungeons” wherein you fight monsters and bosses that yield loot. Although the world of Yharnam is full of dangers, there is a safe zone called the “Hunter’s Dream” players can access using lanterns scattered throughout the city. Here, you will be able to purchase items using the currencies, Blood Echoes (which also doubles as experience points) and Insight (secondary currency). When your Insight reaches a certain level, the world and the enemies change - you’re better off discovering how on your own. That aside, Bloodborne’s world is like a web, full of interconnected areas, but there are some locations you can only access using the Hunter’s Dream or gravestones.


Bloodborne is primarily a single player game, it does have some fantastic multiplayer elements. By spending one Insight point, you can have another player connect to your game and cooperate to take down bosses and certain areas of the game. This comes with a bit of uncertainty though: the random player who connects may end up turning on you instead of your enemies. Players can also leave messages in some parts of the game to other players which may include tips for beating bosses or how to get through a level. There are also some parts wherein you can see how other players died, enabling you to avoid doing the same mistakes they made.


In terms of visuals and art style, Bloodborne is one of the most compelling games of this generation. Yharnam sucks you in, its unforgiving atmosphere giving you a sense of foreboding and fear, not knowing if a werewolf or another grotesque being will jump in and cut you in half as you turn into a street corner. The monster designs are extremely horrifying and yes, disturbing. These range from giant spiders, pigs, a humanoid with numerous arms and a face that would give trypophobics a heart attack, to creatures words can never explain. Their appearances are the stuff nightmares are made of. The musical score and voice acting fully complement the atmosphere,


Overall, Bloodborne is rightfully one of the top PlayStation exclusives of all time, and is up there in the list of the best games of the generation. Its gameplay, art style, and its world and lore are just topnotch and everything you could ask for in a game. Having it on PlayStation Plus is a godsent, and if you’re a member, it would be smart to download it right away.

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by Mikhail Mar 21, 2018
Wander around the streets of a city enveloped by a morbid illness in Bloodborne, and fight grotesque monstrosities while doing so. Dodge enemy attacks and execute strikes using your blade and firearm to survive. Go through a vague yet emotionally exhausting plot as you immerse yourself in its world. Fighting a citizen in the early stages of infection in Bloodborne Firearm in Bloodborne Messengers in Bloodborne Read More
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