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by Aethyna
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Bastards of Hell 9 rate Manage your organization’s finances and not-so-legal enterprises, take over neighboring districts, rough up any competitors foolish enough to get in your way, and give the cops the slip (or a sizable amount of bribe) in this thrilling gang-based MMO strategy game, Bastards of Hell! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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By saving the leader of a powerful bikers’ gang from an assassination while doing your stint at Rikers, you’ve landed yourself a sweet deal once you’re out of prison. You are given a territory in the grittier areas of New York City to set up your own motorcycle club, and to grow your criminal empire. Manage your organization’s finances, rough up any competitors foolish enough to get in your way, and give the cops the slip (or a sizeable amount of bribe) in this thrilling casual MMORPG, Bastards of Hell!


3 years ago, you were doing good business... mainly with transporting and selling firearms, as well as a bit of extortion on the side. Nothing too big though, since you worked alone.

But one day, you’ve gotten careless and the ATF swooped in like vultures zoning in on a fresh carcass. In spite of having little on you to tie you to your crimes, they’ve managed to get enough to send you to Riker’s Island, the prison for hardened criminals.

There, Lady Luck came calling. Some bastard tried to knife the President of the Bastards of Hell. You happened to be there and you’ve decided to help the President out. After all, they, the bikers in the prison, seem like the honest type. As a sign of his gratitude, you are promised a piece of the gang’s territory once you get out from prison, and in some odd way, you are considered as family to them. This is where you take ahold of your life once more and begin rebuilding your criminal empire!


To start setting up your motorcycle club, you’ll first need to create a character. It’s pretty straightforward though since the game doesn’t provide classes or races that you’ll need to choose from. Instead, once you’ve inputted your character’s first and last names, you’ll be brought up to speed with a nice comic-like story introduction. After that, Smasher, one of the members from Bastards of Hell will guide you through the game’s tutorial.

Since this is a gang-based game, Bastards of Hell is an MMO strategy game that’s all about making loads of money. So, what you’ll need to do is to set up some enterprises. There are quite a variety of profitable businesses you can build, such as a Turntable Club, a Gentlemen’s Club, a bar, a casino, a tattoo studio and more... some of which are mainly a front for laundering cash.

There’s also a workshop you can construct for customizing and building your super bikes, since you are in a bikers’ gang now, and a boxing club for your fellow gang members to train in and improve any one of their 3 basic skills – combat strength, reflex and health. You can even build a factory to produce firearms, a warehouse to move your ...ehem... “products” and a clubhouse to sell your “stuff” in.

Buildings that you build and own will generate a sizable amount of cash for you passively and can be upgraded to increase the profits they produce. But, if you need more cash, and trust me, you’ll always need more cash, you might need to get your hands dirty and return to some of your bad “habits” – shaking other people down for “protection money”. However, in order to do so, you’ll need to defeat them in in a gang battle first!

You can recruit new thugs for your motorcycle club or procure helpful vehicles via the clubhouse. There are many different types of units you can enlist into your little army, some of which are stronger than others. There are even a few premium units that you can get if you really need the extra advantage. Once you’ve amassed a sizable group of gangsters and thugs, it’s time to prowl the city to look for victims.

Carrying out raids on neighboring or rival gangs can be done from the district map. Simply pick a district – somewhere close preferably so you won’t need to wait too long – and send your thugs over to pay them a visit. If you’re victorious, these defeated players can be extorted for protection money provided you have a debt collector handy. If the players pay the protection cost, they will be protected from your attacks for a certain period of time.

Districts owned by other players technically cannot be taken over by you. So, in case you needed more space to expand your business, you can spend some game cash to buy new districts. You’ll also need a lawyer to help you handle the transaction and keep a lid on things. Besides controlling districts in NYC, you can head over to the larger overview map and expand your criminal reach into other cities as well, like Chicago and Seattle, provided you reached the level requirement.

As some of these enterprises and activities aren’t exactly legal (obviously), you’ll need to be careful not to set up too many too quickly. After all, you’ve just been released from Rikers and I’m sure you’re not all too eager to go back in. Thus, in Bastards of Hell, you’ll need to pay special attention to the Tracing Level at the top right part of your screen. Once it gets into the danger zones, this means that the cops have caught a whiff of what you’re trying to do and are hot on your tail. When this happens, you can choose to either stop playing the game altogether to let the trail turn cold, or you could attempt to bribe the police to temporarily keep them off your trail.

One of the more interesting aspects of the game, aside from its core gameplay of course, is the workshop. Here, you can build, customize and even name your very own super bike. There are many components for you to choose from, ranging from frame, engine and fuel tank to the fork and the wheels, and in later levels, you could even design the decoration on your bike’s fuel tank.

Granted that all these require a substantial amount of premium cash, but if you accumulate the premium money you get from leveling up and completing quests, you should be able to afford a modest-looking super bike quite early on in the game. However, you’re not given an option to race your super bike in a mini-game of sorts. This is something that the devs can add in to add more replayability and fun to the game. It’s also interesting to note that the game has an in-built memo option where you can type up to 4 pages worth of text, may it be a list of players you’d want revenge on, or a list of things you want to do.

For players, who enjoy playing Bastards of Hell, you may also want to consider charging your account simply to get some really sweet bonuses. Players who have plenty of premium cash to spend can buy bonuses to the coins earned; get access to hire special units like the Right hand who will manage your businesses for you for awhile even when you’re not around; literally buy protection from the police and also unlock the vacation mode which can be activated for a maximum of 21 days.


The community in Bastards of Hell is pretty sizable since you are allowed and encouraged to add friends via Facebook possibly so you can visit and help them out. Being an MMO strategy game, there are “guilds” a.k.a. “gangs” that you can found or join as well.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Bastards of Hell are rather awesome-looking. The well-blended colors made the game look gritty in comic book-like fashion. Since the game is pretty much text-based, the game contains absolutely no sound.


Everything considered, Bastards of Hell is a well-designed and fun, biker-themed casual MMO strategy game that allows you build your own criminal empire. Build and upgrade your not-so-legal enterprises to ensure a steady supply of cash into your growing organization. Raise an army of thugs and gangsters to take on anyone who dared to oppose you. However, you’ll need to be clever to avoid catching the cops’ many eyes and steer them clear of your illegal businesses and activities. So, are you ruthless enough to survive in the criminal underworld of New York City or will you be eaten alive? Play Bastards of Hell now and find out!

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New Game Added: Bastards of Hell

by Aethyna May 12, 2016
Manage your organization’s finances and not-so-legal enterprises, take over neighboring districts, rough up any competitors foolish enough to get in your way, and give the cops the slip (or a sizable amount of bribe) in this thrilling gang-based MMO strategy game, Bastards of Hell! Build and customize your own super bike in Bastards of Hell Bastards of Hell: Your starting district Bribing the cops in Bastards of Hell Read More
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