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Battlestar Galactica Online 9 rate A mishap with an experimental weapon has landed both colonial Battlestar Galactica and the Cylons it is fighting with into an uncharted area in space. Running low on water, fuel and repair supplies, both faction race to secure much needed resources in various sectors. Will you be able to help your faction survive? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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A mishap with an experimental weapon has landed both colonial Battlestar Galactica and the Cylons it is fighting with into an uncharted area in space. Running low on water, fuel and repair supplies, both faction race to secure much needed resources in various sectors by mining asteroids and planetoids as well as salvaging cargo containers and space debris which indicated that a war between humans and Cylons have broken out in this “unknown” section of space quite some time ago. You start off as a fresh-faced recruit with your sleek Viper, if you’re a colonial, or Raider, if you’re a Cylon. As you complete missions and successfully engage the enemy ships you encountered, you’ll eventually rise up the ranks and earn the right to command and pilot some of the most impressive spaceships ever build! Will you be able to help your faction survive in this hostile space? Play Battlestar Galactica Online now and find out!


Forty years after the first Cylon War, the Cylons returned and laid waste to the Twelve Colonies. The ageing Battlestar Galactica managed to escape the attack, and set out to find a new home: a planet known as Earth.

Pursued by Cylon forces, Battlestar Galactica and the remaining Colonial Fleet were reunited with another survivor of the Cylon attack, the Battlestar Pegasus. Together, they struck back and destroyed the Cylon Fleet's Resurrection Ship.

The Cylons launched a massive counterattack in retaliation. Caught unprepared, the Colonials attempted to jump away to safety, but something went terribly wrong. The FTL drives of both fleets were overloaded, triggering an uncontrolled jump that threw them far off course.

In Battlestar Galactica Online, both the Colonial and Cylon fleets have found themselves stranded in an unexplored area of space. Heavily damaged and critically low on resources, both fleets must race against time to repair and rearm themselves while contesting for control of nearby systems rich in Tylium, metals, and water. The Colonial fleet is desperately searching for a way to escape and continue their journey to Earth before the Cylons regain enough strength to wreak their revenge and destroy humanity once and for all.


After registering on the website, you can choose which colonies (servers) you want to be associated with. In the story, there are supposedly 12 of them, but the game only offers 7 different colonies, namely Sagittaron, Canceron, Kobol, Libran, Picon, Tauron and Virgon, for you to choose from. These colonies are technically names of the servers that you’ll be playing in, so just pick one that you like and head right in!

Then, once the game is loaded, you’ll be given a choice between fighting for the colonials (humans) or fighting for the Cylons. Depending on the population and performance of the factions on each server, the game provides certain bonuses to encourage you to pick the underdog faction. However, most of the time, both factions are rather evenly balanced.

Without much ado, you’ll be launched right into a mission whereby the game takes you through the game’s controls. Do note that the controls in Battlestar Galactica Online can be a bit hard to learn, let alone master, and you’ll need to get used to the controls before you can truly be the great fighter pilot that you know you are!

Generally though, you’ll be using your mouse to navigate your ship. Use your mouse wheel by scrolling up or down to control the throttle and hold the left mouse button to control your flight direction. To initiate the boosters, just press and hold your spacebar. Controlling your ship can be very awkward at first, but with plenty of practice, you should be able to control your ship smoothly... like a pro!

In terms of combat, you’ll need to first arm your weapons before you can fire. To arm your weapons, press G and to aim at the enemy ship, you can either click to select it or press X to “tab-target” the closest enemy. You won’t need to manually fire at the enemy. Instead, your ship’s weapons will fire automatically when the target is under the crosshair. However, do remember to arm your weapons before you engage the enemy or your ship can’t fire! You can also use WASD to slide your ship, which is a great way for you to avoid getting shot at.

After the rather comprehensive tutorial, you’ll then be allowed to create your character. There are lots of customization options available, including gender, hair style and color, skin color, outfits, glasses, beards and many more. Don’t worry too much about how your character will look like – you’ll be able to modify your character’s looks later on in-game as well.

To start getting into the game, you’ll need to obtain missions from either Admiral Adama or his son, Captain Adama (Overloard Commander instead for Cylons), at the Combat Information Center (CIC) on board the Battlestar Galactica (For Cylons, Basestar). Most missions include supply runs, escort missions, exploration missions and combat missions. For supply runs, you’ll need to scan asteroids or planetoids for valuable and vital resources like water, tylium and titanium. Titanium is used to repair hulls and durability, tylium is needed for fuel and you’ll need water to trade in for valuable cubits.

Scanning for resources is fairly easy. After using your scanning equipment on an asteroid or planetoid, the entire object will be marked with 1 of 4 colors – yellow indicates the presence of tylium; blue for water; purple for titanium and if you get red, it means the object has no resources that you can mine for. Asteroids are small enough for you to mine using the mining tools equipped on your ship, but for massive planetoids, you’ll need some help. You can call in mining ships to mine the resources for you, but you’ll still need to stay around to defend your ships from any possible enemy attacks.

