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Blockade 3D 9 rate Blockade 3D is a pretty nice free-to-play browser-based MMOFPS game that has combines the sandbox elements of a voxel-based game (like Minecraft) with the adrenaline-rushing action of a MMO first-person shooter! If you love Ace of Spades or any voxel-based MMO shooter mods, Blockade 3D is a great game for you! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Blockade 3D is a team- and voxel-based shooter game that may remind you of Ace of Spades. In this game, you’ll be shooting enemy players to rack up kills for your team in order to win. Not to mention, it has the sandbox element in it that allows you to alter the environment to your advantage. There are also plenty of game modes for you to enjoy. Some of the more interesting ones include the zombie and tank mode. There are even a range of weapons that you can purchase using real money, including melee weapons, pistols, rifles, miniguns and grenade launcher. If you loved mods that turned Minecraft or any voxel-based games into shooter games, then you can just skip all the hassle of getting mods and play this free-to-play game, Blockade 3D, on Facebook today!


The game does not exactly provide a tutorial whereby you are guided through the basics of the game. Instead, there’s a guide every time you start up a game showing you which keys controls which actions and such stuff. The controls are typically the same as any MMO shooter games though.

After signing up with your Facebook account (you can also get the game on Steam for free) and logging into the game, you’ll be dropped right into the lobby. There, you can go to the shop to purchase more weapons, customize your loadout and well, find a game to get started racking up those kills!

For weapons, Blockade 3D provides beginners with 1 free gun for each of the classes in the game (which will be explained later in the review), making it a total of 3 guns. Besides those 3 weapons and a default sidearm, the game also offers a variety of other weapons, ranging from rocket launchers and miniguns to melee weapons like machete, wrench and fire axe. There are also some pretty unique weapons, like the police shield and the crossbow, though most of the time they are pretty useless. There are also no lob-able grenades in this game. However, there is no other way to get weapons for in-game money. All of the better and much superior weapons will cost you real money, making this pretty much a pay-to-win game. Though, if you have the skills, you will still get kills, as long as you don’t mind getting killed repeatedly by those people with obviously purchased items.

Now that you are ready to start some killing done, it’s time to find yourself a nice room to join into the fight! Select the server, namely Russia, US or Europe, which will give you the lowest amount of lag and choose a room from the list provided. You will notice that there are quite a plethora of maps that are available for free (no premium maps) in Blockade 3D as well as a range of game modes. The maps in this game are usually small, though there are some pretty large ones, which usually mean that encounters are inevitable. Even if you hide in your home base (and why would you do that?), you’ll eventually get flushed out by some player attacking your team’s base.

In terms of game modes, as mentioned, there are quite a variety of them, such as battle, capture, versus, survival, zombie, tank and carnage. Battle mode involves melee fights only while capture mode involves, well, your team capturing territories on the map and holding it to earn your team points. In versus mode, two teams, red and blue, will be duking it out using weapons and the team with the highest score will win. This is a standard team deathmatch mode with a strong emphasis on the “death” part. Survival mode, on the other hand, is a zombie-oriented mode, whereby you and your team have to defend yourself against waves after waves of zombies until you all die. Each wave is triggered at every 30 seconds and in every subsequent wave, the number of the zombies in the waves will increase.

However, the most notable ones have got to be the zombie mode and the tank mode. In zombie mode, a team of players will be dropped into a map and when the game starts, one of the players will be randomly chosen and turned into the “alpha zombie”. His/her role in this game is to try to infect as many humans as he/she can. The zombie has a lot more health, especially considering that it’ll start off by being 1 zombie versus the entire team of humans, and it does not die easily. The role of the other players in the game is to avoid being turned and killing as many zombies as they can. Respawns are not allowed in this game, so if a zombie is dead - it stays dead.

For tank mode, players will be able to drive a tank and participate in exciting and truly challenging tank battles. Tanks are rather slow and unwieldy, particularly when you’ll need to reload after every shot and it takes quite awhile to reload. Enemy tanks will also require you to land in 3 shots before it can be destroyed, so don’t go in expecting to one shot everything. However, if you shoot a player with a tank, 1 direct shot is more than enough to kill him/her. When a tank is destroyed, the player driving it can try to escape from the tank and run away to get a new one. Furthermore, not all players are given the opportunity to drive a tank though, since there are only 4 tanks available, but whoever is the fastest to take over a newly spawned tank will be able to have some fun!

