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Bleach Online 8.8 rate Based on the highly acclaimed manga series of the same name, Bleach Online allows its players to immerse into the world of Bleach and interact with many of the more popular characters in the Bleach universe! Help your fellow Shinigami and fight against the ever-growing horde of Hollows & Shinigami’s mortal enemy, the Quincy! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Based on the highly acclaimed manga series of the same name, Bleach Online allows its players to immerse into the world of Bleach and interact with many of the more popular characters in the Bleach universe! Help your fellow Shinigami and fight against the ever-growing horde of Hollows & Shinigami’s mortal enemy, the Quincy! This game is probably the dream game of every Bleach fan! So, if you love Bleach, this game is definitely the right game for you!


The game starts with you waking up at Seireitei. You are an unnamed soldier who was saved from the battlefield by Commander Captain Yamamoto, but you have lost your memory in the process. You will need to find out who you are! In the meantime, the Commander entrusts you to investigate the increasing number of weird and dangerous events that are happening in the human world. One of these weird occurrences involves a seemingly normal human guy named Ichigo Kurosaki who somehow was able to see through your Shinigami form.

Thinking that he might be a Hollow, you descend to the human world as a middle school student and attend the same school and class as Ichigo, so you can find out the truth! Furthermore, there are minor background stories for each character as well, particularly for Ichigo Kurosaki, where you will learn that he lost his parents in a Hollow attack. As the story progresses, you will be able to learn more about yourself and also the other characters in addition to unravelling the true cause behind the unrest in the human world.

The plotline of this game does not follow the story in the Bleach manga. Thus, this game can be considered as a type of fan fiction. However, the way the story is presented in this game is rather poor and the texts are fraught with grammatical errors. The game doesn’t properly introduce its characters and players who have no previous knowledge of Bleach will be at lost as to what the game is trying to get across.


To start, you will have to select 1 of the 3 classes available – Ghost blade, spirit blade and kido. Ghost blade is similar to the archetype of a warrior in most MMORPG – their Battle Power is solely based on their physical strength and thus, they usually function as vanguards. Spirit blade, on the other hand, is the expert marksman in the group. A Kido is the direct opposite of a Ghost blade – they use their immense wisdom as their strength in battle. Once you’re done, give your character a cool name and you’re ready to start!

The story in the game plays out mainly through its quests. Similarly to most browser-based MMORPG, players in Bleach Online are given an auto-pathfinding function to lead their character to quest locations, making the questing process a breeze. In this game, you will not encounter quests that require you to collect items or kill x number of monsters, but instead you will be running from one NPC to the other, just to talk to them and to uncover a new part of the story. Furthermore, there will always be a boss fight at the end of every quest. These bosses can be some random but strong Hollow (demon) or it may be a popular character or villain in the Bleach universe, such as Aizen, Murcielago and Kototsu.

Speaking about boss fights, the turn-based combat system in Bleach Online is somewhat similar to other popular browser-based MMORPG. Instead of solo battles, you fight your enemies in teams of up to 7 characters excluding your Zanpakuto (an image that follows you around and provides bonuses to the entire team). There are 3 rows in each team – the vanguard leads and defends the team and he (or she) is followed by 3 assaulters and 3 supports. You will start off with only 1 character (yourself) in the team, but soon, some characters may join your team after you’ve helped them in some way. You can also recruit other notable characters in Bleach at the tavern for a price. You must remember to place the newer members into your team’s formation though! If not, they will just stay idle in your inventory.

The combat system for both boss fights and PvP in Bleach Online is actually very simple. As long as you have a higher amount of Battle Power than your opponent, you will very likely win the match. There are plenty of ways for you to increase your Battle Power and some of these features may require you to be at a certain level to unlock. Some examples are equipping your characters with better gear, cultivating your Reiatsu (the source of power for Shinigami), upgrading and fortifying your gear, and of course, levelling up your characters. You can also upgrade the rank of your characters by using prestige.

Furthermore, since each of your battles is automatically resolved, you hardly need to do anything during the fight. You just needed to stay around to pick up the loot after the boss is defeated. Each successful battle will reward you with experience points for all the characters involved in the fight, a nice pile of silver (in-game money) and soul points. The game will then prompt you to select 1 card from the 3 cards provided for a chance to win some special loot and in-game boosts.

What are soul points, you may wonder? Well, soul points can only be used for your main character and is necessary for your character to learn a new ultimate skill. Your character can only use 1 ultimate skill at a time (hence, the word ‘ultimate’) and there are several different types of skills that you can learn at the soul map. Note that each skill has their respective advantages and disadvantages. For instance, an ultimate skill could be very powerful against normal enemies, but when it is used against an enemy with high dodge rating, it is useless. Thus, you will have to adapt to different opponents and swap your character’s ultimate skill accordingly.

There is also a quiz mini-game in Bleach Online called Nemu’s class. In her class, you will be asked some easy (and some tough) questions about the Bleach universe. For every question you answered correctly, you will earn a nice stack of silver. However, if you got the answer wrong, you will still earn some money too! Anyway, if you are truly a hardcore fan of Bleach, then these questions won’t be much of a challenge to you.

Bleach Online is very generous to its players. This is evident by the sheer amount of freebies and gift packs provided to a new player whenever he or she hits a milestone in the game. However, if you have the cash to spare, you could sign up for VIP status to support the game. Bleach Online employs a tiered VIP system. This means that there are different ranks of VIP and different ranks of VIP will have different benefits. For example, in order to skip the automated battles, you will need to be a VIP 6. Higher VIP ranks will, of course, cost more, but once you reached a new rank, that rank is yours to keep to the end of time (or at least until the game is no more).

On the downside, the interface of the game seems rather cramped and messy due to displaying a lot of icons that blink insistently. Moreover, its storyline and dialogues can be rather nonsensical at times and does not have a good flow. The story in this game feels incoherent, with the little bits and pieces of the story scattered all over the place. That said, Bleach Online still has plenty to offer and is a quite enjoyable game.


Being a relatively new game, Bleach Online has racked up an impressive horde of players up to the point where it has to open up new servers to accommodate the ceaseless in-flux of players. Currently, the game has over 80 servers across the US and in Europe!

Most of the members in the game’s community are fans of the original Bleach manga series, so if you’re a huge fan of Bleach, you will fit right in! You can discuss Bleach-related topics with your fellow gamers and who knows? You all may end up being lifelong friends!


The graphics in this game looks very polished and pleasant. The anime characters are very colourful and beautifully drawn. In fact, they look very much like the characters in the original Bleach manga series. Fans of anime will definitely feel right at home in this game! The animations in this game are smooth as well, providing the game with much needed actions and liveliness.

The background music in Seireitei is very soothing to the ears while its battle music is very upbeat. However, after a while, the battle music may start to sound a bit noisy. Thankfully, players have the option to turn off the music in the game’s settings.


Bleach Online is a browser-based free-to-play MMORPG that almost exclusively caters to the massive fandom of Bleach. As opposed to the manga version, fans are able to interact with their favourite Bleach characters in this game. Despite the incoherent storyline, the gorgeous graphics and animations in Bleach Online can keep its players entertained for quite some time. Gameplay-wise though, it looks similar to many other browser-based MMORPG. In short, if you like Bleach and MMORPGs, then you should definitely check this out!

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Based on the highly acclaimed manga series of the same name, Bleach Online allows its players to immerse into the world of Bleach and interact with many of the more popular characters in the Bleach universe! Help your fellow Shinigami and fight against the ever-growing horde of Hollows & Shinigami’s mortal enemy, the Quincy! Bleach Online Characters Quote in Bleach Online Bleach Online The Power of Fire Read More

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