If you prefer salvaging over mining, well, you can go hunt for space debris or for wreckages as well! In these locations, you’ll find cargo containers that you can “pick up”, provided that your ship is close enough (within 750m) to the containers. These containers usually contain a variety of resources, including the valuable cubits, which you’ll definitely need if you plan on getting a new and more powerful spaceship.

For other missions, the game provides you with a nifty orange-colored indicator to show you your objective, whether it is a location/ waypoint or a bunch of enemy ships that you have to take out. If you want to know about the mission in more details, you can click on the current active mission log near the top right side of the screen. Missions complete automatically once you’ve achieved all the objectives required and your reward will be inputted into the hold of your ship. These missions gradually advance the story of the game, so you might want to do the missions your commanding officers assign to you.

However, if you’re looking for some downtime, you can go ahead and fly your spaceship to wherever you like on the system map to explore the various sectors. Be careful though! The sectors that are under enemy control are labeled on the map and you wouldn’t want to head over there without proper backup or preparation.

Now that you have plenty of resources and have leveled up enough, it is perhaps time to upgrade your ship! You can buy new weapons, computer equipments, better hulls and engines as well as more sophisticated avionics for your ship or you could save a bit of resources and just upgrade the current ones you have. You can also buy consumables, namely ammo and portable repair kits, for in-flight use. If you have resources to spare, you could customize and personalize your spaceship with paints and logos too.

There will be a time when you’ll need to ditch your agile Strike class spacecrafts for some of the heavy duty ones, like Escort, Line or Capital class. Each faction has its own range of spacecrafts and each spacecraft has its own unique look and stats. For instance, the colonials have the Pegasus as the only Capital class ship while the Cylons have their Surtur instead. The bigger the ship, the less maneuverable it is, but its weapons pack a punch and it has a lot more hit points and hull than, say, a Strike class ship.

Higher tiered spaceships are naturally level-locked, so you should check the level requirement before you try to buy a new ship. Not to mention, every type of ship can be earned in Battlestar Galactica Online, though it may take some time. Some ships require cubits only, while some need both cubits and merits (which can be earned via PvP missions like Disrupt Enemy Operations assignment and defeating enemy players and Outposts).

Besides upgrading your ship, you’ll also need to “upgrade” your character! Use the experience points you’ve earned to upgrade your skills in various aspects, such as weapons, hull, engine and computer. Each skill can be upgraded up to level 15 and of course, the cost and duration to upgrade a skill will increase as its level increases. Some of the skills available are only useful to pick up if you have the associated module installed on your ship. If not, you could always head over to the shop and buy it.


To truly be a part of the community in Battlestar Galactica Online, you’ll definitely need to sign up and join a wing (guild/ clan). There are also various wing positions that you can be assigned to as you prove your worth to the team, such as group leader, flight leader and senior pilot. For those with leadership qualities, you might want to create your own wing (Creating wings are free in this game) instead and take up the position as the leader of your new wing! Besides that, the game also provides an in-game chat system which allows players of your faction relay critical battle information to each other. You can even group up with other pilots in a squadron and take control of a sector from the enemy!

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in Battlestar Galactica Online are astonishingly good for a browser-based game. The character models look so much like their real counterparts in the Battlestar Galactica TV series and the ship models are beautifully designed! The space sceneries in different sectors are excellently created as well. For sound, the game provides a nice soothing music that has a hint of melancholy behind it, coupled with the sounds of a bustling battlestar. While in combat, you’ll be able to enjoy the “pew-pew” sound of your ship’s weapons.


In short, Battlestar Galactica Online is a very well-developed and fun spaceship simulation game which allows you to play the role of a promising recruit! Choose a faction to align yourself with, either the colonials (humans) or the Cylons, and help your faction take control of critical sectors and resources in the unexplored area that both factions are stranded in. Engage in combat with your fellow pilots to destroy enemy outposts and claim the sector for your faction. Collect resources to trade for ship upgrades or for cubits (in-game currency), which in turn will allow you to purchase new and more powerful ships. If you enjoy action-based space simulations or are a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica series, then Battlestar Galactica Online is definitely the game you need! Play it now!

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by Aethyna Jul 22, 2015
A mishap with an experimental weapon has landed both colonial Battlestar Galactica and the Cylons it is fighting with into an uncharted area in space. Running low on water, fuel and repair supplies, both faction race to secure much needed resources in various sectors. Will you be able to help your faction survive? Engaging the enemy in Battlestar Galactica Online Battlestar Galactica Online: Cylon's Surtur Cylon attack in Battlestar Galactica Online Read More
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