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Bakery Blitz 9 rate Bake scrumptious cakes and serve a steady stream of hungry customers in this new time management game, Bakery Blitz. Get faster baking gear, boosters and power-ups to survive the busiest rounds. Get ready to put your baking skills to use and play Bakery Blitz today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Bakery Blitz is the newest time management game that will get you baking like a pro in record time. Your customers can’t get enough of your sweet treats and you need to juggle between baking, filling, frosting and decorating to satisfy their cravings.


Before you found your Aunt Foundant’s cookbook, you didn’t know about the wonders of sugar and baking. Now that you’ve tried making her recipes, you’re on a journey to share it with the world. Make your aunt proud and spread the sweetness around you!


With baking yummy cakes at the center of this game, Bakery Blitz is a time management game designed for those who can pay special attention to details. When you start, you need to bake basic cakes and frost them with one or two flavors. This involves selecting a cake pan – you’ll start with two – then putting the batter (there’s two flavors as well) in the pan and into the oven. After it’s baked, click on the cake and click the frosting that the customer wants.

There’s a tutorial to teach you all the basic game controls, but as you progress, you will encounter different cake flavors and types and you’ll have to look closely at the customer’s order to ensure you make the right cake. Ultimately, baking the cakes will get more complicated, and there will be more than just the basic steps to make them.

Each level will give you a goal, which is generally to earn a specific amount by the end of the round. You have to meet this goal or else, you’ll need to restart the level. Depending on how well and fast your served your customers, you can get a star rating of one to three points.

When you serve a finished product to the customer, you’ll get Coins as your payment. You can collect these coins as soon as they appear, or just wait for it to be automatically collected and sent to your money counter. Just a tip: not collecting money right away will prevent a new customer from occupying that slot. This can work to your advantage, but remember that you also have to keep customers coming so you can hit your level’s goal.

Your customers have three Heart Gems that indicate their “happiness” meter. When you serve their orders with all three hearts full, there’s a chance they might drop one of them. Quickly pick this up so that it goes to the Heart Meter. When you pick up enough Heart Gems and the Heart Meter becomes full, everyone’s Heart Gems are restored to three, which is great if you need more process multiple orders.

There are two game currencies here: Coins and Crystals. Coins are the regular currency, and they’re usually awarded after each successful level. Crystals are the premium currency and can be bought with real money or acquired when you complete certain Land Goals. Land Goals are achievements you can unlock in each of the game’s map locations.

Ten units of Energy is required to play one level. The maximum Energy cap is set to 50. Each unit of Energy takes 6 minutes to replenish, so you can wait or ask more Energy from your Facebook friends. You can also refill Energy using Crystals.

As you level up, you’ll unlock Upgrades, Boosters and Power-ups to help you win each round. The first upgrade available is for your oven. This initial upgrade will make it bake faster, but slow to burn a cake if not taken out after it’s baked. Although this helps, be sure to still take out a cake as soon as it’s baked because it will still burn. The first booster that will become available is Lickety Split, which makes all machines move 70% faster. Upgrades, Boosters and Power-ups are bought from the Bazaar.

Once you’ve completed all the levels within a certain Land, you’ll need Star Tickets to go to the next Land. Star Tickets are awarded after completing a level, and they’re also given as a reward for completing Land Goals. If you arrive at the start of the new level and you lack Star Tickets, you can buy more with real money at the Star Gate. If you don’t want to spend money, you can go back and replay levels with one or two star ratings.

When you reach a certain level, you’ll encounter Baroness von Bitter’s Bitter Melon Minions at the Staffing Gates. These pesky minions will block your way and to get past them, you need to invite your friends to fill the staffing slots, or pay for slots using Crystals. You can also wait for 24 hours for the blockage to clear and you’ll be able to pass through.

Other than certain nuisances that won’t let you play the game for an unlimited amount of time, or other hindrances like the Staffing Gates, Bakery Blitz has all the elements and challenges of a great time management game.


According to Bakery Blitz’s Facebook game page, it has 100,000 players. It’s also available on mobile, and you can sync your Facebook and mobile game. Finding friends to help you play the game is not at all difficult, and you can find more information about the game by clicking the Help tab on top of the game window (in Facebook mode).


Graphics of this game are superb, and you can expect a similar look with the previous RockYou cooking game, Kitchen Scramble. The cakes look yummy and colorful and animations are full of life and character. The music is also pleasing and relaxing, just the right sound to get you in a baking mood.


Bakery Blitz maybe another cooking game in a long list of games that came before it, but it’s still worth playing simply because of its beautiful graphics, a strong focus on all important aspects of baking and an intriguing back story to learn about as you play. For anyone who enjoys baking and the challenge of managing even a split second of your time, this game surely takes the cake.

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New Game Added: Bakery Blitz

by Kim May 9, 2016
Bake scrumptious cakes and serve a steady stream of hungry customers in this new time management game, Bakery Blitz. Get faster baking gear, boosters and power-ups to survive the busiest rounds. Get ready to put your baking skills to use and play Bakery Blitz today! first customer in Bakery Blitz Bakery Blitz: Heart Gems frosting a cake in Bakery Blitz Read More
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