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by Aethyna
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Block Star Party 10 rate Match tokens nearby to chip away at the many blocks that so happen to block your way to what you have heard is the biggest party in town! Have fun playing with the game’s many power-ups and boosters or enjoy customizing your blobling by changing its color or dressing it up. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Block Star Party is a pretty unique match-3 puzzle game that doesn’t only allow you to match 3 or more tokens up; it also gives you a fixed objective for every level – you’ll need to remove all the blocks in the level by matching tokens right next to them, all the while keeping in mind how many moves you have left. There is also a nice variety of special tokens and boosters that you’ll need to learn to use. You can even customize your blobling and dress it up in adorable outfits.


Block Star Party has a pretty unique and somewhat amusingly nonsensical plot. Apparently, you’ve got a party to get to but suddenly, all these giant blocks are appearing everywhere. These blocks happen to be fragments from a falling meteor... are you following the story so far? Well, good, because this is just about it. Maybe there will be more once you reach the later levels though.


The whole premise of the gameplay in Block Star Party is the need to clear each level of the annoying, party-pooping blocks that... well, blocks your progress. You can do so by simply matching at least 3 tokens right next to these blocks. However, like blocks, you can’t really remove the entire piece at one go. Instead, you’ll actually need to continue making matches to slowly chip away at the block until it is completely removed.

There are many different types of blocks in this game as well and different blocks will have different criteria for their removal. For instance, if the block is red in color, then only red token match-ups will erode the block. Interestingly though, the effects of special tokens – these are obtained usually when you match more than 3 tokens together in various forms – do away with all these special conditions, allowing you to clear the blocks much faster than the normal method of matching.

Similar to blocks, there are plenty of special tokens in this game and naturally, each of them have their own functions. For example, the Star token that can be obtained by matching 5 tokens in an L-shaped form is able to clear all surrounding pieces when matched. The Rainbow Magnet, on the other hand, can clear all pieces of the same color as the one it is swapped with. Incredibly, you can even combine these special pieces together to get a much more pronounced effect!

Being a match-3 puzzle game (emphasis on the word “puzzle”), you are only given a limited number of moves to use per level. This means that you’ll have to make every move you make count! If you manage to finish a level with less moves, then good for you, these extra moves will be used up in the bonus round, earning you a ton of extra points.

Each level also has up to 3 stars for you to earn and surprisingly, unlike the other games in the same genre, Block Star Party makes sure that getting a 3-star rating actually feels like an achievement rather than being an event that happens often – it makes having a 3-star rating matters! This is something that I can definitely get behind and respect despite being a bit annoyed that apparently, I can’t always get 3 stars at my first attempt even in the earlier levels.

If you’re a completionist and getting a 3-star feels like a matter of life-or-death for you, then you’ll be thankful to know that the game has plenty of helpful boosters that can, when aptly used, tip you just over the 3-star mark. They do make a world of difference when it comes to not only beating the level but also exceling in it. However, aside from the free ones you get, you’ll need premium cash to buy these boosters

Once you reached the higher levels though, you’ll start to realize the existence of lives in the game... since you’ll start losing them. These lives will replenish themselves over time, but if you just can’t wait, you can get more lives from friends, by buying more lives or, sometimes, you can even get a free 30-minute unlimited lives boost simply by logging in daily.

Not to mention, Block Star Party has hundreds of levels for you to enjoy but the game does block off each batch of levels with a gate where you’ll require 3 keys. Keys can be obtained by playing and clearing specific key-containing levels, but there seems like there might be a glitch from time to time where having all 3 keys will still not open the gate. Unfortunately, if that happens, you’ll need to contact support.

As mentioned before in the summary, you can actually customize your blobling in this game. You can change its color by choosing from a nice range of colors available and you can also dress the blobling up in cute outfits, accessories and even costumes. You’ll get some free items simply by playing the game, but as you might have expected, some of these items will cost you premium cash to buy.


Block Star Party is perhaps one of the more lowkey match-3 game that’s popular enough to have a ton of players, but is not famous enough – I’m looking at you Candy Crush Saga – to make the front-page news. That said, you can find willing players to add as friends via the game’s official Facebook fan page.

Graphics/ Sound

Block Star Party has a pretty colorful and vibrant graphics, art style and color scheme. The game looks good visually for a Facebook game but maybe not as well as any of the “Triple A” casual titles like Farmville: Harvest Swap or Frozen Free Fall. In terms of music, the game has a soft tune that sounds like it ought to be in an animated movie or a cheesy romance flick which oddly so happen to give you a magical feeling. The music, as you might expect, is looped.


In some way, the game’s unique concept has trapped Block Star Party in a corner since every level will literally have the same objective that is to clear the blocks, but it’s nice to note that the game has really overdone itself by creatively coming up with a variety of special blocks that injects a significant amount of difficulty into its levels. Of course, it’s also amazing that you can actually customize your blobling by buying cute accessories and costumes for it. Most games just let you buy different but pre-made avatars instead.

So, if you like a bit of change in your usual dose of match-3 fun, Block Star Party is the sort of game that will surprise you, especially in the later levels. Be sure to check it out!

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New Game Added: Block Star Party

by Aethyna Aug 12, 2017
Match tokens nearby to chip away at the many blocks that so happen to block your way to what you have heard is the biggest party in town! Have fun playing with the game’s many power-ups and boosters or enjoy customizing your blobling by changing its color or dressing it up. Block Star Party: Combining special tokens Level selection in Block Star Party Block Star Party: Score points mode Read More
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