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by Aethyna
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Blazing Core 9 rate If you love MOBAs (not the traditional sense), then you’ll want to play Blazing Core! Featuring unique Mech Knights with varying abilities, you get to team up with two or five other players and duke it out in the arena for the control of the objective. Each mech can be further customized both functionally and aesthetically to suit your liking. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: This is a preview for Blazing Core. The game is currently in Early Access.


Blazing Core is an up-and-coming team-based, multiplayer battle arena game where it incorporates mech warfare into objective-based matches set in a small-ish map, guaranteeing conflict within the first few minutes of playing. Each Mech Knight has their own unique characteristics, giving them varying roles to play during combat. You can also customize them to fit your style of play, to upgrade their weapons and abilities, or even just so they’d look good destroying your foes in battle.


Blazing Core provides its players with four different game modes, and as of beta, only three of them are available, namely Versus AI, Quick Play and Training (minus Tournament). You’ll want to start with the Training mode since you will be able to test out the mechs individually.

There are currently six mech knights available – Cordelia, Gregor, Kara, Martinus, Ventum and Warmaster. Each mech knight has its own set of weapons and abilities (a total of 4, including the ultimate skill), giving them the toolset they need to play their respective roles in the field. For instance, Gregor is bulky and built like a tank, making it a great unit to push the objective while agile mechs like the Ventum and the Cordelia usually have less health in exchange for speed and some extra damage. The Martinus is great for area of attacks and dealing huge splash damage. Warmaster, on the other hand, is perfect for gunning down single targets and has a pretty long range to boot!

I’ve spent some time testing out every one of the mechs and I’ve got to say, the devs still have some ways to go when it comes to balancing the mechs’ stats and skills. I find weaker units to be incredibly squishy, and they don’t really bring a whole lot to the table – their abilities aren’t as useful, and their weapons are severely restricted, requiring a reload after a few seconds of shooting. They aren’t as good at either capturing or defending the objective either since the objective is placed in a very open area. The most they could do is to provide cover fire for the bulkier mechs.

DPS-oriented mechs like the Warmaster, however, can be quite overpowered as they are usually able to deal a barrage of constant and pretty heavy damage right from the get-go with almost no restrictions (cooldowns or reloads). In fact, I’d say the other DPS mech, the Martinus is probably more balanced than the Warmaster mainly because its aerial bombardment ultimate basically leaves it vulnerable as the player piloting the mech will be forced to wait out the bombardment animation before resuming his attacks.

The game doesn’t restrict how many per type of mech your team can bring to the field either. So, if this is any indication, I’d say players can expect full teams of Warmasters, and perhaps even Martinuses, once the game goes into open beta tomorrow.

Each mech can be further upgraded with better weapons and abilities (the game uses a grade/quality-based system that is common in most MMO games), and you can also swap weapons depending on your play style.

That being said, the tutorial/training is a great way for you to find out the mechs that you enjoy playing, but of course, hitting a stationary target is definitely a lot easier than a moving one. Thus, you will still have to hone your skills in actual combat against some bots before taking on other human players!

The Versus AI mode is fairly easy to play, provided that the AI you get aren’t stupid enough to pick a squishy mech and immediately rush to the objective to get slaughtered by the opposition. Possibly due to this, you won’t be earning any currency or rewards from playing these matches. I wasn’t able to get into a Quick Play match due to the lack of players, but this is completely understandable since the game’s currently in closed beta and all. I’d expect to see more players once the game moves into open beta.

Now, what I really want to go into is the combat system that Blazing Core uses. As opposed to using ammo to prevent players from simply spamming their skills/ weapons, this game adds energy costs to each skill your mech has. Energy can be regained automatically (and quite rapidly I might add) as long as you stop shooting. Hard-hitting skills usually have a much higher energy cost than say… your default weapon.

I’m guessing the developers are trying to give players the chance to strategically use their arsenal of weapons during combat. This works well if coupled with cooldowns but , as I’ve said before, this doesn’t really apply to the Warmaster mech knight, so you can basically spam its rockets as long as you’ve got the energy to spend.

Movement-wise, you aren’t allowed to strafe, or even jump or sprint unless it’s an ability. You can fall though but it is uncertain if you’d take any fall damage. Overall, the pace of the game is fairly slow but deliberate. It feels like it is somewhere in between the intense and fast-paced matches of a standard FPS game and the slow strategic gameplay that’s prominent in tank/naval warfare games.

As mentioned before, the location of the objective on the map could use a bit of revamping so players can avoid getting shot at from the cliffs - A circle of pillars around the outer area of the objective, maybe? Blazing Core will need to add more maps really soon as well, because I can’t really see players sticking around for long if only one map and match mode (conquest elimination) is available.

Last but not least, let’s delve into the game’s monetization! Blazing Core has an in-game store selling keys that you’d need to open the Imperial Trophy chests (gacha-style) that you can possibly get from playing matches. The chest will then reveal 2 items which you can then equip to your mech. Note that when opening your Trophy, you will need to first select the mech you want to get the items for. If not, you’ll keep getting the same stuff for Cordelia which is the first/default mech in the list.

Each key cost 5000 crowns. Although the game has yet to add in any way for you to earn these crowns, I think it’s safe to assume that you can get some by playing competitive matches or spending real cash. You would potentially be able to purchase cool skins for your favorite mechs too, but it is still uncertain whether players will be forced to purchase mech knights (aside from the chosen default mech/s) before they can play them.


You will be able to add friends in this game, and then create a party and play together as a team. It is uncertain whether there will be some matchmaking restriction in place to prevent general ragtag group of individual players from going up against a premade party, however.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics and sound in this game are fantastic. I particularly like the fact that you can actually see the damage that you do on the armor of an enemy mech. You can see how the glossy cover get turned into scrap metal, exposing the delicate wirings underneath, and it’s not just a rapidly-shrinking health bar. I really enjoyed the inspiring music that’s played in the lobby as well.


All in all, Blazing Core looks great, feels great, plays great, and it has all the potential of an up-and-coming MOBA that is ready to take on the world. However, the game’s still in beta and as such, it still has plenty of modifications and tweaking to go through - while making sure to accept players’ feedback constructively and implement necessary changes – before it can truly become the game it is meant to be.

Currently though, the devs will need to focus on balancing the mechs and adding in more maps and match modes just so they can attract and keep the influx of players coming in for the open beta tomorrow.

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