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Ballistic 10 rate Enjoy virtually blasting people to bits using either a gun or a grenade? Ballistic, the thrilling MMO first-person shooter, allows you to do that and more! The game offers a huge variety of combinations for the different game modes and maps available as well as a long list of classes that you can buy and unlock! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Enjoy virtually blasting people to bits using either a gun or a grenade? Ballistic, the thrilling MMO first-person shooter, allows you to do that and more! The game offers a huge variety of combinations for the different game modes and maps available as well as a long list of classes that you can buy and unlock! The game also provides a huge range of tiered weapons that you can buy permanently or just to rent. There are even boosts that you can purchase to help you get that extra big of advantage over your opponents in the game. Not to mention, its graphics is up to par or perhaps even better than some standalone MMOFPS games too! If you love to play MMOFPS games but don’t want the hassle of installing a game, Ballistic is an excellent alternative! Hop into the fray of combat and start racking up that headshot count today!


In terms of controls, if you’re familiar with other MMOFPS games, you shouldn't have too much problem learning the control keys in Ballistic. In this game, you’ll be using the usual WASD to move and left mouse button to shoot. The right mouse button toggle the use of your gun’s scope or aiming sights, and you’ll need to press it again to untoggle. This is the same for running. You’ll be pressing shift once to toggle run and shift again to untoggle. However, running consumes stamina and when you ran out of stamina, your character will automatically slowed down to a walk. You will also need to press R to reload, G to throw a grenade and F to pull out your knife in preparation of some melee combat. Use the middle mouse button to scroll between your primary weapon and your secondary weapon (your sidearm).

In Ballistic, there are plenty of classes, almost as many as what an MMORPG would have, available, but you’ll start off with the free class, the Vanguard. The Vanguard is like the jack of all trades – the common soldier and is a pretty good all-rounder. However, you may purchase and permanently unlock the other classes, such as the machine gun-slinging Tank, grenade launcher-toting Grenadier, Marksman a.k.a. the sniper, and the katana-wielding Shadow, using either in-game money or real cash. These classes are the more specialized version of the common soldier, for instance, the Shadow class is a master at close-quarter melee combat while the Tank is ….well, built like a tank and he usually leads the charge into the enemy area.

Each class will have its own leveling path. This means that the level that you've earned for your current class is not transferable or even shareable to other classes. That’s not all, every class in Ballistic has their own skill trees as well! With every level up, your character will earn 1 skill point to use. The first skill is compulsory to unlock, but after that, you’re free to choose which of the 3 paths you want to go into! Would you like to optimize your damage, upgrade your support abilities or increase your survivability? The skill path you choose should be decided based on your personal play style. Do note that you are only given limited skill points, thus, you should ensure that you’ve placed your skill points wisely. You can respect later on, but it will cost you quite a bit.

Like any MMOFPS, Ballistic offers a huge range of game modes and maps for normal matches as well as ranked matches, which is named as ‘tournaments’, in this game. Normal matches are entirely free-to-play while tournaments will cost you 1 ticket to play. Thankfully, you have 5 tickets to use initially, and you can earn 5 more tickets daily… provided that you have used your tickets the previous day so that you ended up with less than 3 tickets.

Well, enough of the chatter, don’t you think? After choosing a suitable screen name, you’re ready to start! To play, you can choose to either set up your own game or join in a random game. Just a quick word of advice though - If you want faster queues, random matches are the way to go!

There are 4 very basic game modes that you can choose from, namely king of the hill, capture point, free for all and team death match. Team death match is a very popular game mode in Ballistic. For maps, there are currently 9 maps, namely Nox museum, corporate park, citadel, hollow, Hakim library, blackfield, wonderdome, overhead and Sunnsquare mall. Each of these maps are provide a huge range of differently rendered environments, making each map a welcoming change when you’re playing in Ballistic.

Maps are really small in this game, so encounter with the enemy is inevitable! Furthermore, there are plenty of respawn points scattered across the map and every time you respawn, you’ll be randomly placed in any of these respawn points. Right, something about respawn points though… it is impossible to camp to get easy kills at these points. This is because each respawn point is a safe zone for the team that owns that point (and no, you cannot capture other team’s safe zones). You will not be able to enter the safe zone of your opponents. Each respawn point also has at least 2 different exits, so you can easily elude the guy camping on one of your exits, by going out the other exit and circling around to flank the camper.

Not to mention, in Ballistic, you cannot collect extra ammo from the corpses of your fallen enemies (or allies for that matter). Instead, there’s a health and ammo refill station in every safe zone, which you can use to refill both your health (acts like a stationary medi-kit or a health pack) and ammo stock. However, this do mean that you’ll need to know how to get back to the safe zone you spawned from or find other safe zones on the map. Considering that the map is pretty small, it isn't too hard to finally find a safe zone that is owned by your team.

What can you spend the money you've earned from matches? Well, besides purchasing a new class, you can also buy (permanently) or rent the many types of differently tiered weapons at the shop! There are a total of 5 tiers of weapons, namely standard, core, advanced, elite and legendary. Each tier will be unlocked when you get at least one class to the specified level requirement. Do also bear in mind that these weapons are not usable for all classes. The types of weapons each class can use are stated clearly, so do check before you buy!

There are even items in the shop that are, unfortunately, real-money-only. This include boosts, such as armor, experience points/credit/stamina boost, titanium ammo that provides additional damage for all matches, and UAV drone, which reveals all enemies on map every 3 seconds, as well as character skins.


The community in Ballistic doesn’t seem as toxic as other competitive MMO shooter games. Match-making works okay most of the time and it will not place you in a team full of newbies to fight against veterans. You can meet your fellow players at the Ballistic forum or at Ballistic’s Facebook fan page of slightly over 170 thousand likes. Like any MMO shooter game, Ballistic is hit with the occasional hacker problem and the community seems to think that Rumble Entertainment is doing nothing about it.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Ballistic are really good for a free-to-play browser-based shooter game. The environment looks well-polished and its guns look realistic enough. In terms of music, the game provides a very nice techno beat that will definitely get your heart beating a tad bit faster than usual… getting you pumped up and ready to start headshotting every enemy you see until you are taken down!


In short, Ballistic is a great free-to-play browser-based MMOFPS game that has a futuristic feel to it! There are plenty of classes that you can unlock and choose from in addition to the plethora of game modes and maps that you can play in! These classes have their own respective skill trees that you can add points into in order to ‘upgrade’ your character class. There are also plenty of weapons available in this game; each weapon is tiered to prevent lower level players from obtaining higher tiered guns. The graphics in this game is amazing for a free-to-play browser-based game and the same goes to its music and sound effects too. If you like short matches, hassle-free ‘sign up’ and first-person shooting, you should definitely try Ballistic!

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by Aethyna Apr 8, 2015
Enjoy virtually blasting people to bits using either a gun or a grenade? Ballistic, the thrilling MMO first-person shooter, allows you to do that and more! The game offers a huge variety of combinations for the different game modes and maps available as well as a long list of classes that you can buy and unlock! Ballistic: Sunnsquare Mall Marksman in Ballistic Ballistic: enemy in sight Read More
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