After choosing a game mode and a map, it’s time to get a game going! Before you are spawned in the game, you’ll be asked which team you would like to join. Some game modes contain 4 teams, red, blue, yellow and green, while some have only 2. There’s also a limit as to how many players there can be in each team though, due to this selection step, some games can get really unfair with one team filled to the brim with players and the other with only 3 to 4 poor fellas who became bullet-fodder.

Once you have decided which team to go to, you’ll need to choose a class, namely assault, support or sniper. Different class will be allowed to use different types of primary weapons – the secondary will be the same for everybody, which is the pistol. For instance, assaults are able to use quite a wide range of variety of weapons that includes the standard assault rifles, submachine guns, miniguns and even rocket launchers. Support class players will have access to a nice stash of shotguns for devastating close range combat while snipers, well, they will access to a list of sniper rifles. Chose a class that you didn’t like? Don’t worry! You can easily swap out your weapons for other weapons (and effectively changing your class) at your home base after you respawn.

The most unique feature in this game is definitely its sandbox element that allows you to alter the environment to your advantage. Instead of just shooting, you’ll get to go into a “build mode” and place blocks to build walls as barricades and then create a little porthole for yourself to shoot out from or even a sniper’s nest. If you prefer, you can also dig trenches or build staircases to reach certain vantage points on the map. You can also destroy trees and other items (though not all) in the game by shooting at them with your weapon. You can even add to or destroy objects built by any of your team’s players, making the process of building barricades and stuff a team effort. The freedom to build and destroy blocks is restricted in certain maps though and there are certain blocks that are impervious to destruction, such as the metal blocks.

That being said, there have been plenty of complains by the players in the game about Blockade 3D’s really slow and bad leveling system. To them, they feel as though they never seem to be able to level up and since you’ll need to level up to unlock the chance to purchase higher grade weapons, this is be quite a bummer. There are also the issues of camping though the presence of hackers in the game has dropped since the game’s anti-cheat system rolled out.


Blockade 3D has quite the community! It has over 1 million monthly active players on Facebook and that didn’t take in account of the players it has via Steam. Many of the more dedicated players in the game have grouped themselves into clans which you can only join once you reach a certain rather high level. This is because clan members are allowed to participate in clan tournaments whereby they can pit their clan against other clans in a thrilling showdown! The game also has an active YouTube community, in which players, usually pros, show off their skills or weapons in the game and give tips and hints to other players, so that they can be as great as the pros one day. However, that being said, some players in the game can be really toxic in the in-game chat, but if you just ignore them and focus on the game, you should be fine.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Blockade 3D is pretty okay - slightly better than Minecraft, but not any other voxel-based games out there. It is still acceptable. If you’re looking into the distance in this game, you’ll see something like the “fog of war” which limits your sights for quite a bit. Thus, scoping comes into play here. In terms of music, the game’s lobby has a nice techno music playing in the background. In the game though, the game does not have any background music. Instead, you’ll get to listen to rather realistic sound effects of gunfire, zombies moaning, or in the case of tank mode, the noisy mechanical sound of tanks moving around.


In short, Blockade 3D is a pretty nice free-to-play browser-based MMOFPS game that has combines the sandbox elements of a voxel-based game (like Minecraft) with the adrenaline-rushing action of a MMO first-person shooter! In this game, you will need to rack up kills while being able to create your own destructible barricades, trenches, or even sniper’s nests. The game modes in this game is rather fun, especially the zombie and the tank modes, and you are even given up to 3 different classes to play with. There are plenty of weapons available for purchase using real money as well! The range of weapons includes some of the more unconventional ones, like police shield, crossbow and wrench. If you love Ace of Spades or any voxel-based MMO shooter mods, Blockade 3D is a great game for you to have some fun in! Try it today!

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by Aethyna Apr 23, 2015
Blockade 3D is a pretty nice free-to-play browser-based MMOFPS game that has combines the sandbox elements of a voxel-based game (like Minecraft) with the adrenaline-rushing action of a MMO first-person shooter! If you love Ace of Spades or any voxel-based MMO shooter mods, Blockade 3D is a great game for you! Blockade 3D: Shooting Death from above in Blockade 3D Blockade 3D: You are infected Read More
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