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Baseball Heroes 9 rate Are you ready to knock it out of the park? Step up to the plate and let’s see what you’re made of, sport! Besides being able to play as a batter first hand, you’ll also need to manage your team and your home stadium as well as upgrade your skills and equipment! Do you think you have what it takes to get to the majors? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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You’re up! Step up to the plate and make us proud, sport! Baseball Heroes is an amazing free-to-play browser-based baseball game that allows you to play, first-hand, as the batter. You can even improve your stats by purchasing and equipping gear and leveling up to determine whether you’d like to be a power hitter or contact hitter. In this game, you are also given the opportunity to change your team’s batting line-up, upgrade your home stadium and manage your team, including recruiting new players and dropping badly performing players. Besides home matches, you can even play in various cities across the United States! If you love baseball with a passion, Baseball Heroes is a great baseball simulation game that you will certainly enjoy! The road to the majors is very tough, so are you ready?


To start, you’ll have to select your team as well as which city you’ll be from. Then, you’re given the opportunity to customize your character’s features for free. You can customize him or her further later on, but by then the customizations will cost you money. After everything’s done, it’s time to start your training… uh, tutorial!

You’ll first need to start a new season. At the beginning of every season, you’ll need to spin a wheel to determine your goals for the season. Once done, your matches for the season will be randomly assigned to you. Ready to get a match going? That’s the spirit!

In Baseball Heroes, you’ll be playing the game like you’re the team captain and manager. Thus, this means that you’ll be allowed to reform your batting line-up if you’re not satisfied with it. You’ll just need to drag and drop one of your guys in line-up into the substitute area and then don’t forget to swap a substitute over to your line-up – you won’t want to play a team game with 1 player short, that’s for sure! However, if you want to take the easy way out, you can get your coach’s help in sorting your line-up, by clicking on the “auto-sort” button.

While you are changing your line-up, you can still recruit new players to your team by purchasing card packs. Each card pack will give you 1 player card (can be a normal or a special one) and depending on your luck, you may, or may not, get a higher grade or class player. Each special batter card can be further separated into 4 different classes (Starting from the best, S, A, B and C) and each class contains 4 different grades (Starting from the best, Hero, Elite, Rare and A). Of course, the more expensive card packs that you buy, the higher chance you have to get a better card. Furthermore, special batters have high batting averages and unique special abilities. Thus, do keep this in mind when forming your line-up and make sure that all your special batters are assigned a place in your line-up!

After you’re done, well, let the game begin! Each match will cost you 5 energy points from your total of 15 energy points. Your energy points will refill over time, but you can purchase items at the shop to speed up your energy regeneration. Moreover, although baseball is a team sport, you will not need to bat for every player in your team. On the contrary, your teammates batting results will be auto-resolved by the random number generator. Once your turn arrived, the fun truly begins! Grab your bat and step up to the plate! It’s time to show these people what a good batter looks like!

The rules in this game are fairly similar to that of the real life sport. Hitting strikes (balls that are within the strike zone) will give you a higher chance for a base hit while hitting balls will give you a higher chance of being out! So, depending on the situation, you may want to decide which move to take. When the pitcher hurls the ball your way, you’ll need to react instinctively. Position your mouse cursor over to the aiming circle shown in the strike zone and wait for the right moment to swing your bat by clicking on your left mouse button! However, do not ever hit a ball that is outside the strike zone!

It can be difficult, at times, to score a hit as the computer-controlled pitcher will pitch the ball in various styles. For example, if you encountered the 4 Seam Fastball style, you won’t even have the time to think if you want to hit that ball as it is the fastest pitch in Baseball Heroes – you’ll just need to start swinging!

If you managed to get a base hit, good for you! You should take note that there’s a combo gauge on the bottom left of your screen which takes in account of the points you get from each base hit. Your team’s base hits will also contribute points to that gauge. Once the gauge is full, you will then get an automatic home run… provided that you can hit the ball the next time you’re up on bat.

There are many ways for you to increase your chances of hitting a ball. The free way is by investing the skill points you’ve earned from leveling up in your character’s stats, namely contact, power and luck. Contact increases the chance of hitting base hits (more contact hits); power increases the change of hitting further (more power hits); luck increases the amount of combo points you receive per base hit (more lucky hits). Assign your skill points according to your play style. For instance, if you are an aggressive player and would want to hit every single ball the pitcher sent your way, then you’ll definitely need to place more points into contact.

In addition, you can also increase your stats by purchasing and equipping a better set of gear. This includes gloves, belt, helmet, goggle and, of course, new super-cool bats! A lot of these items are only purchasable using real money, thus, if you spend money in this game, you’ll get a very unfair advantage over the other players in the game. In fact, the only item that can be bought using in-game money is the gloves and they do cost quite a lot.

Besides spending money on your team, you can even beautify and customize your team’s home stadium too! Change your stadium’s background, field’s look, scoreboard, stand, fence and flood lights! Most of the items for your stadium can be bought using in-game money, though there are some that are “only real cash” items. By renovating the stadium, you can start charging higher ticket prices and increase your revenue!

Moreover, Baseball Heroes provides a hall of fame to store all of your achievements as well as a ranking system so that you can compete with your friends on the leaderboard. There are also some pretty in-depth score analysis in this game. You can get to know your batting average, RBI rating, skill rating and other types of scores as well! There are accolades, such as MVP that you can get if you’re a good player too!


Baseball Heroes is seriously popular among its players. This game has more than 8.3 million likes on its Facebook fan page and that number is increasing gradually as its player base increases. This is perhaps due to the fact that this game is one of the top free-to-play baseball games out there on the internet! Meet up with your fellow players and passionate baseball enthusiast on the fan page and who knows? You may bump into someone that you may like enough to add him or her to your friends’ list! The page also organizes a lot of events that you can participate and show off your skills as a baseball player!

Graphics/ Sound

Baseball Heroes contains very pleasant-looking and cartoonish graphics that may remind you somewhat of a popular game, Backyard Baseball. The best part in the game is definitely its slow motion animations showing you your various base hits and home runs. In terms of music, the game provides a catchy rock music that is great to get you pumped up for a match! You would love the sound effects in the game too – the sound of intense cheering when you scored that hit truly empowers your confidence!


In short, Baseball Heroes is perhaps one of the best free-to-play baseball simulation games out there on the internet! In this game, besides being able to play, first-hand, as the batter, you also play the role of team captain and manage your team. You will be able to decide who stays in the line-up and who gets swapped with a substitute. Furthermore, you can even improve your own character’s batting skills by improving his or her stats via buying and equipping better gear or leveling up. You can upgrade your home stadium as well and increase its attractiveness so that you can charge more for tickets. As you play match after match, you’ll eventually be able to travel across the various cities in the United States to play ball. Are you ready to show your opponents what you are made of and knock that ball out of the park? Sign up to play Baseball Heroes now!

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by Aethyna Apr 4, 2015
Are you ready to knock it out of the park? Step up to the plate and let’s see what you’re made of, sport! Besides being able to play as a batter first hand, you’ll also need to manage your team and your home stadium as well as upgrade your skills and equipment! Do you think you have what it takes to get to the majors? You're up! in Baseball Heroes Baseball Heroes: getting ready Baseball Heroes: fast ball Read More
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